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  1. I have ptsd from the horrible bullying at school from I was 7 and up until I was 14 before that I was being mentally and verbally abused and manipulated by my biological father at the age of 2-4 he always told me how my mom never loved me and he was going to find a new mom for me. They (him and his eldest sister) kept telling me I was going to move to Chile with him and I would never have to see my mom again. He always told me in the phone from I was 5 until I was 18 that he was the one betrayed by my mom, he always told me I was making him sad for not talking to him because my parents were “lying” about me not being home (I was at a friends house, school or sleeping whenever he called) I finally cut him out of my life three years ago when I was 18. I had finally had enough of his ways trying to turn me against my own mom, he even said she lied about when she met my dad (step-dad) but I know for a fact that it is true as we have picture proof of it... and I took my first steps that day to my grandpa. He always told me how my mom cheated on him and tried stealing me away and lied about everything and was the one kicking him out when in reality he called her a monster, threatened to kill my grandpa and tried multiple times to kidnap me and take me away from my mom every time I had to go to him I had a full on anxiety and panic attack... I was always told I was just like him and that I should’ve been killed long ago. I tried hanging myself at the age of 10 and the ones in my class said I did it for attention after they literally pushed me down the stairs multiple times, kicked me black and blue, broke my ribs and had me go to the ER three times on two weeks because of them. I was gone 70% of the time from 5-7th grade because I was scared of what they would do to me both at school and on the bus. I always faked being sick so I wouldn’t have to face them and get hurt. I always came home limping or barely crawling out of the bus, the teachers never did anything with it and the principal said there was no bullying happening at school and that I was lying. I had to go to the hospital because of them and every time I have to have gym I break down due to flashbacks of them purposely kicking a football into my face and then laughing at me, I’m scared to buy nice clothes because it was always stolen or broken when I had it. I still haven’t been to a psychologist because my whole family is telling me to just get over it. My friends think I’m just over dramatic... even those who witnessed it says I’m a crybaby
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