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  1. lol, this is exactly what team con want you to believe. That she is an animal abuser, and not even able to take care of her dog. This story is set up. And the fact that it's coming out weeks before the big hearing, is no coincidence.
  2. It can be both. They set this up, and then blew it out of proportion Disgusting way of manipulating the medias and public opinion
  3. I'm wondering if they let her drive so often in hope that she will mess up, exceed the speed limit or something. After "Britney almost killed her dog", I wouldn't be surprised if they come up with "Britney almost crashed her car" Anyway, sorry for my paranoia Edit : Hope I'm not giving them ideas
  4. This is a set up to make her look crazy and unstable, don't fall for their disgusting strategy. It's way too convenient, because her sons are too old to use them against her, so they use a freakin dog that can not talk or testify.
  5. There you go, TMZ at it again, paid by Jamie. It's getting too much now. Don't fall for this smear campaign, they will try everything to justify the conservatorship. We need to do something, let's get #dontbelieveTMZ trending on Twitter.
  6. This. She is in a very vulnerable situation where she can not defend herself, and her father still has total control over the narrative. We should stand up for her until she is free. THEN we can treat her like everybody else.
  7. Don't fall for team con's smear campaign. The dog was a set up to make her look unstable, and justify the conservatorship. But hey, the simple minded will believe everything.
  8. I really hope Rosengart will warn her about their tactic.
  9. I feel like they are trying to gaslight her and provoke her, in order to get a strong reaction from her that would justify the conservatorship. They literally used a dog to get that reaction. Britney is not insane. They are.
  10. Good job, you're falling for team con's orchestrated smear campaign to make her look unstable. If even her fans fall for their bull****, we're doomed.
  11. Everyone around her is a complicit to some degree. Everyone. The fact that Britney has flaws is irrelevant. Every human has flaws, but no flaw will ever justify a conservatorship. The media campaign against her has been too obvious lately, particulary from TMZ. Making such thread while a woman under a conservatorship (with no way to defend herself) is being gaslighted and publicly trashed by a smear campaign... is tasteless.
  12. That's what team con tells us, we have no idea if this is true. They lied and manipulated fans so many times. I believe David Lucado was kicked out not because he cheated on her, but because he was trying to educate Britney on her rights. He is a lawyer. We have proofs on court documents that Team Con accused David of turning Britney against her conservatorship. David later made several interviews where he called out Jamie for making money off his daughter, and he said Britney didn't need a conservatorship.
  13. Can we try to get #dontbelieveTMZ trending on Twitter ? It's a great way to warn people and medias. They go on a campaign against Britney. We should start a campaign against TMZ.
  14. Because we can discuss everything and talk about everyone, no matter the relationship they share with her. Well except her minor children.
  15. Sam is Jamie-approved. Everyone else has been banned from her life, he is pretty much the only one allowed to stay in her inner circle. So I will remain very cautious with him Edit : I am not bashing him. I just want to stay cautious and vigilant until the truth comes out, get off my back Sam fans.
  16. It's really working We need to stay vigilant and call out people who fall for the 'crazy narrative'
  17. You're falling for team con. That's exactly what they want you to believe. They try their best to make her look crazy and unstable. They manipulate the medias and her instagram in order to discredit her, and the simple minded believe everything.
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