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  1. If i was getting death threats against my children i would remove the pictures, seems to me she just want a pity party.
  2. She gives off some mean girl vibe though. I have more hope for Lynne, she is not born mean at heart, she prob grew cold because **** came her way non stop so its basic survival to shut down your emotions.. I think JL def got a mean streak and is very self absorbed.
  3. Jamie Lynn was not relevant to me before, I don't see why she would be relevant after? Not my buiness who Britney wants to forgive. Ideally she becomes a super good supportive decent sister who kicks Lou out of her life but it's just something out of our control. What will be will be. JL does own the freebritney movement and fans an apology for her rudeness and dissmisivenes but on the other hand she gotten nasty vile comments too. I dont give a **** about her frankly. Personally what am i supposed to forgive?
  4. 😂 Don't you know you should keep those sort of thoughts inside your head? Wishing death upon someone is never a good idea. You be happy they just banned you. Be careful because these people could easily take you to court and I seen it happen with a celeb, with someone who didn't mean it literally. He still had to pay the consequences even if it was just an emotional outburts in the moment and not a real threat..
  5. There is a big chance Britney can forgive Lynne, after all said and done, Lynne has also been victimized and been through great deal of trauma. She has so much hurt in her eyes , the same eyes I witness Britney has. if anything britneys boys love Lynne. She was a emotionally detached mother to britney but hopefully, lynne can get the help she need and they can reunite and have a healthy relationship with Jamie out of the picture for good.
  6. I don't get this because to me this is more telling a story (the last hulu) about other people criminal activities and mistreatment. The first one was how badly they treat women in the entartainment buisness. I guess i see the bigger picture here It's exposing other people with power. She's been exploited all her career so i dont get why being the subject to exploit other people suddenly is such a big deal?
  7. Oh dear, if Jamie walks her down the isle I will question her sanity
  8. A genre meaning pop/ dance/ musical /cinematic
  9. Makes sense. The tabloids had pics of him buying a ring. Who was he buying that ring for if it wasnt Britney?
  10. Abba is musical and movie at the same time. They paved the way for pop music as we know today. They are history and all kids should learn how pop music evolved. They should know Abba created it. Abba is bigger than the beatles because beatles didn't create a genre
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