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  1. I'm going back to this thread just to say that I don't believe any of you have made peace with the fact she could never release music anymore. I can't wrap my head around it. Of course I want her happiness first and foremost, but as fans we value her music so much and means a lot to us... Every time she releases something she turns my world upside down in the best way possible and I can't even express the joy she brings. It's weird to act like she's forever done with music... Like, that's for her to decide but it's also her passion. I'm sure she doesn't spend a single day without relying on music to feel better. I'm hoping that whenever her situation is over, she'll still be a millionaire. She could be able to go independent, fund her own projects and release music, without necessarily needing to be on the spotlight, promote or even tour. When she's ready I think it could be great for her and even therapeutic to go into a studio booth, and just sing and write her feelings away while sharing experiences with producers and songwriters she's fond of. Go back to that important part of her as a creative soul, but calling the shots, reminiscing on the good old days when she was her own boss and was so confident and such a genius...
  2. Tell me your favourite Britney song and I'll recommend an Aaliyah one I think you could like
  3. Don't believe people who say her success was overestimated or she wouldn't be anywhere today. Aaliyah fans and people who followed her closely knew how devoted she was to her career. She loved the hell out of everything she did. She was BOOKED before passing away. She was promoting all over Europe, she had been in Japan, Australia... She was going to be on The Matrix and co-starring Sparkle with Whitney Houston. She was looking forward to touring the Red album, keep pushing in the acting department (her acting was praised by critics in a time where singers like Britney and Mariah were dragged to the pits of hell), start a fashion line and even a videogame. Homegirl wasn't the typical girl who wanted to have a family early on and retire. She had big goals, she felt extremely blessed for being able to do what she did and wanted to excel in it. She was original, she didn't want to be like anybody or work with the producers everyone was working with. No one knows where she would be today but I'm sure she didn't reach her full potential and she would still be artistically active today. I love her peers like Brandy but they didn't have what she had. No one had what she had. I can see why many Britney fans loved her too. There are a lot of similarities between them, I feel like they could've been great friends.
  4. Britney is so aware of what they've done to her. To the point that she came to the cold hard conclusion that she should leave the country... And I'm relieved her mind is going there. She loves the US, and she's done nothing wrong to be the one leaving. But her abusers ain't going nowhere. Brit, please, leave that place the sooner the better. You said they were trying to k!ll you, and I don't know about you guys, but I believed her. And it's not a stretch to think they could be plotting against her as we speak. Leave the US behind Brit! DON'T go south!!! Lou Taylor has offices and influences there. Either Canada or Europe!! There you will be safer and won't be threatened with another cship.
  5. It's beautiful, the piano melody from the snippet that I loved is present in the whole song. That alone won me over. My fave Adele lead single so far. Some of you had expectations as if she was Kylie Minogue
  6. Taking control of her career and brand will give her a new sense of freedom, so I think new music will come eventually. I don't expect anything but I don't lose hope either.
  7. The 135 lost souls that voted for Me Against The Music...
  8. Laura Lynne is liking Jamie Lynn's IG posts all the time and she never likes Britney's. I feel like Brit and her haven't been close in years... Maybe they had a fall out because I don't think she was around in 2006-2007? I get team con vibes from her sadly.
  9. Center Stage (the original) is still my favourite so far Not that these are bad, but that one was a whole different level of bop.
  10. I ignored it for the same reason, maybe I'll check it out Girl Like Me is a bop but doesn't have much replay value for me...
  11. As if all the people who go to college were smart. Plus, they said she left school, I just told them that is not true.
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