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  1. Oh **** she's like the highest one on there, higher than essential healthcare workers GO BRITNEY!
  2. She paid for his entire treatment lmao. The gofundme months later was for a "healing" vacation
  3. WB is terrible to me and 90% of it isn't even Britney singing.
  4. But a lot of it turned out to be true... all the way down to Lithium
  5. Has he spoken on ANYTHING in the past 10 years, though? I'm from California and can't recall the last time I saw him speak or make a public appearance. He seems to have went completely M.I.A after being replaced as governor. Governors have hundreds if not thousands of issues on their plate to consider addressing and the legality of conservatorships was more than likely not at the top of his mind. Honestly, I'd be shocked if it's ever been on his mind at all.
  6. A mess, kii, cackle, etc. Feel free to search Demon Twink on Twitter for more One might assume the Twitter-proclaimed Demon Twink would be flooded with embarrassment and regret the following day—but it seems he is actually embracing his new title.
  7. The government definitely has corrupt connections with Big Pharma interests, but what are you trying to imply when you say "the poison"? 98% survival rate. 2% death rate is 6.4 million Americans. Are you implying there's a group of people globally coordinating to make a pandemic an every 100 year occurrence? LOL, ok then.
  8. People should definitely be aware and vigilant about the financial motives behind the vaccine's commercialization (for instance, I'm side-eyeing Pfizer's push for a booster), but the vaccine works to an extent and it's highly unlikely that it will result in any significant health problems in the grand scheme of things despite having been rushed. It's more likely that contracting COVID will have unforeseen longterm effects. Ariana is not some player involved in a Big Pharma conspiracy—she's simply doing what she thinks is moral with her platform.
  9. This isn't a real issue—only a small little pocket on Twitter actually care about this. She'll be fine.
  10. If you need a celebrity to remind or influence you to get the vaccine, that's kind of pathetic
  11. She's been hanging out with Loucifer a little too much I see. Come to the light, Juno.
  12. Someone literally used Jessica Simpson's music to catfish as a pop star and people bought into it because nobody knows her music.
  13. When Gaga got involved with Free Kesha she was thrown the mud, subpoenaed, and her private texts were exposed in court. As a public figure, she has become a lot more private, reserved, and selective with her appearances and words since then. I too wish she would speak up, but she is not obligated to simply because she's a female pop star like Britney. Xtina and Justin spoke out because they're very deeply connected with Britney's legacy. This fan-fiction narrative that Gaga has something against Britney because Britney declined to kiss her at the 2011 VMAs is laughable. They were joking around—it was never that deep. All the times Gaga has mentioned Britney, she has spoken with love and admiration for her. Those who've come to this conclusion that her and Britney have some sort of beef are doing mental gymnastics in their head out of their own bias against Gaga. The truth is, Gaga has always been a fan.
  14. The fact that Britney doesn't have one person in her family sticking up for her makes me truly sad. I hope her sons grow up to be advocates for her, it's what she deserves. She sacrificed so much of herself just to make sure she was in their lives.
  15. Regardless of Paris' potential opportunism, publicity for the movement is publicity for the movement. Let's try not to push any of that away (unless it's Perez or Matt Gaetz; they can piss off )
  16. Now is not the time to be contemplating Britney's future career prospects. Her freedom and wellbeing should be #1 priority. Once that's achieved, if she'd like to like pursue success in the music industry then she can.
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