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  1. found a full clip without the live chat going!!!! Oh goodness, this is the cutest and even tho she wasn’t expecting it… proof she’s still the cute, giggling, funny Britney we know 💕💕💕💕
  2. Please tell me I not the only dis hard fan who thinks break the ice was meant to be the sequel to Toxic??? even if it wasn’t, I reckon it would of been a hell of a music video if it was based on the animated version!!
  3. Don’t take offence anyone but honestly I don’t really care what she does. It isn’t any of my business, of course I’d absolutely love a new album drop, her to speak her story, her to have a baby, get married - If she chooses to. I hope after she is free, the world will back off & give her fresh air to breathe. Not be continuously looked under with a microscope, not to be judged & referred to in her past self with drinking, etc. She’s a grown woman who is almost 40 years old. She has worked for her whole life performing, she’s earned her rights and right to do absolutely nothing but enjoy life if she chooses.
  4. I honestly think it’s not her saying she’s in danger but given the news that’s come out… it’s more a thank you - you were right about the yellow conspiracy and going back to the fans comments to wear yellow if your in danger. I am holding onto hope that at the end of the month she will be free. I don’t know what she’ll do after she’s free and really I don’t care, as long as she is happy & living the life she’s worked her whole life for. Being a fan, I’d lose my mind if she went and dropped a new album and did what she loved doing again but if she doesn’t that’s a good thing, she’s well & truely earned it.
  5. I agree, instead of taking a step back from the conspiracy’s, etc. just look at the fact that for the first time on her IG she is referring to the free Britney movement. Like I said in my own post, regardless of who actually made that post - it’s supporting the free Britney movement & what it has been fighting for.
  6. Eek I’ve been reading all of everyone’s comments and ya all have some interesting points. I guess I’ll weigh in as well on my thoughts…. I am just happy that the judge ruled that she can hire her own lawyer. This is huge to me as that in itself is a statement that she is more than capable to make her own decisions. From all the coverage so far on #free Britney, the various celebrity support and interest from the whole world this is sparking, it’s safe to say that this is the beginning of a huge shift in power for Britney. To be liberated, have freedom and have her own voice back. Regardless of is she owns her own IG, if her most recent post with #freebritney was her or not…. If Sam is genuine or not…. It is still representing the free Britney movement and what it stands for. I’ll take IG posts as they come, would be incredible if she did a live or something but for now I take it like a grain of salt. please no mean replies or comments from my post. Just my own thoughts & I’m sure there can be a difference in opinion.
  7. Tho else thinks the latest Instagram pics are totally suspicious? Just in the 12th June 2021 she posted a pic of her back in a hot pink out fit with the caption “Have you seen the tattoo on the back of my neck before?? It says Men Hey Shin and means healing !!! It’s my favourite tattoo but ironically you never see it” So now, there are 2 posts with it photo shopped out and a new post claiming she now likes it better?!?!?!!! Whoever is in control of her Instagram is doing a terrible job as her true fans know this is not her words. Related:
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