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  1. Literally THIS or when he’s getting paid to do interviews mostly about her, it is cringe and so hypocritical I’m so tired
  2. Grow tf up, sick of people defending **** Sam does literally cannot see a thing wrong with it but then someone like you drags Felicia for making a silly comment, we all said negative stuff about Britney at some point, ALL of us don’t project your own guilt on to an innocent person who is literally the reason we have the material we have from Britney’s early career, without her Britney wouldn’t be who she is as a person and as an artist!
  3. Legit don’t even care anymore if I get WP or banned for expressing my opinions on an open forum, Sam saying this is so hypocritical along with his friend Bobby, Sam is complicit as is Bobby with highkey links to LMT the person who has profited the most from this scandalous situation but has yet to speak up about it, absolute Bull$h!y I’m over these people and their contradictory comments, if Britney SAYS she doesn’t support these then fair but she has not and she won’t, her Instagram will again
  4. If you really want to then yeah go for it if I could go I would but I’m at the opposite side of the world
  5. You have to be an interested party and if it’s declined then you can’t attend but you should totally go anyways and meet with the fans, I think Jordan is attending the next hearing
  6. Guys this a digital painting of an image, they would have never gotten clearance for most images do you even know how hard it is to get license usage for an image of a highly noted photographer? Hardddd, I think they did great considering also her PR would have to approve this which would have never happened considering it’s still managed through the conservatorship
  7. The entire thing was weird, the fake story they fed her to say for interviews was so unbelievably not real lol and the promo pics she just looks… uncomfortable beautiful but uncomfortable
  8. Oh yeah that one moderator hates everyone that doesn’t agree with them lmao
  9. Ok goodbye I have no idea what you are even talking about
  10. There is, but I’m not commenting on that specifically I’m commenting on this random post that is clearly a reach and I said she probably had no input I don’t understand what your issue is? We know for a fact someone else (other than her) runs the account I wasn’t bashing anyone especially Britney
  11. I don’t understand how this is proof he is moving in or is moved in? Like wtf does this price except for stalker vibes?
  12. It’s a random photo posted with a random caption and really it’s questionable whether she even had 1% input…
  13. To be fair the rumours from twitter so far have been correct depending on the source, this clip is clearly anti conservatorship and hopefully will set the tone for the entire thing but yeah I’m not getting my hopes up
  14. We won’t get any unreleased music we didn’t for baby or oops and they exist we’ll get a picture disc, photo book and cassette along with posters with fake autopen signatures
  15. Probably the most obvious reasons with Netflix corporate having direct links to LMT
  16. Probably not they seem keen on celebrating 20 year anniversaries only, I wish we could get at least new press kits with a few new pics and something special like s photo book album but they are so cheap and wouldn’t have the common sense
  17. Help me find it please I can’t find absolutely anything about this guy and it’s frustrating lol
  18. Honestly real talk you’re right but I’m hoping they are more specific and get into more conservatorship details and focus on L and J… but I doubt it L allegedly has ties to Netflix executives
  19. Why do you keep shoving your own opinions down everyone’s throats just because you don’t agree with them? It’s an old pic… it’s not that deep I don’t understand why you get so power hungry on these threads it’s a little annoying
  20. I really don’t believe this… that video linked above mentions an Elvis impersonator called Slim K there is legit zero evidence that person even exists online anywhere
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