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  1. One day she'll get rid of that eyeliner. It's like crack to her or something. She can't put it down. I wish she would do her hair before she posts on Instagram
  2. I was just going to say I actually love this outfit. It's very 2003 Britney, but in a cute way, unlike the low rise pants and shorts she wears......which kinda make me want to gouge my eyes out when I see them. Sorry. Did she wipe off the some of the eyeliner too? Loving the progress. I guess being forced to work to support her family was really stressed her out. I also think she can eat what she wants now because she's glowing from not being food deprived......maybe she got the IUD taken out too......omg is she pregnant?!
  3. Imagine if she got rid of that damn eyeliner that looks multiple days old, the snappy **** of the head and her annoying fake outrage face. A day of rejoicing would be upon us. Well, baby steps. Even the clothes are less cheap looking in this video. Her face looks healthier than in 2016.I wonder if she was extreme dieting back then. Hair is better too.
  4. Is she trying to kill Beyonce with kindness? Beyonce was always jealous of her and never sincerely kind to Britney.
  5. Everytime I say this, people expect 2003 ney to appear overnight. It will be a very slow process to return to her old spark, but over the past few days she gave me some glimers of hope. Her dance videos from yesterday are slightly less cringey. Her facial expressions are more present and she looks less overwhelmed and/or vacant when dancing. She actually looks less unhinged in this picture. I believe things are finally turning around for Britney in terms of her mental health and personal life. Everything just gets better and better, even when I expect to take a few steps back as we have with her in the past. I think we are embarking on the best period of her life.
  6. Who else feels 2003-ney is coming back? Hair looks better, face looks better, eye makeup looks less than a week old. Shade feels like something out of Chaotic,
  7. I was on Kyleena. Yes, hormonal IUDs. It definitely causes accelerating aging, very rapidly too. Most women it doesn't, but you can google women that it has happened to. How do you explain my experience which correlated directly to the IUD? Britney aged very fast in a few months, and looked like she was menopausal in her early 30's. Stress can't cause that much aging, it was hormonal.
  8. I experienced it. 4 months after i got it put in, I aged 40 years in two months. I got it taken out, 3 months later my face started going back to normal. 4 years later it's still not what it used to be, but there was definitely a correlation to the IUD. It has done the same (not to my extent) to other women. Just google iuds and accelerated aging. Also google progestin downregulating estrogen receptors. I've never seen anything wreck a face so fast as an IUD.
  9. I experienced it. I aged 40 years in 6 months when it was in. I started reversing the aging 3 months after it was taken out. 4 years after it was taken out it's still not what it used to be but it's mostly gone back to normal. You can google IUD's and accelerated aging. Google progestin downregulatig estrogen receptors.
  10. I feel these videos are getting better. More expressive like the old Britney. The moves a little less cringy and stupid.
  11. It definitely does. Google accelerated aging and IUD. It definitely happens. I explained the science above.
  12. Yes. The progestin in the IUD downregulates the estrogen receptors. There are alot if estrogen receptors in the face. They control collagen production.The body decreases estrogen production to make the receptors grow back. You can google accelerated aging and IUD's. It's definitely a symptom, maybe not as severe as I had it, but it definitely happenes. Britney's beauty was mainly due to a high amount of estrogen, her face, her big booty, etc
  13. I had an IUD. I went from looking 28 to 70 in 6 months. It was so embarassing. I was known for my beauty and suddenly I lost jt. It took me 4 years after taking it out for my face to go back to normal.
  14. That was because of the IUD. They cause accelerated aging.
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