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  1. Since Britney was on video with the dog today can we put the dog conspiracy to bed?
  2. Hair looks incredible, makeup looks great, and I covet that shirt. She looks really great.
  3. Man. Just imagine being denied the simple pleasures in life. Coffee in the morning, chocolate when you're feeling bad. Sushi because you love sushi and even though you had it yesterday, you know what, you're ordering it again! I always joke that being an adult sucks sometimes because when you're a kid, you dream of having money and control to eat ice cream for breakfast or candy every day or things like that, whenever you want, and then you grow up and don't do it because it's bad for you, or expensive, or whatever. I was joking to my brother the other day that I never eat donuts anymore, even though I loved them so much as a kid because I don't have kids so I can't justify driving to the donut shop just to eat 1,000 calories for myself. I joked that he has kids so that's plausible deniability to go get them! But that's a CHOICE I get to make every day. If someone told me for 13 years I can't have this, or can't have that (and let's be real, it's way longer than 13 years, people have probably made comments and decisions about her food choices since she was a young teenager)...I'd be purposely eating it every day. I'd eat all the deserts. I'd be posting food photos on Instagram every day.
  4. Don't know, but it's so sickening. "Bedroom" could've meant a general catch all with her father's obsession about the most private parts of her life. 1) Controlled who she got to date 2) Controlled if she got to have kids or not 3) Controlled what she wore allegedly 4) Listened to private conversations IN HER BEDROOM. And we only know about the bedroom. Wouldn't be surprised if there were more recording devices all over. Hope they sweep the place for bugs or just have her move to a new house entirely. The level of obsession is so disturbing.
  5. I dont know, she has the fragrance line so if she doesn't want to perform maybe she goes the Jessica Simpson route and kind of gets into fashion/merchandise? Performing seemed to make her happy before it was forced on her, so maybe one day she does tour again, but just not the insane, "a new country every other day," tours of the past. I truly hope that she gets to have another child and get to RAISE that child though since that seems to be what she wants. I hope she finds the family she deserves and does whatever makes her happy. Oh and I'd LOVE to see her write a book.
  6. Reestablish her relationship with her children. What?! They were practically babies when she entered the conservatorship and he's the reason she lost even more custody. Why do they lie so much?
  7. This is just sad and to me proves (not that we didn't already know) that he cares so little about her as a human. He's willing to dissolve the whole thing and walk away because he can keep the money he made and not face legal trouble. But he's going to protest it continuing with someone else in charge because that would mean bad things for him.
  8. Since they've been working on it for two years...I kind of wonder if Felicia was interviewed early in the process, or earlier than on other docs, and that's why she was so much less willing to open up? That or they didn't make her feel comfortable enough to do so. I found that interesting.
  9. The recording devices in her room are DISGUSTING but I am confused...180 hours is not a lot at all if it was running continuously. Is that just how much he had saved on the USB drive?
  10. A remark from a 23 year old interview (from a person with no media training/savvy at the time I'm guessing) makes her a bad person?
  11. Me too. It felt much more grown up. And I really, really related to the songs. "I took your pictureWhile you were sleepingAnd then I paced around the roomIf I had known thenThat these things happenWould they have happened with you?"
  12. I hope she does...if she can do it on HER terms and it makes her happy. It's sad that the people around her robbed her of the joy she got from that.
  13. I love her! I always wished she'd released more solo music. Hotel Paper came out in high school but I so related to it through my college years and beyond. I LOVED Desperately, Tuesday Morning, One of these Days and Hotel Paper. Ah, early 2000s, I miss you. I really thought she was so underrated. I didn't like Hopeless Romantic as much but I have blasted Not a Love Song a LOT, lol.
  14. That blue dress is beautiful. I'd wear that in a second! And she looks great in it. Honestly she looks so much younger in that video. Happiness can do that I guess.
  15. I'm glad someone else said it. I don't know how to feel. I mean, I listened so I don't have a leg to stand on but I feel icky about this guy continuing to leak private texts and voicemails (assuming they're all real) without her having a say. If there was someone I had not/had barely spoken to in a decade just blasting my private info all over the place, I don't think I'd be happy. But I don't know, I guess it draws attention to her plight? Either way it's heartbreaking
  16. He is no more qualified to be in charge of her money than he was qualified to tell her how she should direct her music video (of which she had done 20+ and he had done 0) in that awkward scene from For The Record.
  17. The abandonment issue is heartbreaking considering she, was, you know, sent off BY HERSELF at FIFTEEN. Ugh. That's so awful. I was reading all of the old Lynne's Corner letters the other day (God knows why) and she mentioned she and Britney would both cry every single time she'd visit and leave and it just makes me so sad thinking of a child/teenager going through that.
  18. I am sorry I EVER clicked on that stupid website back in the day. Giving him views made me as complicit as anyone else. Not going to fall for that trap again.
  19. I have often wondered this. I'm not even going to PRETEND to be an expert on abusive relationships but I wonder if she's scared of him? Even though they've been divorced a long time, getting out of a horrible relationship like that has to take a permanent effect on you right? I'm not excusing her. I mean, she has a platform, she could speak up literally at anytime. It's really hard to know the motives of some of these people. I want to believe that she's on Britney's side, I mean, she's her MOTHER, but money does funny things to people...
  20. While I'm glad this article is being written, I wish people would proofread their work. Gotta love how it mentions JL loves to go to MIAMI (Absolutely nowhere near Destin), right above two paragraphs about she goes to Destin. Regardless...I wonder when the last time Britney actually got to go to HER condo that SHE paid for? Sad thing is according to those Lynne's corner posts, she bought it in 2001 and was working so much she hadn't even gone to it by 2002 (Her family sure had though!!). I wonder if that's why she prefers Hawaii now...maybe the condo feels tainted. It seems kind of clear that she probably bought it when she was really young with the intention that everyone enjoy it, and her whole family just decided it was theirs and not hers at some point.
  21. It's illegal to drive with headphones in. Also, this makes me so happy considering she wasn't allowed to have coffee right. Go get your coffee! Get 10 a day if you want them.
  22. I think I noticed the other day she was following TMZ as well
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