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  1. Really ? You have receipts ? I noticed that his stories are full of young girls showing their *** What a creep.
  2. I merely said to him 'Britney is not crazy, stop defending human exploitation.' Then I said 'Too ill to have basic human rights, but not too ill to be forced to work.' He did not answer to that comment and deleted it.
  3. Sure. But I'm kinda useless in the grand scheme of things, so if I can be useful in his dragging
  4. If he can not take the heat, then he should just shut up. He literally put himself in this situation Here are his comments on the Shaderoom.
  5. We are all scared of what is going to come next. That smear campaign is too much, can't wait to finally hear some good news in this mess.
  6. He asked for it. Death threats are way too much, but I still think we can call out people who deserve it. Otherwise there is no justice. It's irresponsible to attack a woman who is fighting for her human rights
  7. Does that help anyone to say that Britney is 'floored' ? Is he allowed to go out of his way and attack a woman who can not defend herself ?
  8. He started it by attacking Britney. He should just shut up if he doesn't want reactions.
  9. He is a manager and friend with Britney's publicist Jeff Raymond
  10. So I called out manager Jacob York after he attacked Britney on the Shaderoom He said "We don't care about Britney. She doesn't matter in our daily lives. I love Jeff Raymond, he is a great guy, he hide her mess from the public" (His comments on the Shaderoom)
  11. What does crazy even means ? Mentally ill ? So why forcing her to work and parading her on red carpets ? Is this how you treat someone with a supposed mental illness ? The truth is, they drive her crazy.
  12. lol, they are working on nothing, except trying to sabotage Britney and make her look bad. Normally, you don't even call the police for such trivial things.
  13. I feel like something will happen to him in the next few months. Karma will hit his health really hard.
  14. Ondyna Conception Ordonez... Do we have more info about her ? I think I found her Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ondynac.ordonez.9
  15. Sure, and I hope Rosengart warned her about their strategy. Because they will do anything to get strong reactions and outbursts from her.
  16. At this point I think they are playing with us But it's a good reminder that they still have total control over her instagram.
  17. Remember, all of Britney's staff, including the housekeeper who accused her of animal neglect, is hired by Jamie. He can, at any moment, call the staff and give them directions on what to do or what to say. How convenient, to make such accusations just weeks before the big hearing. This is a set up to sabotage her. So don't let your guard down guys, we have to stay vigilant in the next few weeks.
  18. You must be naive if you think this story is not orchestrated to sabotage her before the next hearing. How convenient, accusing her of animal neglect just weeks before the most important hearing of this case.
  19. Jamie hired a freakin DOG SITTER. It's his job to take care of the damn dog. Britney having the legal rights of a minor, she can NOT be held accountable if something happens to the dog. And stop falling for team con's smear campaign against Britney.
  20. She refused to take her meds She insulted or attacked her assistant / bodyguard / staff She crashed her car / caused an accident She locked herself in her toilet She set her house on fire
  21. I never said she doesn't have her moments, smh. But we know for a fact that her father hired someone to take care of the dog. So if the damn dog has a problem, it's all on the dog sitter, end of. If you can't see that this story is carefully orchestrated to sabotage her, then I can do nothing for you.
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