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  1. EXACTLY!!!!! I stated these things earlier, but people still believe she wrote the IG post. Too many things don't add up, but the biggest one is how she was able to "watch" the documentary if it isn't even out in the US. I doubt Britney is going out of her way to use a VPN to watch this, while on vacation in Hawaii. LMAO.
  2. Wasn't Britney in Hawaii this past weekend??? Makes total sense that someone who was vacationing would spend their time watching something that would agitate them when they're on a relaxing getaway. /s
  3. With so many HOT men of color around, I wish the gay community would stop giving these mediocre, white men so much attention.
  4. Sadly, none of the British girl groups would ever make it in the US, even with proper label push. The US just has flop taste in music. Anyway, never forget the 1-2 punch of the Tangled Up and Out of Control eras. Some of the best songs from the 2000s. They still sound fresh to this day. I'm STILL bitter Britney's label passed on songs from Xenomania.
  5. Not "I want to kiss the inside of your butt hole" And the straights still have the nerve to come for us
  6. Right!!!! How can anyone believe TMZ when just yesterday we got a report of how Team Con is working hard to stymie the Free Britney movement on social media? Jamie Spears says he's working extensively to minimize any harm done to Britney's brand caused by the #FreeBritney movement - BreatheHeavy | Exhale
  7. Right!?! I always assumed he'd be into daddies. He probably had some trauma during his teenage years, and that's why he has a pattern of going after these specific types of guys. That doesn't excuse his behavior though. He should seek help. As someone who has always been attracted to older guys, I could never understand why so many gay men (especially older men) like younger guys, but I came across this article that explains why it happens so much: Some older gay men date younger partners – but the reasons are more complex than you think | The Independent | The Independent
  8. Maybe you should stop posting lies and getting your information off Twitter. Yes, Floyd was a drug user, but experts have already shown how his drug use was NOT the main the cause of his death.
  9. All these replies. I can't believe MAGAts and right-wing conservatives have infiltrated Exhale
  10. I agree that Pop music is dead at the moment, but it is not because it became political. Pop music today is no more political than it was in 2010 when Katy released "Firework" (her biggest hit), Kesha dropped "We R Who We R", Pink came out with "Raise Your Glass", etc during the rise in bullying/suicide rates among the youth and all those songs went #1. Gaga, too, has always incorporated politics into her music especially during BTW, and that was one of her biggest eras. I think many consumers of pop music are too young to remember that this ebb and flow constantly happens. In the 90s, hip hop/rnb and rock dominated until the latter part of the decade when Pop made a resurgence thanks to our Queen. In the early 2000s the same thing happened until Gaga/Katy/Rihanna/Taylor brought Pop back. We are just going through the same thing again. As much as I love Ariana, Dua, Selena etc, we need to wait for the next Gaga/Britney/Beyonce to reinvigorate the pop scene because the girls we have today don't cut it (Sorry not sorry). Billie Eyelash Doja Cat Jessie Ware, Halsey, FKA Twigs, Rina
  11. Queen! I'm so happy for her. Well-deserved. She's the ONLY exciting pop artist at the moment.
  12. You are completely right on all of this. The only thing I would add is that a lot of this pressure isn't even coming from the traditional entertainment industry (movies, music, television). Yes, many celebs use performing enhancing drugs for roles and projects, but I feel like all of this is more due to the rise of instagram/youtube/tik tok fitness "influencers". 95% of the these fitness guys are on some sort of PED, SARM, growth hormone. It's crazy. The worst thing is that many of them lie to their followers and claim they are "natural". They claim their bodies are the result of hard work and "genetics". I'm sure a few are, but the majority clearly aren't. Many of the well-known influencers (ie David Laid and other gymshark athletes) achieve god-like bodies within very short timespans and maintain those bodies year round. Anyone who has researched or studied up on physiology knows that this is not achievable naturally. Many kids see these unattainable bodies and realize that they can only achieve them by abusing PEDs. This is why you see 12 year olds on ********* these days. It's sick tbh.
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