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  1. hey, can someone help me? when does the next court hearing is taking place? regardless of her going or not. like when do they meet again?
  2. not in court - but with public's perception. and public perception helped put her in a conservatorship. and public attention is helping her get out of it. unfortunately people judge her unfairly and those pics are already raising questions about her sanity. which is insane but its the reality; so a lot of people fear that they'll see her as unstable because of this and drop the #freebritney support. it doesn't make any sense but we cant ignore reality.
  3. Penny you know what to do your honor ma'am
  4. brenda is probably as bad as reva... otherwise she wouldn't have "inherited" this case. everyone is involved.
  5. he's good - he did a live coverage the other day and he address the great questions we need addressed - i like him a lot.
  6. can we please give her the same treatment we are giving tmz and completely ignore JLS? no further comments ma'am
  7. i thought the same thing yesterday when i read the transcript of the 07/14 hearing - britney said I'm here to have my conservatorship ended and the judge said thank you britney... literally she didn't even address anything britney said. death to all of them.
  8. lollipop must mistake me, you're the sucker.
  9. that would definitely bring some unwanted attention on brenda penny - the world is watching, she can't play tricks anymore. she's acting all highly right now, but I'm sure she knows exactly what has been happening; which is why reva gonorrhea appointed her.
  10. lol he did exactly what he was supposed to do; nothing. which is why he was appointed.
  11. i guess its about removing obstacles - so no one can challenge the petition to terminate; which could then take for ever.
  12. its mostly the transcript of the june 23rd testimony and other exhibits. the document is not that long.
  13. omg how dare you have rights woman!!!
  14. that's cause her best single overall is BTI - don't get confused.
  15. love this - and she did the "now watch me" pose. also, when will currentney wear pants... lol IMO she looks the fiercest with pants. ironically showing less skin than in those leotards.
  16. amazing - i was looking for these court docs; we finally have them - so this means that jamie is NOT the conservator of her person? only jodi? also, shouldn't we see documents confirming rosengart too? i know we are to get the transcript later today.
  17. we get you @Roger we're all traumatized as well. we all know she's NOT free but i also like your reminder. thank you very much for it. its important to note that legally nothing has really changed. with all the drama lately and increased attention to her as a person rather than her court case its easy to get distracted and lose focus with the less important things. we don't want this to become a media circus again - the focus is on her case, we need to let her rest and be relaxed during these troubled times so she has strength to fight for her freedom. we know you mean well and a lot of fans share your concern too, and i was thinking the same thing yesterday and decided to listen to her court testimony audio again and jesus christ we still have a long way to fight for this queen. - i would recommend others to listen to this audio hit me baby one more time so we all remember the fight that lies ahead. no legal changes have been made, but at least now she has good representation. once he starts taking action on this case we will be seeing a lot of progress. our queen will reign again.
  18. yeah 100% - its her time to fight for herself; and considering the very few chances she's been given she shouldn't "waste" any time thanking us! the best thank you will be her being free!!! because at the end of the day... WHAT DO WE WANT?! FREE BRITNEY!!!
  19. Britney should take care of that - it’s her name and unlike Michael she’s alive. Also we don’t know what we don’t know. Yet.
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