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  1. Alaska Thunder**** continues her venture into pop music with her new single “Beautiful (night 4 a) breakdown” along with B-side “Without your Love”. This marks Alaska’s second release since announcing her new album and tour. Both songs serve heavy late 90’s / early 00’s vibes, with several pop references including one about Danity Kane. Consider my wig snatched. I personally feel like that time in music was one of the best, so this is everything I have been needing in 2021. What do you think about Alaska’s latest venture into Pop music?!
  2. Oh I’m aware it’s not just Vegas, but that’s literally what this post is specifically talking about. ❤️💋 it’s only disrespectful if you make it out to be disrespectful. I haven’t seen anyone crossing any lines, asking this question is completely natural and beyond expected. Let her tell people to stop- if/when she does, it should definitely be respected. But I think too many people have been speaking for her for too long.
  3. Vegas saying that she has her choice and can name her price isn’t pressuring her to return, and nobody is forcing her to. 😂 I swear some of y’all are mad just cause you like to be mad. The only thing this means is that people love her and they’re letting her know she can have her career any time she wants to return. Of course she is going to take her time. But idk what to even say if you really think Britney will never perform again. I believe she will; when she wants to, and she will call all the shots. Yeah, things have been absolute crap for years, but we KNOW she loves to sing and dance, it’s always been a release for her- Jamie and team con could never take THAT away from her. And as much as he claimed to be Britney with his power, THERE IS ONLY ONE BRITNEY SPEARS, and she is GREAT at what she does. I agree she should take as much time as she needs, screw everyone else, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her. ❤️
  4. Idk… I feel some of you are being a little harsh and I’m not the biggest Madonna fan or anything, but quit coming for her for not wanting to age. 😂 trust me honey, none of us want to. It really feels like I was just in my teens the other day, but that was a long time ago. And there is nothing wrong with getting work done OR aging “gracefully”- (I hate when people say that though, it’s not graceful to want to look your best? Why let things sag if you don’t have to 😂😂😂) I think she might want to consult with a better doctor cause I don’t think she looks bad, but, I mean, look at Cher and Dolly… they both look great and they are older than Madonna. Again, she doesn’t look bad, but if she wants to have that filtered look, she might be able to do something about it? Maybe a face-lift instead of injectables? Idk, she can do whatever she wants though. She’s Madonna. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  5. No offense to anyone in this thread, but I know most of you don’t live in Vegas, nor have you ever been here so you don’t really know what you’re talking about... There are SOOO many people who get/have/had residencies, and you would probably say “who?” Or “Why?” … Jessica would likely do good out here. A lot of you are really young, I’m not sure if you realize that Vegas was basically revamped and revitalized when Britney got a residency. Before that, it was a little unheard of for a star of her relevance and magnitude to have a show in Vegas and it was considered a place where has-beens and washed up stars tried to revive their careers (Cher aside)- it used to be a telltale sign of the end of a singer's popularity/career. Like- “oh, they can’t even get enough people to see them for a full tour they have to stay in the same place” - now that thinking has changed, people are like “Oh wow, look at how much power she has to have people from all over the world come to HER, she doesn’t even have to go anywhere. YAAAASSSSSS QUEEN, SLAYYYY” it’s also been pointed out by other people that last minute tickets would definitely sell. There are so many venues here, nearly every casino/hotel has one because we are a tourist/entertainment destination. And absolutely no shade to Gwen Stefani, but I don’t see how her residency was as successful as it was. I mean, I love her and a lot of her songs, but I didn’t think she was that big compared to other pop stars. Jessica definitely would fit in somewhere.
  6. Zero is a number honey… Numbers don’t lie. Math is sacred 🙏 Shadiness aside- I used to really like Katy. I honestly feel like the turning point for me was making jokes at Britney’s expense. And not just once… like… Girl… 🤦‍♀️ And then the nerve to recreate the denim look when she felt the way she did 🙄 I can appreciate her accomplishments, and I agree that the Grammys are kinda BS these days. But she can do better. We all can tbh- so there’s a chance she can redeem herself with me. But we will see!
  7. Alive inside. 😂😂😂 JK- a lot changes though. Come see me in 10 more years. Sounds like a lot of y’all just getting started. ❤️💋 I was living in Texas, and I used to go to the club like 3 or 4 nights out of the week 😂 I’ve always loved dancing and it was my only true escape from living in west Texas. I was just getting ready to move to Vegas (for the first time, I’m here again and it’s my 2nd time, but that’s another story) I was dating a really cute Air Force guy named Joseph. He lived in New Mexico, but we were always making the 3 hour drive to see each other 😭❤️ We were both at a crossroads in our lives though, his path was taking him to Florida, and Mine brought me to Nevada… we still talk… but not romantically. He is in a relationship with a good guy and they own a business together… 😂 my life is nothing like that, and I’ve seen/been through way more bs than most people could even imagine… but we’re talking 10 years ago… So I’ll get back to that for a sec 😂 I was very happy, hopeful, and optimistic. that’s not to say that things are bad now. Because I love who I am and where I’m at in life, but I’m much more of a realist, I own who I am a lot more. Just work your butts off guys, have goals, don’t be crushed if everything doesn’t go your way, grow, question things, want more. A lot of people get stuck in a rut… things definitely didn’t go according to plan, but I could be back in the city I grew up in, still dealing with the same bs… which is what I see from a lot of former classmates and coworkers. I’m making my own way in life, it’s crazy sometimes, but I have so much fun, and so much planned. ❤️ Sometimes a detour shows you things you never would have seen otherwise.
  8. Oh lord 🙄🙄🙄 some of y’all wanting to try me days later- It’s really not even worth a direct @ 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Look, I’ve been a fan of PCD before Nicole. I know the history. But yes- call me a flop fan, Robin Antin, and a communist (really?) 😂- it’s cool tho. 😁 I completely understand that a lot of you guys are big Nicole fans, and that you only want to highlight what she has done for the dolls and pretty much say F everyone else, especially Robin… That’s your prerogative. But honey, don’t come for me 😂 like, you are really trying to talk to me like I don’t know what I’m talking about. AND FOR THE RECORD- I don’t hate Nicole, IDK how me sticking up for the other girls translates to me hating Nicole. Scherzy is talented, no question. BUT SO ARE THE OTHER DOLLS. If you can’t leave it at that and you want to try shading me or coming for me- go for it I guess… 😂 But facts remain facts. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  9. I’m sorry, unrelated, kinda, but every time I see “bad gal” or “badgalriri” I can’t help but think of Bad Gyal 😂 Riri is very pimp chic on the cover 🤷🏼‍♀️, I’m too much of a mess and can’t wear white 😭There. Back on topic. 😂💋😉
  10. She could also have been promoting Alaska’s new single “Red” that just came out today and actually has a Britney reference in the song 👏 👏 👏 😂😂😂😂 ok, I know I’m reaching. But such an odd coincidence, especially after I posted about Alaska performing Blackout a couple months ago. Queens Supporting Queens. Change my mind (pero no seas Cortes) I’m just gonna keep telling myself that’s what it is.
  11. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love this so much! I wish they would actually give her a cover though lol - obviously she’s loved. Congrats to the Queen tho ❤️ We love to see it.
  12. I really just read through a 5 year old thread and gave a 5 year old post a ❤️…. 😭😭😭 but I always heard something too, idk why I keep wanting to go to Kelly Clarkson… but I can’t figure it out and it was nothing listed here. 😂 everyone was/is all over the place with these suggestions though and I love it.
  13. If Nicole won’t do it, and if Melody couldn’t/wouldn’t do it, I’m totally here for there being no lead, and vocals being distributed equally because they can all sing. And if there HAS to be a lead, I say bring back Carmen Electra. She has a surprisingly good voice and was a Doll back before they became a music act. She would have actually done the group but Hollywood was calling her name honey and I don’t blame her, she made some good money moves. But at this point I’m her career, I think it’d be great, and the buzz around Carmen being back in PCD officially, would be huge. I’m also here for a Vegas show, with alternating “Lead” Dolls. But let’s all just take a minute to appreciate Carmens efforts in music. 👏 👏 👏 You’re welcome. ❤️💋
  14. Aww that makes my heart feel for you even more 😭 cause I’m in my early 30s and the Spice Girls were EVERYTHING to me… I still have some of the dolls in their boxes. And I was supposed to go see them but then Ginger/Geri left the group and she was always my fave so I was crushed. You can imagine my excitement in 2008 when *they* did their reunion tour and came to the states. I got tickets, and lived out my childhood fantasy. It was definitely a dream come true as I really never thought I’d see all 5 together… I hope that PCD figure something out and that you get to see them. ❤️
  15. Oh no! I’m so sorry! It would have been amazing to see them in the UK! I saw them on the Circus tour when they opened for Britney. That’s honestly when I fell in love with the other dolls. Jessica really hams it up for the camera if she sees you taking pix, she poses and smiles and you can tell she lives to be on stage and perform for people. ❤️
  16. I have to point out that I wasn’t hating on Nicole, but it sounds like she wants to take the music solo. That’s not hate. Maybe a little shade because I do think the other dolls could have been acknowledged during all this mess, especially after seeing how Carmit was done with that 5% after all, the rest of the dolls are all artists too and PCD wouldn’t have been the same without them, even if a majority of casual fans only acknowledge Nicole 💋❤️ But here’s a kiss anyways doll. It’s a difficult situation for PCD fans to be in.
  17. Thank you for thoughtful response and thank you for editing the initial comment. This is such a sticky, ugly situation, and I agree that the fans are in a real crappy position… as if the fan base wasn’t divided enough already… the only thing I have to add is that Robin (alongside Mikey Minden) is choreographer for the dolls. So in that aspect, she is busting a move and dancing, it’s her art that we still see reflected onstage through the dolls. And this includes the visuals- the burlesque/**** attire is all Robin’s vision. I have to say again, that I like Nicole and I respect her artistry but until everyone speaks I don’t really know where to stand, I just try to bring the facts. It’s an incredibly unfortunate situation, makes me genuinely sad to see everything unfolding this way.
  18. I always felt like people were sleeping on her. She has one of the most distinct voices that helped make the Spice Girls. Very talented, and her solo catalog is really good too. Anyone remember this bop?
  19. Nicole Scherzinger’s lawyers have responded to Robin Antins lawsuit. An excerpt from People In a statement obtained by PEOPLE from Scherzinger's lawyer, Howard King, on Monday, the attorney called Antin's claims "ludicrous and false," and alleged they "are a desperate attempt to divert blame for her own failures by trying to impose obligations on Nicole that simply do not exist." In the article, King claims that Robin used Nicole’s name and hard earned success to get the money from Livenation, and that she has already spent the money and is unable to pay it back. The statement ends with him saying “Nicole loves and respects the PCD fans and hopes to one day perform the group’s amazing hits for them, sadly this will not happen under these circumstances.” Just adding my two cents here, but it would have been nice to also hear that she loves and respects Ashley, Carmit, Jessica, and Kimberly and hopes to one day perform the hits with them… this just sounds like she wants to take it all solo 🤷🏼‍♀️ I hear a lot of people online saying she’s doing it for the dolls, but I don’t hear that from her OR the dolls, so it’s hard to know what’s really going on. @PokemonSpears ❤️💋
  20. The way a lot of you talk about Robin is like you don’t even know who she is. You realize SHE CREATED PCD IN 1995?! She IS a *****cat Doll, she just isn’t in the musical act. They had plenty of success before Nicole. One of the most notable things being their appearance in Charlie’s Angels. But regardless, it’s literally her group, her creation, her business. Why the hell would she give up HER group/business to someone who SHE HIRED 10 years after she worked her *** off to even get them a record deal. I love Nicole, but the girl has a problematic history and she doesn’t even socialize with the other girls outside of performances/public appearances. And ENOUGH saying the other girls can’t sing. 🙄 did ANY of you even see their television debut as a recording group? Here it is if you need to reference… even Carmen Electra slayed (Who was a Doll for 2 years before Nicole even joined) but you can hear Carmit and Kimberly singing perfectly fine, maybe even more in key than Nicole, and you can’t tell me this isn’t the best Melody sounded live! Nicole had the shakiest vocals here, and her moves weren’t as crisp and tight because she was still so new to being a doll. But this is what the albums should have been like. SHARED VOCALS. Yeah, it was probably Robin’s fault for putting her in that position, but the facts remain. PCD in ANY FORM, Belongs to Robin Antin, Nicole wanting more money/ control and threatening to walk away from a reunion that the contracts were already done for- IS EXTORTION, look it up, it is basically the definition of extortion. 🙄 and the other dolls are talented as **** and CAN sing. I know what it’s like to Stan an artist. Even when they’re wrong, but y’all. Some of you are too much, I can’t. And I had to mention this on Twitter too- no idea why I keep having to bring this up, but STOP BLAMING ROBIN FOR WHAT HAPPENED TO SIMONE BATTLE. If you are going to talk about her have some damn respect to know her ******* name. And her group was GRL. Not “some group” or “another girl group”. Simone was also dealing with depression- it’s disgusting to blame her death on Robin, especially if it’s in defense of Nicole. You all like to see something online and run with it, but you probably only recently found out about GRL AND Simone and her death should not be used at this time to try to take jabs at Robin. #MentalHealthAwareness #YouCanDoBetter
  21. The intro Melody 🎶 was my text tone for like 3 years. ❤️ It’s one of my favorites, and she needs to add it to a future set list. I’d like her to replace Touch of my hand, Breathe on me, Everytime Or DLMBTLTK (cause those are her “go-to” slower songs). I just want to see her perform it 🥺 and if we get live vocals, can you imagine her doing the chorus 😭 that “Come on!” would be EVERYTHING for my little heart.
  22. A Jessica Sutta Appreciation Post I find myself having to repeat this many places- but Jessica has more number ones on billboard. Granted, they ARE dance chart number ones, but let’s not crap all over the achievements of many indie artists that don’t get the same recognition as the Hot 100. Also, her debut single Show Me, beat out Nicole’s single Don’t Hold Your Breath for the number one spot, if I’m correct, Nicole was number two… and it’s not her only one. Jessica has 5… and her songs are bops! She definitely doesn’t get enough credit.
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