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  1. S.O.S. [Let The Music Play] Released mid 2009 by Jordin Sparks on her sophomore album Battlefield, This song was in fact originally for a Circus re-release. I was able to comfirm this demo with one of the writers/producers. I don’t really want to say who that is, just because they said it was a “Industry Secret”. They also said “But Jordin wanted it, so she got it. I’m not sure how many artists that would happen for with an industry powerhouse like Britney, who they said wanted the song. Here is the demo by co-writer Keely Hawkes Here is also the demo of Turn Ya Head from the Blackout session with vocals from writer Cathy Dennis. It was released in 2010 on Heidi Montag’s debut album Superficial
  2. Hello Again, I’m back with another demo from the Circus era. This Particular confirmation was one of a kind at the time when it happened months ago. I was able to confirm this one on Instagram Live. I had reached out in other ways but did not receive a response. So one night I was up very late. It was just before 6am and i saw that Lyrica Anderson was going live. I knew this was my chance. I had read all over the internet when she was talked about, that she was said to have written for Britney. So I immediately started going through my Rolodex of songs I’m my head. I have only heard a few demos from Lyrica and my thoughts did not immediately go to Fire Drill. It actually went to a song released before Blackout was even released and there is no demo (at least not Lyrica’s writers demo) online for that song. Fun Fact about me is that when I reach out to a writer or a producer I never bombard them with questions about songs. I only ever ask about one. Maybe I’ll go back for more later on, but my intention is to let them know that their work is appreciated and loved. So this is the song I went with. It leaked as a Rihanna demo, but I’ve learned that most unreleased demos are leaked with either the wrong artist, intended artist, producer, writer are wrong. Many are changed and reposted with correct tags but not all. And I’ve also learned that sometimes they completely lie and say they’ve never worked on a song with that title, or I’ve never even worked with that producer. And whatever they say is what I go with because the songs aren’t mine and I didn’t write those stories. Anyway here is the full video of my interactions with Lyrica on Ig live. For a few days after I thought there was no volume, luckily I’m just technologically ignorant and there is full audio. And also the demo of Fire Drill produced by Brian Kennedy who is know for Rihanna’s Disturbia and Chris Brown’s Forever. I’m Hoping to reveal another Circus demo at midnight tonight! YouTube has a habit of blocking songs even if they’re uploaded on other channels 10 years ago so fingers crossed 🤞🏼
  3. Here’s another demo I was able to confirm for Britney. This one is called Night Life. I had heard the released version by AnYa years ago. I again searched through dozens of Lil Eddie’s demos. This one stuck out like a sore thumb for me. When I reached out to Lil Eddie he responded rather fast. He was very surprised that I realized that the song was originally for Britney. After responding he looked at my IG and liked and commented on a few of my posts. Then he said I should make a post for him and he would share it. I did just that and also uploaded a couple of my Favorite demos by him which he also shared. These are the demos I posted from Lil Eddie Night Life Nightlife (Anya Version) Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow (Paula Abdul Demo) Oh Yeah (Jaicko Demo)
  4. So on my search I discovered dozens of demos by an amazing writer Chasity Nwagbara. I listened to all of them haha. This one once again stuck out to me and I couldn’t get it out of my head. The song is called Paparazzi. So I reached out to Chasity and she revealed to me that This song was written for Britney. She was very nice and even shared my message on her IG story. She said Britney passed on it but another artist recorded it. She didn’t specify who that artist is, but I have a feeling it might’ve been Jennifer Lopez as she released a song Chasity wrote called Mile In These Shoes. Which was originally recorded by Montana Tucker, Then passed to Jessie James before landing on JLo’s Brave album. Chasity also wrote a song that Adrienne Bailon recorded for her unreleased album called Buy Me A Ring which is a low-key bop imo. These are Chasity’s demos Paparazzi Mile In These Shoes Buy Me A Ring
  5. I’m always looking for everything lol. But I don’t do it because I love money. I do it because I love music. And Britney!
  6. The rapper is Yung Joc. It was released on one of his mixtapes after Asia’s album was shelved
  7. Thank You!! Oh yeah boyfriend has been known for years. I luvv Selfish also
  8. I also talked about this on the.original.doll podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-original-doll-britney-spears/id1528417596?i=1000527751574
  9. Haha I do a lot of research. I really enjoy it
  10. I remembered an article years ago where T-Pain shared titles of 3 songs he was working on with Britney prior to Blackout’s release. https://www.mtv.com/news/1568538/t-pain-talks-about-recording-with-britney-spears-she-was-about-her-business/ Then 10 years later he was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. One of the guest bartenders asked T-Pain If there were any Britney songs the public hasn’t heard yet. He revealed there are 3 songs and that they were “pretty cool”. So I decided to take a deep dive into T-Pains catalog. I went through many songs released between 2007 & 2009. This one song stuck out to me. It was called Swagger performed by Asia Cruise. This song was recorded for her unreleased debut album. The album was never release and the song was then placed on a Yung Joc Mixtape. After listening probably 30+ times I decided to reach out to one of the producers Memphitz. He revealed to me that the song Swagger was in fact Britney’s song first. There is one final piece to the T-Pain Blackout Tracks. Hot As Ice was released on the album. 2 songs given to Asia Cruise. These are Boyfriend and Swagger. The last song is called One Of A Kind. I’ve been actively looking for any trace of this song but have had no luck so far. But I am very determined. These are the Asia Cruise Tracks Swagger Boyfriend
  11. So along my journey discovering songs created for all different artists, I’ve been able to confirm many demo created or pitched for Britney projects. We’ve know for quite some time that Kalenna & Darkchild created Pucker Up for Britney. But I’ve been able to confirm 3 other demos that I’ve revealed in the past couple months. The first demo I was able to confirm was directly with Kalenna called Big Spender which was released by Adrienne Bailon. The other 2 demos are Painted Windows which was released by The *****cat Dolls & Shake My released by Kalenna & Three Six Mafia. Those demos were confirmed by producer Osinachi. Who revealed that they were actively trying to land placements on Britney’s album! Big Spender Painted Windows Shake My Pucker Up
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