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  1. If it is Barry Weiss, that would truly be a surprise knowing how Barry is a trash person who claimed he had no clue about R. Kelly and underage girls despite R. being signed to Jive since ‘93 (his excuse was “it’s not my business), helped derail Nivea, Ciara’s career among other things.
  2. I know this article is from *another time* (early January 2004) when sl**-shaming and the patriarchy were not widely discussed concepts, but oof...it reads as so bonkers today. Basically the article suggests that ***ual explicitness by female artists is one of the reasons for declining sales. Here's a screenshot of the article when it was in print. A condensed version can be read here. I just had to round up the most hilarious quotes: Why would Alicia Keys and Norah Jones be "vamping it up" when they were in different genres? Never mind that Britney and Xtina co-wrote/produced multiple tracks on ITZ and Stripped. Wasn't Slave 4 U during the time Clear Channel wasn't playing her songs? And yeah she would be more "wholesome" during BOMT because she was just 16 then.
  3. Yeah, it’s clear he rushed to put the statement out and doesn’t know how to not make it about him. I just saw Xtina’s statement and it was very well said and thoughtful when she could have just thrown up a pic and hashtag.
  4. just adding these https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/1047435/wright-sues-spears-for-breach-of-contract/ https://www.pajiba.com/celebrities_are_better_than_you/justin-timberlakes-manager-tries-to-get-janet-jackson-to-forgive-his-client-for-his-nasty-treatment-of-her.php
  5. Sad that Justin can pretend like he was never in NSYNC, while the other 4 members basically have to play nice publicly and can’t say anything bad about him. right, if he wanted to leave to go solo, then fine, but at least be more transparent about it with your band mates
  6. Regarding Jive Records, when JT went on his promo rounds to promote Justified and infamously admitted to a radio DJ he slept with Britney, when Framing Britney came out, that same radio DJ spoke about that incident on his show. He says Jive reps were present in the studio when JT made the Britney comment and the reps loved it, they even gave him Britney plaques. Part starts at 6:22. I think Jive’s business strategy really led to their demise by relying mostly on Justin and Britney as their cash cows. They probably expected they’d get an album from each of them every year, and didn’t foresee JT trying to become Ryan Gosling or Britney needing time off.
  7. someone was bringing **** back but it wasn’t the guy on the left js
  8. How come the label didn’t pick a more radio-friendly song then? She Got Me could’ve been a fine single, or did that sound too close to what JT was doing and therefore he couldn’t pick that? The interview with the producer in the vid in OP’s post says JC wasn’t even sure about Some Girls and ADLIDAS going on the album, but the label pushed for them as singles. They also wanted to get more big-name producers but the label didn’t give them the budget. A label that wanted JC to succeed would have chosen Build My World as a single because it’s a ballad, but afaik it was never made a single. Getting a Clear Channel deal for spins is like the bare minimum, doesn’t every artist need that if they want radio airplay? If Jive spent more on Justin’s Grammy performance than they did on JC’s entire tour support, then JC can’t be faulted for that. Also a guy who worked on NSYNC’s tours as well as JC’s tour straight up said the label didn’t want to support JC. If he had the label’s support and still didn’t do well, then there’d be more validity to the claims he just didn’t have what it takes, but for his planned second album (which I believe will be covered in part 2 of that vid) he did exactly what Jive asked of him and recorded more pop-friendly songs, yet they still treated him badly.
  9. ooh who is it? Music is def still his passion, just not the performing part of it anymore :(. He's still writing for other artists and has written stuff for k-pop groups, Girls Aloud, Sugababes, and also being a dog dad lol. He was going to be in a touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar several years ago with Brandon Boyd from Incubus and Michelle from Destiny's Child, but it was canceled during the start of rehearsals, smh he has awful luck. lol tbf here's what he looked like pre-corona at the Elton John Oscars party. No stage presence? haha I beg to differ if you've seen NSYNC performances, homeboy was always giving 110% and belting those E5 notes at the same time. And to this day JT still wants to act like NSYNC’s breakup wasn’t a big deal and that the other guys pretty much knew it was over. https://www.bustle.com/entertainment/justin-timberlake-insists-the-nsync-breakup-wasnt-a-surprise I’m glad Lance and Joey have told their sides of the story. There's an Instagram account that is piecing together the pieces of the hiatus puzzle and it's quite interesting. It looks like every time the guys were supposed to regroup to discuss business, JT was on tour. I'm not sure what the four other guys could have done if the label was telling them to keep their schedules open for NSYNC. Lance talked about having to pass up opportunities right? But he, Joey, and JC didn't just sit around waiting and doing nothing. Lance still has his production company bags going and same for Joey and hosting TV shows, JC and his songwriting. Their manager Johnny Wright (who also last month commented on Janet's IG randomly and told her to forgive Justin, the audacity) was shady to keep the four in the dark so JT could rise. And then you have Jive's CEO and Justin's biggest champion trying to pin the group's dissolution on Lance wanting to become an astronaut *facepalm*, when Lance going to space was never a guarantee and he even made sure to fit his training within the original time frame of an expected regrouping. When NSYNC first took a break, there wasn't any mention of JT officially doing a solo album until he confirmed it himself in June of '02, and by then I'm sure his record was almost done. If these rumors are true JT also held up the guys from putting out another album so they had to work around that by using old demos. I’ve heard tea the guys had offers for residencies/tours in the past, but JT wanted to be paid 2x whatever his band mates got, plus Chris allegedly wasn’t into the idea of a reunion as a foursome (he loves him some JT), until after they did Coachella with Ariana and got a good reception. As for JC being the one blocking a reunion from happening, there was this from a gossip column before corona shut everything down. I think he makes an easy culprit because he is the most private out of all the guys. When he went on Lance’s podcast last year and Lance asked him about the possibility of reuniting, JC gave the same “I’m not saying no, not saying yes” answer that each of his band mates also gave. When Lance interviewed JT, JT said he was “open to discussing a reunion” with the other four, and I guess NSYNC fans interpreted that to mean “JT isn’t the one preventing a reunion, it’s JC because he’s bitter about his solo career/jealous of JT’s success” etc. I don’t put much stock in that considering most of the people who blame JC are JT stans who are tired of seeing JT dragged by the general public. JC was also present for Lance's birthday zoom last year, while JT wasn't. I also feel like JC has done more to interact with NSYNC fans in recent years like when they got their Walk of Fame star or when he RT'ed fans for the 20th anniversary of No Strings Attached album. https://****yeahjcchasez.tumblr.com/post/173375644494/jc-and-lance-at-the-pop-up-shop-for-an-interview If JT's currently working on another album and doing a TV show on Apple, then I don't expect he would be interested in reunion stuff for now. Lastly, I <3 how JC's always had such positive things to say about Brit.
  10. Britney Spears at Justin Timberlake's birthday party at Lounge nightclub in West Hollywood. Did Britney really attend Justin's birthday party then? I thought this was after the Cry Me a River video happened and didn't know they were still on friendly terms.
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