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  1. As I just said on the last page, he is using this as an opportunity for others to smear her and justify why the conservatorship should exist. It’s a smart move because he could never win the public narrative if he did it himself, and it’s obvious that right now his main objective is to salvage his reputation.
  2. Jodi will not terminate without putting up a fight. That’s what Jamie is trying to do - get Jodi to do the smearing instead.
  3. Conservatorship or not, as her publicist I would’ve said “who do you think you are?” And banned most of these as well.
  4. Big and impressive. That tour was such a huge production I doubt they made much money off of it because of the overhead. explains why FF tour was so jank
  5. Can someone tell me whether the content of the SJB trust is taken into account in the 60M estate accounting? Or is completely separate since it is a trust with multiple beneficiaries and the sums are locked in for a certain amount of time?
  6. Brian is the definition of a has been. If I were him I’d be cautious about my own Trumpism. Trash!
  7. Jodi is a disgusting professional conservator. Her life is dedicated to preying on the weak and ensuring they remain under her control. Jamie is also absolutely vile.
  8. It was a licensing deal, so it probably was pitched to/by Cade to Team Con. I’m sure it’s not something she particularly felt forced into though, seems like a pretty low maintenance cash cow project.
  9. Everyone in that clip is so C-list… how did they get Britney? Did she owe someone a favour?
  10. Britney owned a 55m private jet but her estate is worth 60m? Uh okay… I just hope she really does have a fat and full trust for her kids
  11. *looks at thread title* I - not saying she doesn’t deserve the drag but
  12. Agreed. Bipolar has been much more publicized as a celebrity disorder that doesn’t affect their day-to-day ability to perform and work (see: Mariah, Halsey, Catherine Zeta-Jones and so many others). PS is a whole other ball game.
  13. Not really concerned about anything these less-than-Z-list celebrities have to say about anything. The only thing I’d ever ask them is how to get a table at Lisa Vanderpump’s disgusting restaurant. If Britney really does have a PS diagnosis, this might be why the judge is reluctant to give immediate reactions to Britney’s testimonies and is instead focused on counsel filing the proper paperwork to keep things moving towards her father’s removal and the eventual and inevitable end to the conservatorship. I just hope she gets the care she has earned and deserves.
  14. I am as suspicious of Jodi as I am of the Spears clan or Lou Taylor. Professional conservators are some of the worst types of rabid capitalists - trying to profit off of something that should be a public service
  15. And if anything, it speaks more about Britney’s humanity than the state of their relationship
  16. It’s totally possible. She is her sister after all and while I’m sure the resentment exists, maybe Britney did feel genuinely bad about calling her out publicly, regardless of her strong feelings. Britney is a good person and I can’t help but think she will always be here for her family in some capacity, whether she likes them or not
  17. I don’t understand how people doubt it’s her now. She’s goofy and she has been sheltered from the internet for a very long time. Her internet humour is just a couple of decades old - she’ll catch on (i hope!)
  18. Key here is that when it’s not a family member, professional conservators should be very closely monitored as they are often the bad actors who see conservatees solely as cash cows. the whole system is just so depressing…
  19. Britney is 39 and has zero gays around her. She just needs some gays to make her POP
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