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  1. If it's true then why not let it unfold for everyone to see without telling the media and without dragging Britney's reputation AND without speaking of her privacy while pretending "allegedly" you care about her well-being and mental health.
  2. Yet he wasted $2M allegedly on press tours from Britney's $60M estate (which is around 3.33%) without any signs of recovering not even a single cent from that and here he is saying he saved Britney from bankruptcy.
  3. Normally, I would find this cringy as f but it's Britney so we stan her enthusiasm over a tablet. There should've been an unboxing video though.
  4. maybe she doesn't use her ig she's 53 maybe she is just oblivious about it
  5. Britney fans who were trying to break into the zoom calls were probably worried because Team Con managed to seal all records involving Britney's conservatorship in guise of her "mental issues". Transparency was needed all along to blow the case wide open and that's something that went amiss on some of those forumers but instead of giving the Exhale fans the benefit of the doubt, they threw everyone here in the looney bin which is so disgusting while spouting that they are good people for not suspecting Team Con were up to no good *allegedly*. I feel for the guys who were discriminated because of Free Britney movement. The PR that Team Con had was so immense they used the movement against them to question their sanity despite everything coming together even before the Britney documentary.
  6. Britney Spears' dad calls #FreeBritbey a 'conspiracy theory' Britney Spears Conservatorship Hearing Canceled Due to Outsider Intrusion Jamie Lynn Spears stands up for sister Britney Everyone in that forum saying Exhale fans were abnormal, ****ty, reaching, illogical, irrational, crazy, evil etc. sounds like something Team Con, Viv, Jamie,Lou and JL would tell us. *allegedly*
  7. His interview from an unknown youtuber(30k followers) got him like almost 400k views. Inside Edition and Entertainment Tonight even covered the interview and both channels had like 150k views each. There's no way in hell it was not a huge thing in all metrics. Bryan's interview was a huge blow to the whole conservatorship and is still being discussed today and that was 2020 before Britney's court date and the framing Britney Spears doc.
  8. I disagree. Yeah there was the Britneygram but many people still thought it was a conspiracy because of the **** Jamie and his PR team were pulling behind the scenes until the day Bryan opened his mouth in an interview. It was the the time the ball started rolling into Britney's favor because of what he said about the family business beint good for the family and essentially exposed the conservatorship as something as money-hungry and something that Britney wanted to get out of from the very start and consequently put the conservatorship team into constant spin mode on how to make them looked good again because Bryan's statements did a whole lot or damage intentionally or unintentionally to all of them. No matter how you don't like him. He gave us the tea on what's going on inside the conservatorship without hiding his face or name.
  9. I think the two will eventually make up with Britney once she's free. Lynne supported Britney in 2019 albeit too little too late while Bryan essentially exposed the whole conservatorship, intentional or not... he still did a big favor to Britney which dramatically changed the perception of "the family business" as a great farce to trap Britney as a cash cow. Jamie Lynn is a lost cause to me. Her silent "support" for Britney is nothing but a ****** lie.
  10. The audacity of Team Con to claim they made her more money than she ever did without the conservatorship when the truth was they were bleeding her more within it and without her human rights for a measly $60M in return.
  11. People haven't forgot about anything. You're just being way too extra. What if Britney really posted this? What are we even fighting for? That she loves posting half naked selfies and a subset of her fans don't support her? She can just totally contradict everything during the next hearing. If this is really her then good she's a little freer than usual and if not then everyone will say "f+++ everyone in conservatorship!!!" for the billionth time. I'm not gonna lose sleep over this one. It's just a moot point to even care at the moment whether if it's true or not.
  12. When Your Eyes Say It is my drug and therapy when I need true love when I'm depressed
  13. There's an olympics happening right now. Do you really expect Britney to be all over the news 24/7 and have people talk about it every second just because you want it to stay that way? You all really need to chill.
  14. We are not giving him views, darling my dear. Screen capped it, don't link the trash posts.
  15. Like log off now if you are this far off the edge that you are already scourging for other people's comments on the internet.
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