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  1. Get a new security team, chauffeur and only drive in certain places. Others manage these things somehow, must be a way. Restraining orders against TMZ and others
  2. So James Watson works 80 hrs a week at two jobs? As what? Where? Listed as a "businessman" online. Interesting to know more about his "two jobs" or business...
  3. Articles and posts like these seems elevate the bratty little sister to an equal rivalry position or make her relevant She is the bratty little backstabbing traitorous leech always trying to capitalize on Britney's money, work or attention. That is all. Why give her attention? She is spreading money stolen from Britney in PR efforts, and has her paid stooges on social media and forums... Attention seeking ... That is all Britney said in court she doesn't owe them anything, wants to sue them and is ready to burn bridges. She's moved on... Years of abuse strengthens or destroys you. She's strong, doesn't need fake family any more
  4. Thank you for your post. You shared news articles from 2010 with unquoted sources, to clarify comments about 2008. I shared research by people focused on these particular issues. Anyway, that is the extent of my knowledge on this. I am not an expert either. I won't argue further. 🙏 The forensic accountants will clarify these things hopefully with accuracy. Peace 😊
  5. As you can see from previously posted resources there is proof of "money locked up elsewhere" in her trusts. I notice you are vague and do not quote figures, sources or any tangible facts. From the facts, figures and itemized screenshots mentioned Twitter thread posted at the bottom of this post you will see that your assumption her cars were leased and "not paid off" is false and incorrect. she owned 7 cars which Jamie sold, and then bought multiple vehicles for "family support". She was not allowed to drive but paid exorbitant amounts in vehicle maintenance. Your messages are really fancy and stuff, though a bit vague, lacking in facts, figures, sources or any specifics. Feel free to share more than hearsay The SJB trust info answers your question as to "money elsewhere" Her cars were owned, not leased (see below) So on both counts it seems your opinions are not based on fact. She is listed as owning multiple properties in 2008. Do you have sources regarding the house being mortgaged? Feel free to share 😊 I have work so I can't dig it up for you (right now), but I am sure you can find some actual facts (Posting only a few tweets from the thread, click to read the rest )
  6. Yes. Extensive documentation by that Twitter account and others. Short answer: yes, her fortune was intact. She safeguarded her money in trusts (wisely planning) and Jamie and Wallet used a series of court orders to access and embezzle while only naming certain money's to court accounting
  7. 2008 FINANCES Twitter thread, SwatTeamForBJS Britney had all her considerable assets (including liquid) in her trusts. In 2008 Jamie and co spent 10 million, leaving 2.8 million from available cash. Then they started dipping into the trusts (she wasn't bankrupt, but lawyers needed to pay themselves).
  8. Human mind will go to unbelievable lengths to rationalize and justify own behaviour... Deleting distorting generalizing and modifying facts to fit own purpose. Have to silence the conscience and save face... Have to demonize Britney to be ok with what they did for self interest when no one was watching and they though they would get away with it Truth is irrelevant to their egos. Their sanity depends on maintaining their fictional facade.
  9. Actually I was working with young people in south west Asia for a while. W**d, m ********* a is very common among all members of society, including young people, teenagers there and they DO get addicted. Used recreationally and to cope. Personally saw cases, of deteriorating health (physical, mental, emotional). One kid trying to quit and unable to do so told me personally (helped him get help from a mental health professional to quit, and his health improved dramatically after that). Heard of multiple similar cases in the region. Not healthy... In time some go crazy (many using black market substances (therefore not regulated or pure) perhaps, as is illegal ( could be adulterated) but easily obtained for those who know)
  10. Yes. Not relevant to Britney, music, entertainment. Perhaps a space in general for those who need to express themselves about her unspeakable ways. Otherwise, why give it attention? Not worth it. As Britney posted " so far from righteous it isn't even funny'. Ignore
  11. DELUSIONAL SELF JUSTIFICATION "few of the criminals in Sing Sing regard themselves as bad men. They rationalize, they explain. " Lewis Lawes, warden of New York's infamous prison __ 🔴 Police Commissioner E. P. Mulrooney declared that the two-gun desperado Crowley was one of the most dangerous criminals ever encountered in the history of New York. "He will kill," said the Commissioner, "at the drop of a feather." ... A short time before this, Crowley had been having a necking party with his girl friend on a country road out on Long Island. Suddenly a policeman walked up to the car and said: "Let me see your license." Without saying a word, Crowley drew his gun and cut the policeman down with a shower of lead. As the dying officer fell, Crowley leaped out of the car, grabbed the officer's revolver, and fired another bullet into the prostrate body. And that was the killer who said: "Under my coat is a weary heart, but a kind one -- one that would do nobody any harm." ___ Is that an unusual attitude among criminals? If you think so, listen to this: 🔴 "I have spent the best years of my life giving people the lighter pleasures, helping them have a good time, and all I get is abuse, the existence of a hunted man." That's Al Capone speaking. Yes, America's most notorious Public Enemy -- the most sinister gang leader who ever shot up Chicago. Capone didn't condemn himself. He actually regarded himself as a public benefactor -- an unappreciated and misunderstood public benefactor. __ 🔴 And so did Dutch Schultz before he crumpled up under gangster bullets in Newark. Dutch Schultz, one of New York's most notorious rats, said in a newspaper interview that he was a public benefactor. And he believed it. https://www.dailyom.com/cgi-bin/display/librarydisplay.cgi?lid=1511
  12. CRIMINAL SELF DECEPTION AND SELF JUSTIFICATION Criminologists have interviewed every imaginable sample of individuals who break laws, and found remarkable consistency in the use of what we call 'techniques of neutralization,'" Maruna explained. "There have been studies of deer poachers, terrorists, rapists, shoplifters, cyber hackers, murderers—you name it. And yet the individuals involved tend to use a very consistent and discernible number of post-hoc rationalizations to account for what they did. " These "techniques of neutralization" form the basis of a concept known as " which was posited by sociologists David Matza and Gresham Sykes in the 1950s. The theory holds that criminals are able to neutralize values that would otherwise prohibit them from carrying out certain acts by using one or up to five methods of justification: "denial of responsibility," "denial of injury," "denial of the victim," "condemnation of the condemners," and "appealing to higher loyalties." https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vice.com/amp/en/article/gqmz4m/how-criminals-justify-crimes-psychology-gangsters-uk
  13. How much of Britney's money does she spread around on marketing and PR for herself? How much has she needed to spend on gifts to buy employee loyalty and reduce turnover? Wonder... Must be forking out large chunks to keep employees quiet. Hope we get a whistleblower regardless... Plays good cop using Britney's money on bribes, bad cop using Britney's money on legal threats
  14. Yawn. Spin sob story coming up. Poor me the victim attention getting tactic to ride the publicity. Important to ignore. Someone somewhere will review it and let everyone know. (Ignore fake positive reviews bought with stolen money). Mustn't give it attention....
  15. Subliminally sucking up to Britney White hearts (Britney used these recent, white for new beginnings) 🤍 Eat that chocolate (desserts) Take care of yourself (self love Britney mentions) Story: Netflix show Maids: mother pretends to be ok for her kid (matching and mirroring Britney's experience to create rapport) Wearing color close to yellow Lots of "happy family" posts to lure Britney back in Possibly a continuous slow drip campaign to reduce Britney's anger at her Possibly... Definitely there is a purpose to all this image management posting but seems unlikely anyone is taken in
  16. Exactly. ✅ No dementia ✅The "evaluation guidelines" ( LA, CA) I saw online linked in a news article somewhere ( https://www.americanbar.org/groups/law_aging/resources/guardianship_law_practice/practical_tool/ ) are all about seeking all evidence the conservatee can be independent and supporting that as soon as possible. They used it randomly as a tool to keep her oppressed. No transparency, accountability and no one to advocate for her. Age old story of misusing "mental evaluations" to control others. And the doctor died mysteriously (?). Nothing looks fair or aboveboard with these "psych tests". (Wonder if Jamie would pass one... Or his daughter JL, or Kevin)
  17. https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/1007395-the-truth-is-like-a-lion-you-don-t-have-to#:~:text=You don't have to defend it.,It will defend itself.”
  18. What is he afraid of? Looks like journalists should dig deeper here. Sure there's lots to uncover..
  19. It seems to be a mental cage.. people who do not self reflect are controlled by prevailing beliefs traditions or attitudes. Self reflection is the fish seeing the water it is swimming in and questioning that. Going against the flow and questioning the majority requires courage and integrity. Most choose blind loyalty and follow the crowd.. Complicated it seems, but these are my 2 cents
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