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  1. She got a point, there was a post on here just a few days ago about how some celebs are "fake feminists" and deserve nothing just because they haven't spoke on the Free Britney movement. Absolutely disgusting that a man feels he can pivot women against each other in the name of feminism. Thank god he deactivated his account
  2. y'all falling for this low tier manipulative sleazebag. even if he wasn't bad to Britney, he still sus as hell for what he did to Courtney Love and Lindsay Lohan. That man is not to be trusted
  3. I read from someone else on this forum that he’s a d**k lmao u gotta be able to seem down to earth and cool to get close to and screw so many women
  4. Ok so preface this by saying I don't believe the hate for him "putting Britney in a situation where she needed a conservatorship" but I do think he's slimey. And he's trying to weasel back into Britney's life by making himself seem like the good guy. Anyways... the most convincing argument I can think of that Sam Lutfi is slimey is that he has no life, no family of his own, no job, no ambitions, like what does he even do all day? he has been a producer on ONE movie. In 20 years. And his IMDB page looks so unprofessional I'm sure that's not his main hustle. Does anyone have more info on him? https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0527399/
  5. I believe that, the ***** really called Sam Osama bin laden. fits in with her whole creepy religious redneck vibe
  6. I really wonder if OP is even a woman? Because this whole post seems disgustingly cruel and obsessive for no reason. How are you going to repeat the behaviour of the paparazzi that made Britney's life living hell onto others and defend Britney at the same time?
  7. I say this every time the topic comes up. Lady gaga just revealed she was r*ped by someone working in her label and she has been having panic attacks in an interview this year or last year. She's dealt with enough... Britney's abuse is really triggering for people who have lived through something similar and we shouldn't force it onto specific pop stars. You never know what they're going through or doing. And secondly not everyone has the time to pay attention to everything? Or whos side of the story they're getting? Maybe they don't feel like they know the situation well enough to comment because they've been busy raising kids and haven't been watching the news, so they don't want to talk about it? why are we even attacking people over this? Lastly why are we always attacking women over this? Britney has worked with dozens of men over the years. We all know how misogynistic and dirty Hollywood is, and women are always punished more for speaking out. Make these men speak out!!!
  8. Without the audio from last time, there's no way the conservatorship would have blown up this quickly, with this much support from the general public and even congress and politicians
  9. https://www.inquisitr.com/6493638/jamie-lynn-spears-declares-shes-broke-without-britneys-money/amp LMAO I can't omg
  10. for them to do anything, everything has to be made public first. I assume first we need to free britney, then she has to decide who she wants to go after, THEN we'll find out if she wants to go after them by pressing charges or suing, THEN we'll get to examine all the **** these people have done
  11. Get someone well respected! like the first person that evaluated her who was a professor or researcher at UCLA, and said that she only had anxiety and depression
  12. I can't seem to figure out how to search this forum for this topic. Why would Britney's conservatorship team want to have lawyers telling us it's illegal on social media...?
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