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  1. What did she do to whom? I only know what Dan Schneider allegedly did to her, and all the other girls he favourited on Nickelodeon (and I believe every single word of it).
  2. Seconding!! She's not only really beautiful and seems content with herself in that picture - but also it's one of the very few recent pictures that don't look like they've been taken with an iPhone 3GS
  3. I'm shocked nobody chose this one: Everytime I try to fly, I fall Without my wings, I feel so small I always feel this lyric when listening.
  4. Seconding the question! I only know britneysvault, but I'd love an account with throwback pictures
  5. I'm doubting a lot of expenses on this document, but not the pet care - going to the vet, medication, grooming the fur, good and healthy dog food, etc. can be very expensive when it adds up and you get the best. And doesn't Britney have two or three dogs?
  6. ...or she bought it for her niece, who is three years old. I know the family dynamics in the Spears family are fu***d, but maybe JL has been visiting Britney, or the doll was supposed to be gifted to JL's daughter. I also have toys at home for my niece and my nephew, even if they're here every few months!
  7. I know people who look like Britney does comparing 2001 to 2021 within five years...
  8. I only know about the lithium (haven't watched BvS yet), but lithium acts as a mood stabilizer and in general, these also get prescribed to people with schizoaffective disorders, major depression or borderline personality disorder, sometimes off-label in other disorders as well. So, just knowing the medication is not a clear indicator for any mental illness. The term "mood stabilizer" is also a little misleading, I don't know if this is the right term in English but they cut your emotional spikes. When you're suffering from being way too manic/depressive/aggressive/etc., the right amount of medication makes you feel more stabilized, yes - but when you take too much of it, you're numb. It's already really hard to find the perfect point between too little and too much medication if you want the effect - and when you don't want it and get pressured to do it, it's living hell. But this is sadly nothing new when it comes to team con's tactics.
  9. I'm amazed that it's 2021 and people - especially men - still think women wake up with glowing skin and sparkly eyes everyday, looking like 20 when they're 40. We're talking about the biggest and most iconic female popstar in the last 20 years, there's not one thing where she needs to prove her "pop star abilities". She could wear a potato sack while performing and it would still be Britney, b***h. This reminds me of something...
  10. Not Britney saying "test it baby, test it" when it comes to the dessert I share the fascination for little versions of things and I would have made the same story I really like how she's perfectly natural in Sam's stories!! And especially with that rough voice - although I wonder since when it's like that?
  11. I think this is intentional - one of them is mint green, then black and the other one black, then mint green
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