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  1. I wonder if he even knows Britney had/has her house bugged with recording surveillance devices... and the upcoming documentary is about to expose that to the public. Do you guys think he's just plain dumb or simply ungrateful?
  2. Now, dear Sam, how were these docs supposed to get approval from the subject when all of the directors said it was impossible to reach Britney? You should know that firsthand... Ugh, he keeps leaving a really bad taste in my mouth.
  3. Yes. That's the term. Trust me, that engagement will fall apart once she's ENTIRELY free.
  4. Don't you just think sometimes that he's part of the whole gang and that Britney has blindly fallen in love with him because he's been the only person from her inner circle "supporting" her through the battle? I don't know guys. You also have to remember this is the same guy who said her mental health facility stay in 2019 was voluntary and that she was okay then. He only started supporting the movement when the public outrage was getting bigger. Also I don't understand his attitude towards the documentaries that have done nothing but spread awareness of Britney's case worldwide. And if you try to bring up "Britney's" Instagram comments regarding the NYT doc when she said "she'd been crying for two weeks", I won't believe that until I see it in video form. Oh, and not to mention his connections with Gaga's manager who is Lou Taylor's friend.
  5. We just got new candids of Britney leaving a yoga class in Hawaii yet her Instagram posted this yesterday saying "... so I just wanted to wear heels and a dress today" under the video from her house in LA. Huh? Or are those candids old and she's back in LA?
  6. Guess her ****ty book is coming after all Screaming at the comments tho! Related:
  7. The new hearing has been set for December and that's what she tweeted Being a Britney stan in 2021 is so mentally draining and depressing I can't... can't wait till 2025
  8. Did he ever have a real job after Britney became successful? All I know about him is that he was a recovering alcoholic with several failed businesses and cases of bankruptcy. Maybe that's why he's holding on so tight to all that money since he knows once Britney gets out – she'll definitely cut him off entirely and he simply won't have any money to support the lifestyle that he's been used to. That applies to her entire family actually.
  9. She literally could've replaced Jamie with some temporary "court-appointed" conservator of the estate a la Jodie or something. She did NOTHING.
  10. I know there's some sort of court calendar and stuff BUT Britney literally said she's being abused by both Jamie and Jodi ("same as my dad but different dynamic") and wants them out and sued... yet both of them still haven't been replaced by anyone and NOTHING has been done by Penny since then except for her making these long *** gaps take place between every hearing. So basically the alcoholic abuser Jamie Spears will remain the sole conservator of his victim's estate for at least 5 more months. What the **** is wrong with America? Land of the free my ***.
  11. After she freed her nipples, we REALLY need her to go live on Instagram now.
  12. Considering all of her incoming mail has to be monitored as well, I wouldn't be surprised that most of these packages didn't even go to her but to Lou or Juno instead.
  13. Ummm.... why are you so sure it hasn't actually happened though? Considering the fact that they forced her to take something as strong as lithium just last year, god knows what kinda drugs they also made her take during those times and how much it affected her state of mind at the time. I think it's plausible she could act like this as a result of taking certain meds tbh.
  14. I mean we know for a fact that throughout the last decade there have been more times of her acting awkward and weird rather than "normal". Not to mention her dancing abilities that have changed too for the most part. Do you think it's possible that they've been intentionally giving her the WRONG medication to worsen her mental state and to make her more compliant? And then her dancing abilities declined big time as a result too? Honestly given everything that we know about Team Con so far, I wouldn't put it past them. It's all so so sad to even think about. I'm sure what we've heard about their cruel tactics recently is only the tip of the iceberg.
  15. These vultures have probably made her feel so insecure about her amazing voice over the years of abuse and constant lip-syncing.
  16. Makes sense, but still weird since his girlfriend is the artist who sings it lol.
  17. Were he/Britney threatened by Team Con or something? It hasn't been a day and all the stories have been deleted already. Ugh, why does EVERYTHING have to be like this in Britney's life? We finally get live unscripted content of Britney singing live and enjoying her art... yet Sam deletes it a few hours later
  18. idk... JL follows that fan account and I believe they do have some sort of interaction since she probably has like 10 fans overall.
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