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  1. Jesus. This along with Ingham’s relative being involved in similar shady busines is just insane. What is wrong with people? How can you be so cruel?
  2. Why does he have her number saved? Is the RO still in place. I don’t trust this guy and I think he needs a hobby that doesn’t involve Britney or other vulnerable women he can prey on. I wish fans would stop giving him the time of day
  3. I had no idea. The way it was described to me was that anyone can make submissions and it’s posted but I’m happy to have been wrong. I’m looking forward to this doc!
  4. Well, I’ll be damned. Let me eat my words about DeuxMoi, I take back the slander
  5. Is this reliable? Don’t they just post stuff sent to them by any random that slides into their DMs? 🤔
  6. Aww I was pleasantly surprised to open IG and see a new post from her. We all need to take breaks from social media and just unplug sometimes.
  7. I am so jaded from the last time Britney went MIA and was actually being held in a facility and team con spun it to make it look voluntary. I’m trying not to be worried or paranoid but after the caption on her last post, her testimony and knowing how close the next hearing date is, I’m concerned. Team con has been up to no good and when people feel like their **** is going to unravel they become capable of anything. Hopefully Sam posts something so we know she’s safe and sound.
  8. Tweet with picture of alleged snippet of court doc sorry, I don’t know how to embed tweets but this might be legit.
  9. Is this FOR REAL, FOR REAL or like a few weeks ago when everyone said he was stepping down. I need to see court docs first before I get my hopes up
  10. Perhaps she’s just taking a social media break, I do hope she’s safe and okay though.
  11. Sorry not sorry, but I don’t like his opportunistic, culture vulture behind.
  12. I’m glad she has Sam since her stank daddy tried to ice everyone out that was close to her. If he makes her happy and gets along with her boys, I support it.
  13. This horrible man really is a piece of work. Even if any of this is true—I highly doubt it that doesn’t mean she deserves to be controlled or under a abusive and restrictive conservatorship. There is no justification for it and situations like this are why people who are struggling won’t seek help because this is a nightmare. How can you treat your own child like this?? Maybe if he dealt with his own addiction issues, he’s find success and would be able to make his own money and just leave Britney alone. If Jamie Lynn had Britney’s level of fame and bank account, would he pull this on her too?
  14. I knew this story was bull from the get go. I wish that more outlets would call this out for what it is because it’s probably the first of many attempts to defame and smear Britney as she fights for her freedom. They have even started smearing Jason Rubin. All this tells me is that 1. Britney needs a brand new team—with no connections to her dad and 2. Team con is desperate and has a lot to hide. They can all rot hell.
  15. If this is true that must mean her single will debut soon, which is great! It would be amazing if she broke into the US, I thought LM5 would’ve been the album to make that happen for the girls but their label was a mess. My only concern is Jesy potentially getting some blowback for doing a collab with Nicki in the midst of all the drama with her husband and that lawsuit.
  16. Britney is an icon that has inspired an entire generation of artists and dancers. I’m glad she’s out here reminding the people who she is!
  17. And her security team (is this a new team or still Colon’s hires?) were the ones to tell the police Britney didn’t want to file a police report and they didn’t actually confirm this with her. Lots of fishy stuff going on as we get closer to the next hearing, I’m getting worried. I wonder what was stolen and if this is connected to nonsense earlier with the housekeeper.
  18. I’m sorry, I hope this doesn’t sound bad or like victim blaming but I don’t believe this story one bit. Ever since Britney testified I’ve been anticipating and fearing some kind of retaliation. They cannot 5150 her again the way did previously but maybe they will try to get her incarcerated another way. Trying to make it seem like she’s a danger to those around or that she’s irractic. I really wish she could just fly away somewhere with security she trusts and has hand picked herself or with her attorneys because I don’t trust team con. They’re desperate to hold onto power and who knows how far they’re willing to go. I hate to say it, but I don’t believe Britney is safe.
  19. New Little Mix music coming up and Jesy’s solo debut, I feel so blessed!
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