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  1. I agree with the ranking overall, not with the lowlights/highlights mostly...Really cool analysis anyways. Blackout is really her best. Every single song hits hard, even Everybody which I consider the weaker track is still a great one. My only complaint is that Kiss Me All Over and Hooked on weren't included lol (then again I could say the same to 911, Pull Out, Crucify Me...) In the Zone was near perfection: OK, OK, Outrageous wasn't a highlight, but I dont think it was a lowlight either. I mean, this title belongs to Brave New Girl, the song is my instant skip and feels so out of place in the album. (Also, side note, but how many bonus tracks does ITZ have?)
  2. I am working on a small personal project where I needed lyrics from some of Britney's songs, including unreleased stuff and I am bumping my head with Crucified / Crucify Me. I love the song (cant wait for Brit's version to leak) but I can't understand the lyrics in the chorus for the love of god lol. I am not a native english speaker, so I would like to hear what others can hear in it. This is what I gathered, but it looks...a little weird? lol Crucify me, Crucify me (2x) And I think that you can toast, 'Cause I married to the cross, Was I never at a loss? (Break my soul) And crucify me, just crucify me
  3. 1st of all she looks so hot...Also, love the freedom and confidence for posting these pics. The editing is truly weird, but I still love it regardless.
  4. I still havent watched Controlling nor Netflix's... Which one should I watch first? I can only watch one today, would like to hear from other fans.
  5. I am not surprised if there are spies but it still sounds really creepy tbh. Imagine Jamie Lynn reading all the **** we write about her here tho LMAO
  6. As much as we know, these cases aren't related to the vaccine at all. These VAERS data are nothing but numbers for now. I am not american so pls correct me if wrong, but anyone vaccinated can report to VAERS, and with all the misinformation going on we know people have a tendency to blame anything on the vaccine, without checking a doctor first. In other words, Tank is spreading misinformation and that screenshot proves nothing.
  7. I really like him and some of his music. I also appreciate the fact he could've stayed working on like, meme commercial music and image in the style of old town road, but he really is doing his own thing instead and I love it. One thing I don't really like is that it does seem that sometimes he tries too hard, but I still would take this type of flaw over being...well, bland, so I am fine with it.
  8. Jamie is disgusting. Can't wait for Britney to be free and hopefully sue them over all the abuse she's went through. I don't want to romanticize any of this, but the whole thing could make for a good movie that highlights the flaws in the judge system, the misoginy, corruption, the schemes...and specially raise awareness on cases like hers.
  9. For whatever reason I thought this was dismissed already. The whole thing sounds so made up lol
  10. I know this may sound silly, but the fact she is holding the camera/phone herself makes me feel better than the previous videos...Also, a koi pond sounds fancy, loves it
  11. Exaholic is a bop and I could definitely picture it as a hit had it been finished. I think the lyrics need some work, but I dont think it is that bad? I also think Britney's vocals here sound specially great... Honestly, I will take this over some of the final Glory tracks any day. I wish those "oh noes" in the background had been replaced by one of those uh..."ambient" sounding synths? Would've sounded cooler
  12. I will second this, maybe I am terribly wrong, but I think this type of structure went from overused to underused as years passed, and I miss it. I really liked when singers would come from a bridge to a chorus with some adlibs added on top.
  13. I, for one, am liking these topless pics. I liked the pose in the last one better tho. That said, I am surprised there are people who are offended (?) by a topless pic in ******* 2021, some of these instagram comments are...bad
  14. why does it seem like Jamie Lynn is trying to do everything possible to make her look worse rather than better? She needs some PR classes for real lol
  15. Wow, her voice sounds almost the same. Also my fave non-single from the Britney album.
  16. Rosengart is doing his job and actually listening to his client (Britney), finally someone who is willing to actually work to end this stupid c-ship
  17. Good luck, Britney! So, will there be any kind of coverage from inside court? Or we'll hve to wait for updates? IIRC, media coverage was already denied, right?
  18. I feel really bad for Billie cause I think people overrated her previous work and now everyone expects way too much from her, and anything that doesn't meet their expectation == imediate flop...And that shouldn't be the case. Really unfair to her and her work.
  19. These toys are in perfect condition, waaaaay better than anything I had as a kid lol I wonder if Britney really did gift those or not tho...Regardless of her relationship with JL, she must like the nieces.
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