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  1. We're open to any ideas, don't be afraid to speak up Yeah the ''interrupted live'' thing does seems weird !!
  2. Here's an ancient article about how they met, you can see that Sam wasn't intentionally approached brit, actually she was the one who made the first hang-out call:
  3. Yesss totally agree with you! I remember during jayden' instegram live, he has confirmed in his own words that sam is a great guy and they do like him^^ Anyway kid won't lie
  4. Hey guys, I think some of u have seen the photos of Sam's best friend's wedding, in which britney seems absolutely stunning and in love ! Anyway I'm so happy for her By the way, I'm very curious about how u guys feel about Sam..... I know a lot of britney's fans don't trust him for various reasons, and I remember last year ( before he speaked out publicly against Jamie), I'm not exaggerate at all, that he had been severely bullied on social media....I have seen tons of comments saying like, he was paid by Jamie to control brit, or he's a GAY...... I remembered that last year brit posted something that lots of fans were not ok with ( I don't remember exactly what), and amount of fans rushed to Sam's ins comment and insulted him as Jamie's dog... He didn't say anything but later quietly post an instegram story with a bath full of ICE TUBES, with the words beside saying " dealing with mental pain "... Honestly I felt soooo bad for him!!!! I mean, if Jamie is the one continuing throwing obstacles on their relationship, he's probably the one suffered the most than anyone in the world while people cursing him a dog on Jamie's side..... Anyway, I've followed his ins account for a while and he looks like a such a humble and nice guy...Though I'm not a fan of very muscled man, but in terms of personality, I think he is positive and supportive, and exact the opposite of Kevin's kind ( who left pregnant wife alone in home and partying all night...) So, WHAT U GUYS FEEL?
  5. Honestly, though all the dramas though these two ys.... I don't ask for any new song or album now, just hope that she can enjoy a happy, normal life and have a kind and loyal man beside her and build a lovely family in the future as she always wanted!
  6. So glad that she had a good time in her private life I think she feels more relaxed when people around treat her like a normal person, not a super star ^^
  7. Well I feel like she used to convince herself to be OK with it, but things hit two breaking points: (1): being forced to go to the rehab and medicated (2): her dad physically abused one of her boys in Sept 2019. The second one really hurt her heart and that was the time she officially asked Jamie to be removed.
  8. Guys I wanna share my thoughts about why she finally decided to fight back the conservatorship after 10 ys in it, and my speculation about the whole drama. ๐Ÿง๐Ÿง๐Ÿง It has to relate to Sam (her bf). Brit has said several times that her biggest dream is to get married and have more kid. We know that she has been though some unsuccessful relationship after k-fed ( one didn't want kid and one cheated on her๐Ÿ’”). Luckily she met Sam in late 2016 and they have been together ever since. Sam, on his side, marriage is also his goal (he used to say in an old interview that "starting a family is the whole point of a relationship "). Needless to say that he has made it very clear in his latest interview with Forbes : "I don't mind to be a young dad and bring the relationship to a new level" etc... โ›”BUT here comes the problem : her dad and the conservatorship team must be strongly opposed to it. And we can understand why: (1): She used to suffer from post pregnancy depression and it has taken a toll on her mental health, they don't want her to risk it again. (2): they don't trust Sam and don't want to have another gold digger like k-fed. Remember, when u get married, your partner may include in your future financial decisions and rich people can be easily taken advantage of - - - - of course team conserv doesn't want anybody touch their(actually her) money!!! (3) Jamie and Sam don't get along, and maybe they just don't think Sam is an ideal fit for marriage , as he is 13 ys younger than her, who knows whether this young hot man will be forever faithful to brit ... (it's just a guess, sorry Sam ๐Ÿ˜…) No matter what, brit was determined to stop being a working machine for her team and start a family with her true love, as they are in a stable relationship for 4 ys now ( the longest ever in brit 's life!!) and Sam is supporting, caring and humorous partner. SO, she stopped /tried to reduce taking her med in late 2018. We know that a lot of Psychotropic drugs ( that control people's mood) is dangerous for pregnant women, and can sometimes lead to temporarily infertility. (why she need a constant medical treatment? Well, it may relate to some mental health problems like bipolar disorder, she has spoken about it in an interview, and many of her weird behaviors in 2004-2008 match the manic period symptoms of bipolar. Also bipolar is a life long illness and could influence people's decisions making, it might be the hidden reason that she was put in this permanent conserv (I used to study psychology and it's just my own guess , It's might because of other problems like anxiety etc... ) Her manager has revealed that (in an article by tmz/people) that she has missed a lot of doses and finally the med stopped working, and it's the real reason she cancel the domination residency, ( her dad illness is just an excuse for the public ) A sudden cut of med (especially med to treat mental problems) is really dangerous and could make the patient unstable, so brit might struggled a lot in late 2018 and early 2019, to the point that her dad forced her to go to the rehab ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ( even if it's against her will! Sick!! ) In a word, as long as her dad is in control of her life, he would forbid her to get married. So her priority is to kick her dad out of power in order to start a family ( she has said that she would like have kid "sooner than later", well it's understandable as she is already in her late 30) So far, we don't know whether she want to end the whole conservatorship, or just keep it for a while with people(not include Jamie of course) that ok with her marriage . So guys!!!!!!! These are just my personal thoughts about the whole thing ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… I welcome all the discussions!!!
  9. I still remember the lawyersforbritney ins account has put a big "approval" on the photo of Ingham.....๐Ÿ™‚ That's the reason I used to see him as a"saver" for brit in this battle but now... ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚ so ironic
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