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  1. mhmm....we'll see how long she keeps saying this when she's/her firm is caught up in a federal investigation. She's proud of this human trafficking scheme?! They're trying to tap out now and save themselves, but we'll see.... VT: The one that claimed on video and in interviews that Britney Spears NEVER asked for the conservatorship to end, even though court documents show she was present for many instances in court where people, including Scam Ingham stated Britney wanted out...or after the court reporter said Britney wanted out and said the CShip is a controlling force against her...but Viv seems to think those 'closed court proceedings' will never be revealed so somehow it's ok to tell blatant lies...bottom line: THERE IS PROOF SHE WAS AWARE BRITNEY WANTED OUT BUT SHE TRIED TELLING THE WORLD BRITNEY NEVER WANTED OUT. Therefore she is a liar and a crook, was a willing participant in a human trafficking scheme and goes against what the court systems are supposed to be about: Justice. GTFO beeyotch.
  2. People want to see her be brave and courageous in her songs, her lyrics, her style...feeling a little underwhelmed by the new single and ANOTHER album named after her age... like who is advising her of what FANS DO OR DON'TWANT?! BE HERSELF and be bold and tell truth, THAT'S what we care about. Fans would love a club banger from her that was also a powerful ballad because it would be fun and surprising and she could pull it off... be Brave Adele... we want to see your ART
  3. Just wait. There will be several bombs dropped before Nov 12. A lot of general public still doesn't understand how criminal ALL of Team Con has been and they also don't understand JL's involvement beyond little pieces (not that we do either, beyond knowing she is #complicit). But it'll all become clear soon, as criminal charges and all kinds of things are filed after Rosengart gets alllll those docs from the cship. They will undoubtedly be providing petitions in support of ending the cship before the court date on Nov. 12 as they will need to build up proof and good public opinion in an attempt to get the cship fully dismantled without an evaluation and there will be LOTS revealed. Trust. JL and LR launching their new products/businesses whatever are trying to distract themselves and pretend like the ball is not going to drop. But all has been said and done, full circle...back to RED...
  4. Simply stop judging them. She's a human that has been literally traumatized tortured and enslaved. Whatever 'ridiculousness' or 'craziness' she posts about, she is working through that deep, intense trauma in the best way she knows how. But she has made it through 13 years. And if this has taught us nothing, then we can claim we know the whole story or her posts are always straight forward... but they're not and we don't. Britney often speaks in metaphor and imagination and/or in code. Trying to say enough but not too much, trying to be private but needing connection, trying to have an outlet but most likely terrified of doing or saying the wrong thing... so the way Britney sees and expresses the world is different and unique, not how most people see the world. When you constantly have 10-50 paps documenting everywhere you go and everyone reports things on all your actions and movements, your perspective of the world is a lil different... it's like you are never given a chance to grow and learn. And the way people judge her is exactly why certain people were able to take advantage of her - she is a unique soul, which people can abuse and call wrong or weird or crazy. She sees the world differently and she is a TRUE ARTIST. When you sTop judging and instead, try to understand, you see she communicates abstractly, like through dance or storytelling or simply through her EYES (and has HAD TO for the past 13 years because she was literally NOT ALLOWED TO SAY OR EXPRESS HER TRUE FEELINGS directly EVER!) so give her a break and have faith, she wouldn't have made it this far if she wasn't capable of learning and growing and full of strength. I'm not saying every single thing she says or posts is positive, brilliant and deep, but they almost always have some of those elements and we have to give space and grace to any person, but especially to those that have been abused and also may see the world through unique lenses and is trying to HEAL. We'll all understand her better one day. In the meantime, try not to look at life or people as needing to fit in to society's view of normal. Those that think different teach us and move humanity forward and help us evolve from what we already know. That is, if we are willing to be humble and learn and grow ourselves...
  5. Agreed. And for as ridiculous as Jamie is, he still managed to get control of his pop icon daughter and manage her for 13 years...that is f-in scary and concerning. So if you are Jamie's sister - what do you think he could do to YOU?! Especially if you are NOT a pop star and don't have the attorney's Jamie has (and pays for with Britney's money)...very easy to see why one, especially his sister, would be afraid of speaking up and now (BECAUSE BRITNEY's VOICE HAS POWER) she has the confidence to speak out, even though, there are definitely legitimate reasons she would be terrified to do so even now.
  6. That's the thing - there are actually rules and laws in place to protect from these exact things happening but they were actively and criminally DENIED to Britney by a corrupt system, including the probate courts and judges. There are STRICT RULES that state in order for a cship in CA you cannot be able to fully clothe, feed, or take care of yourself, etc, you cannot prevent a conservatee from marrying, you have the right to choose new conservator's, etc. But it shouldn't have existed in the first place BASED ON THE LAW. All of these many laws and guidelines were broken over and over again by judges/lawyers/the court. If they were followed, Britney would not have experienced the abuse she did. Also in the conservator agreement is states all the rights the conservatee has under the conservatorship. All of those rights were denied to Britney. So the problem isn't that the rules or laws don't exist, it's that there is a corrupt system in place wherein they are not following the law or rules or human decency and respect and have NO accountability. Another example, they could NOT legally tell a conservatee they cannot marry without a specific order stating the reason for doing so, but they still denied Britney that right and the NYTimes exposed the hearing where Judge Goetz told Scam Ingham that he shouldn't tell Britney that they can't technically deny her that right, but they still DID deny it in effect. So there is huge problems with corruption and accountability for judges and the probate court. There are many rules/laws/regulations in place that were supposed to protect Britney but were just unequivocally and infuriatingly denied to a kind, loving human being and it's happening to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF OTHER PEOPLE across the US, too.
  7. I'm happy of anyone that has had experience working with/being around Britney backing up her abilities and sanity. This is a great thing to speak out about now that Britney has spoken out (like her or not, Iggy backing up Britney made a HUGE difference giving Britney credibility right after she first spoke out and Iggy also hinted at things being weird for many years). We don't know what happened behind the scenes or what Will.I.Am. may have tried to do or how the background vocals were put on the BJ album, they could have been done behind his back or they could have told him Britney didn't want to do the vocals, or since she does sound like Britney, maybe he had no idea Britney didn't sing a lot of it...who knows, maybe one day we will...when Brit writes that book...but for now, maybe we just be grateful he's speaking in support of B.
  8. I know. I thought that was over......I will say this is a sweet message though. Always down for a Queen that looks in to themselves to learn and grow and evolve...
  9. *Looks up how to PRE ORDER immediately!! ...Got to order before the TENS of other people get every copy!! nah, just playin
  10. Agreed. Dating back to when his Mom killed herself and from that article, Jamie's dad was also terrible to women. Britney has been one of his outlets to get out his frustration/abuse.
  11. This is what I have said for a long time... Jamie's mom killed herself on his baby brother's grave (which she was allegedly driven to do by Jamie's dad). He never got over it and felt abandoned and traumatized by his Mom leaving him in that way, so he now takes his hatred of women out on Britney and makes HER FEEL abandoned and traumatized, cuz he has not healed. It is tragic but unforgivable his treatment of his daughter, especially because he still has not found remorse. Also sounds like many people in the family were/are misogynistic (just look at Bry Spears interview last year). What a mess. Britney will be the one to heal and overcome it though, so I'm grateful for that.
  12. don't have time for this guy. He's just as shady as the family even if they did lie about him.
  13. I want to know what she means, too... But it SOUNDS like Rosengart told her some things he found out that Team Con has been lying to her about and now she's pissed but also dangling it in front of them that they have proof of their crimes, while she can do what she wants (like eat dessert)... It must be liberating but also infuriating to discover all the ways and lengths Team Con went to to keep her enslaved...
  14. lmao. we were right. she continues to post photos of her kids standing in front of walls, doing nothing that is worthy of posting and with captions covering their faces. Like WHO finds this interesting or doesn't see this as an attempt to deflect attention?!
  15. Because the checks to TMZ stopped coming in from Team Con and TMZ doesn't want to seem complicit in a human trafficking scheme, even though they ARE (allegedly). Plus Team Con has to keep all the money they can since they can't steal it from Brit (allegedly) and have to prepare for the literal legal ****storm that is coming their way. Also...notice how it is putting all the blame on Robin and excluding Lou, even though by most accounts, yes Robin was present for everything, but her and Lou would together make the plans for how to deal with Britney and Lou was constantly in touch with Robin...you ain't getting outta this Lou! Wouldn't doubt she is secretly trying to work with TrashMZ to backstab Robin and say she's responsible for it all. Good luck with that!
  16. This is cuz he's #complicit (allegedly). So he'll try to hide his complicity by acting in favor of it ending. After all, he gets like $500K a year! He doesn't have to work these past 13 years because of Britney's money. He better give Britney as much time as she wants.
  17. This is most DEF a bop...and I've been dancing to it while imagining Brit feeling/being free....
  18. I hate to say it, but personally, I believe they were literally working to kill her. Why else would people take excessive amounts of blood out of someone?! They had no intention of letting her out because she quit working, so TO THEM, she would've been more valuable dead 1. then it would be much harder to be caught, most of those issues/proof would've disappeared with her gone and 2. look at how many HUNDREDS of millions MJ's estate made in the years after he died. No doubt they would have had a similar money making structure. but it was the #freebritney movement that was getting loud and saying where is Britney? That they knew they couldn't just kill her because too many eyes were questioning it. That's when they reversed course and staged the photos showing Brit leaving a hotel with Sam and subsequently (allegedly) forced her to record a video saying she is happy and ok, although she is clearly reading from a script and IS NOT OK in any of those videos. Thank GOD we're where we are today and she is on the verge of freedom. It is truly and literally a miracle that she made it through those 13 years. WHOO!!! EDIT: plus Brit is a frickn FIGHTER and a CHAMPION and would NOT give up. They literally could Not kill her and She made it through because of her endless strength and resilience. Clearly she has an incredible purpose in this Earth. #inspiration
  19. I think they told and tried convincing themselves it was what she 'needed' because they were getting benefits and were manipulated by the cult of Lou, but they knew it was wrong. How could you not see that?! They knew it was wrong and awful or they wouldn't have tried hiding all these things and giving everyone around her an NDA, or sealed every court doc and meeting that they could...AND JL texting Many of Britney's friends saying she is very unwell...#complicit
  20. I know, right?! 🤣 Was thinking the same. There's a reason she looks like a never-smiling, miserable grinch in all her photos and vids... guilty much? Sad that you're a terrible sister? Trying to pretend like you're not terrified JL by posting pics of your kids??
  21. I like all the choices above, as long as there's new music she doesn't usually perform (especially since she said she's tired of doing the old ones) ...but What I REALLY HOPE is that she rerecords and rereleases I'm(not)A Slave For U with modified lyrics about how she's not owned by You (Jamie or anyone else) It would be so perfect and would allow her to change it to not be problematic, it would be EMPOWERING and it would still allow her to perform and sing a song that everyone loves, just a little different and evolved. #rerecordslave4u #notaslave4u
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