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  1. Honestly I'm scared now. Hope Rosengart is not a scapegoat hired by the state of California to do damage control and get ride of Jamie, but keep the conservatorship going.
  2. https://www.marieclaire.com.au/terry-richardson-every-***ual-harassment-and-assault-allegation Oh snap But she was under the conservatorship in 2010, so I hope they didn't allow him to harass her.
  3. I wonder if she had issues with straight photographers. Remember Patrick Demarchelier ? He photographed her in 2003 and 2008. He has been accused of ***ual harassment. So maybe she feels more at ease when her photographers are gay.
  4. How can she be addicted to alcohol if she has not been allowed to drink any alcohol since 2008
  5. I wonder if she asked his ***ual orientation because she doesn’t always feel comfortable around straight guys
  6. I don't think she has any more addiction. She was probably addicted to pills years ago. Which is pretty common in Hollywood.
  7. You clearly know nothing about this case. 1) Jamie has totally ruined her fortune. She earned at least $300 million since 2008, yet her net worth is only $60 million in 2021. https://www.forbes.com/sites/maddieberg/2021/02/17/britney-spears-net-worth-revealed--and-its-shockingly-low-compared-to-her-pop-peers/?sh=3839e79a18ac https://moneynation.com/britney-spears-net-worth-the-350-million-blowout/ https://variety.com/2021/music/news/britney-spears-conservatorship-father-jamie-spears-fortune-1235027944/ 2) Britney is not well because she has been abused, gaslighted and exploited for 13 years. They forced to perform against her will. They punished her when she refused to cooperate. Is this how you treat a supposedly vulnerable person ? NO. A conservatorship should NEVER be used to force someone to work. 3) Mental health issues are not an excuse to take away someone's rights. Millions of people have mental health issues. Millions of people have it worse than Britney. She clearly has some trauma, but she is not suicidal. I have several friends who are suicidal. Is this a reason to force them into a conservatorship ? NO. You offert them support and help, but at the end of the day, grown up adults have the right to ruin their life. End of. 4) If Britney was SO ill back in 2008...Why the f-ck did they push her back into the music industry, just months after her breakdown ? Why was she already back on a freakin world tour in 2009 ? The truth is, they KNEW she was well enough to handle such pressure. The conservatorship has always been about money and pushing her to perform. They couldn't care less about her mental health. 5) Her court documents clearly state that no medical declaration was ever filed to justify the conservatorship. She is under a VOLUNTARY conservatorship, which doesn't require any medical diagnosis or justification. That pretty much says it all. She wasn't ill enough to put her under an Involuntary conservatorship.
  8. They can talk about it on Insta and pretend to be her
  9. https://blog.reverbnation.com/2018/05/09/music-law-101-owns-copyright-song/ https://blog.sonicbids.com/who-owns-that-song-how-to-research-copyright-ownership https://blog.sonicbids.com/artists-are-you-sure-you-own-your-masters-a-music-lawyer-explains
  10. Probably... Some artists that you mentioned do write their songs though
  11. Aren't artists supposed to own their own songs ? I don't want to sound dumb but
  12. Who owns her songs ? Maybe Britney Brands or the record label ?
  13. I don't know but the level of hate there is astounding.
  14. Dailymail is such a bad tabloid, the comments are always trash
  15. Exactly. How many male rock stars had serious drug addiction and ruined their life. Where is their conservatorship ? Oh I forgot they are men
  16. Exactly That woman was so ill and incapacitated, yet she was able to do a big world tour just 1 year after the conservatorship started
  17. So if her issues were that bad, WHY pushing her back into the music industry just months after her breakdown ? Why parading her on red carpets, knowing photographers are stressful for her ? Why forcing her to perform against her will ? Is this how you treat someone so fragile ? Jamie couldn't care less about her mental health
  18. Basically a black weinstein These men think they have every rights and are untouchable, so they use their power to prey on young vulnerable girls. Disgusting. Kinda what Larry did to Britney, though I hope he never harassed her ***xually.
  19. She can stay anonymous, not tell her name. Powerful men like him deserve to be held accountable.
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