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  1. 8 hours ago, Blackout2006 said:

    BUt...they already proved it doe. The immense amount of hate Taylor faced in 2014-2017 was actually over the top, overblown and so irrational. It was a full-fledged hate train during that era. Everyone made fun of her love life, people were made fun of for liking her music, countless parodies were made and profited from her music videos, it was suddenly cool to despise and hate Taylor, Twitter had a full meltdown and bullied Taylor Swift beyond the boundaries when Kim K exposed that footage, all her instagram posts were filled with snake emojis which implied that she was a fake, nasty and crazy lady, it was cool to crack jokes about her, and so much more I can't say at the moment, the bullying and hate drove her to depression and eating disorders, everyone painted her as the bad side. I still remember that 2017 memory of when 11 year old me played LWYMMD? for our class party and everyone collectively said "NOOOOOOOOO" or "EWWWWWWW". That was the hate she received in the hate train era. The fact that I wrote a full paragraph about it, speaks for itself. Yet, Taylor's fans never left their side. The only moment she lost a considerable amount of fans was when im K exposed that footage. But still, her fans continued to stream her music, over 1,000,000 fans went on the first week to buy "Reputation" at the peak of Taylor's hatred, still made songs like LYMMD? and Delicate super hits, still bought actual copies of her records and gave her ha 2nd largest era. That was how loyal they were and even to this day, we fans have never been this loyal in 2007. It is simply the truth sorry.

    I don't think that's comparable tho. The Britney hate train and bullying were on another level. Plus, it doesn't help that at that time mental health and the #MeTooMovement weren't a thing. And there's no social media to actually have at least some control over the situation. 

    Taylor Swift also has greater support from her management and has a better marketing strategy. She has this loyalty program and purchase incentives. She's really good with interacting with her fans. I mean, I think if Britney had more freedom in artistic choices, her albums, promos, and videos would have been better. I mean look at Taylor's social media accounts, promotions, etc. They're so well-thought of. It doesn't hurt that she can do whatever she wants with her projects.

    But yes I agree, Swifties are more powerful now and are more fluent in stan wars etc. Although, in terms of power and loyalty today, I have to give it to the BTS Army (those guys are dedicated af and are actually scary and crazy sometimes). Swifties probably come in second (they can also be scary and crazy sometimes, I've seen Swifties on stan twt discredit Britney saying she wasn't that big even in her prime).

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  2. 8 hours ago, Britney'sBish said:

    She appeals to basic white women and white gays, all because she plays up this victim mentality.

    Nothing is ever her fault, there's someone to blame for everything, and again zero accountability.

    It's fine to make all these songs about trashing the guys she's been with, and even re-recording them.

    But God forbid anyone says one little thing about her.

    It's always been so funny to me that she's revered as a great songwriter, when all of her lyrics sound like a 12 year old girl...

    I'll forever hate Kanye West for getting on the stage and catapulting her fame.


    She's always been trash.

    I don't hate Taylor Swift. I think she's ok. She has some good songs and fun songs. And I admire her efforts on switching it up. But I agree with you in the sense that I feel like she has this victim mentality and everyone is at fault but her. Like I remember like weeks ago or a month ago something was trending on Twitter because Taylor Swift got mad at Netflix because there's a line on a TV series that goes  “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.” (tbf I did not find the joke funny) but like you're literally trashing guys you've been with but that's ok? Also, yes. I hate Kanye West for being a ********* and making Taylor Swift more famous. (Also I think she's overrated and I get pissed when people say Reputation was iconic and revolutionary. It's basically like Blackout ffs.

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