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  1. We LOVE to see Vivian making her long-overdue exit! And the fact he has to pay this new lawyer out of his own money instead of Britney's is a kii. Jamie... give up. Your daughter doesn't want to know you.
  2. Her entire post is the definition of PTSD. She is so hurt, angry and traumatized, as anyone would be had they been through what she's been through - and we still know very little of whatever that is. She's going to be in therapy for the rest of her life just processing all of this, let alone getting it all out. It kills me that she wasn't allowed to process what happened in 2007 at the time and had to get the money ball rolling again. She needs to get as far away from LA as possible.
  3. I would miss her terribly, but she's done more than enough over the years, in particular when she was forced to go out and work so others could line their pockets with her money. She deserves to live her life the way SHE wants her to - and if that means retiring, then OK.
  4. I would too, if I were her. Although I don't think she will as she seems a sweet-natured, forgiving soul at heart, I hope she disowns EVERY single one of her "family", sues the **** out of them as she stated and lives her absolute best life on her own terms, the way she chooses. She literally deserves that at this point. But I'm sorry, every single time I see JL mentioned, I think of the "wrap your mean *** up in joy" comment. I'm choosing to believe that remark is the natural sequel to the ICONIC "go to the light and see Jesus".
  5. She knows her freedom is coming, and we absolutely LOVE that for her. This new Britney is going to make sure every single person who has made her suffer is going to pay in some way. I know that's right.
  6. God, I hope Britney gets her freedom and cuts every single one of these psychos out of her life. They keep mentioning death and her being broke if it wasn't for Daddy - so why is she worth less now than she was when the conservatorship began (I think)? And I'm almost certain they literally want her dead. It's like they can't picture her standing on her own two feet because that would greatly inconvenience them. November 12 can't come quick enough.
  7. I know she's been wanting to get out of this conservatorship since at least 2014 (most probably before), but I honestly think the forced rehab stay in 2019 was the turning point for her. I think that was when she really began to put two and two together and understand what was going on, and realize that she could leverage her situation by flat-out refusing to work - not just say "no" to things she didn't like, but refuse to work until changes were made. And echoing some of the comments made here, I think this particular act by her "family" was the most depleted, hurt and betrayed they've ever made Britney feel. There's a reason she keeps coming back to this. For example, she mentioned this in court in May 2019, in June and July of this year (the July hearing was where she stated her "family" decided to treat themselves to a vacation at her house throughout her enforced stay at the facility), and now.
  8. I'd be here for it, but she's arguably been known as just "Britney" for years anyway. Pretty much every single person on this planet knows who she is, and when you think of "Britney", she's the only one you think of.
  9. God, I love when Shady Britney comes out to play. She doesn't very often, but it's glorious when she does. I hope when she's free she sues EVERY single one of these ******** who have put her through hell for the last thirteen years. And it IS a matter of when she's free now, not if - and Britney knows it.
  10. Judge Penny said in court on Wednesday that he had to hand over any and all documents/records "forthwith" (aka, immediately and without delay).
  11. God, I can't wait for the next few weeks. I suspect there's going to be some serious revelations made regarding extortion etc.
  12. Britney should take as much time as she wants/needs. She damn well deserves to, and has more than earned it.
  13. From Lynne's own account, he's always been abusive, long before Britney was born. It does seem though that the conservatorship has led to that worsening - I mean, bugging your daughter's bedroom, infiltrating her private conversations with her lawyer (a direct violation of attorney-client privilege) etc? And that all seems to once again lead back to Lou. I mean, isn't Lynne on record via her book saying Lou was directly involved in the creation of the conservatorship? God, it KILLS me that she's managed to slither away from all this mostly unharmed.
  14. I'd argue Rosengart should seek a restraining order, just as a precautionary measure if nothing else. I mean, Britney's made it quite clear she wants nothing further to do with him whatsoever.
  15. This thread is ICONIC. If Britney ever had a museum made for her, this should be an exhibit in it. It angers me to think that had this never happened on Britney's gram, or even been picked up by social media and had #FreeBritney trending the next day, she'd still be a prisoner.
  16. For me, it's Framing Britney Spears coupled with Britney's testimony. FBS led to the increased coverage we're still receiving and made #FreeBritney borderline mainstream at that point - Britney's testimony completely and utterly validated it, made the few doubters realize that we're not, and never have been, conspiracy theorists, and guaranteed that the world and its media WILL be watching and reporting every single time there's a hearing, as it has done so far.
  17. Britney's literally been fighting (that we know of) to get out of this conservatorship since at least 2014 - long before Viv crawled back on to the scene (I think), long before any documentaries were made, and long before fans rallied outside a courthouse. James not being there is absolutely NOT a loss for Britney, and what she's not going to do is continue to gaslight Britney on this day. And as for "re-establishing" a relationship with her children - out of genuine curiosity, was that before or after he got a restraining order handed on him by his own grandson? Matthew argued against terminating the conservatorship because if Jamie got his way and the whole thing was ended yesterday, he'd most likely get away with putting his daughter whom he "loves unconditionally" through HELL. I understand she's got a job to do, but God, I hate this *****.
  18. I can’t believe it. I keep rereading to make sure it’s true and not some sick joke. I can’t believe he’s FINALLY out and Britney could be granted her long-overdue freedom in six weeks. She ******g deserves this.
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