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  1. This is considered "blackfishing" more so than traditional "black face". This is more similar to what Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, and Kim Kardashian get accused of.
  2. Can she just be gone already? I will never stand her. She's a racist through and through. Her apologies have never been sincere, and I doubt she will ever learn. On another note, stan for unproblematic, accepting Queen Jade who isn't a bigot. God, she looks so ******* hot in this scene
  3. I am not really knowledgeable about song rights, but isn't she listed as a writer in every song on this album? If they really wanted to avoid giving her any rights, why would they credit her as a writer? We know they went out of their way just to give her those writing credits to make it seem like this was her "most personal album" which is total bs because out of all her albums, I'm guessing this was probably the one she was the least involved in during the writing process. But if this is actually true, at her team/label/management thinking Britney would ever want to claim even 10% of that trash album in the future. Britney would never; she has actual taste.
  4. I refuse to give that website any clicks, but has anyone checked to see how they are reporting today's developments? I wonder if they are backtracking or if they are continuing to push team CON's lies. I am cackling thinking about how stupid TMZ is for reporting all that bull****. They thought they get away with it.
  5. This is me too. I figured it was just gonna be another court date where nothing happens. I literally screamed out when I was reading through her transcript. This is even worse than I could've imagined. This is actual human trafficking. I am LIVID. Everyone siding with Team CON and calling us conspiracy theorists for not believing the bull**** on Britney's social media is looking real stupid right now.
  6. Is this video/song really good representation though? Like you said, there are many different types of gay people, yet the video AND song only focus on a very small subset of the community. Sprinkling a few men of color around a predominantly white, muscular cast of guys doesn't constitute good representation IMO.
  7. Glad someone else thought this too. It's not just the video either. The song clearly references a specific type of guy: Caucasian, muscle jock. It's tiring and frustrating to see that in 2021 gay men continue idolizing this type of guy especially during Pride when we should be appreciating the diversity in the community.
  8. My God, such a boring list If I had her *****, I wouldn't be settling for such bland ****s when there are way hotter guys in the entertainment industry like Tyson Beckford, Maluma, Charles Melton, Michel Morrone, Aaron Diaz, William Levy, Can Yaman, etc... just to name a few
  9. Gaymer here too. Mostly a Nintendo guy, but looking to get either a Series X or PS5 in the future (probably when they come out with slim versions or Pro versions). Looking forward to E3 in a few days. My expectations are low because COVID has delayed everything but hopefully there are some good surprises. Hope we get to see BOTW2 and the **New** Super Nintendo Switch Pro. Also want to see more of FF16, Starfield, Halo Infinite, whatever Monolith Soft is working on and hopefully Bayonetta 3. Doubt we'll see Metroid Prime 4, but a man can dream.
  10. Do what you want with my body, daddy
  11. This list is a joke, so much recency bias and just trash songs in general. "Driver's License" is a great song, but the bridge is nowhere near top 5. Same with the Killer's pick, "Read My Mind" was better choice. "Shallow" at #6 over the iconic bridge in "Bad Romance" (which isn't even on the list) is a disgrace. Dancing on my Own is way too low. Definitely top 10. Way better than Be Mine. I could go on and on..... HIAM is rated pretty fairly. (Off topic, but I'll always be bitter that Britney never took advantage of this sick bridge and had an iconic dance sequence for it. ) Britney has so many songs with great bridges. Toxic should have at least received a mention even if the bridge is all instrumental. It's soooooooooooo memorable. 3 is pretty great too. It's probably the best part of the song.
  12. Greatest song of all time. PERIOD Don't try and @ me. I said what I said.
  13. I've rewatched the video from the tweet like 5 times and the only person really being shaded is Tommy Mottola. Am I missing something? I'm aware of the backstory with JLo/Tommy Mottola vs Mimi, but seems like a reach to say she's shading JLo here.
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