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  1. Anyone else notice that Britney is almost unrecognizable in the cover photo to the single? That close up with the bangs literally looks like a different person. Anyway, the song has aged like fine wine. IMO it's up there in the top 5 pantheon of all time pop songs with Billie Jean by MJ, She Loves You by the Beatles and ... ?
  2. In retrospect she almost definitely made the right call to do a hard pivot to S4U and remake her image, for the sake of extending her career long past millennium pop. In fact, a third straight album dominated by that sound could have really held her back. And yet I'm such a big fan of that sound, and it's a bummer that forgotten non-singles like BL and Cinderella were the last we would ever get of it from Britney.
  3. Bombastic Love is Max Martin OIDIA-era pop circa 2000, either you love that style or you hate it (I fking love it). In 2001 Britney - correctly - identified that era was rapidly coming to a close and pivoted away from it. If Jive had its way and put BL as the lead single would it have single handedly extended the lifespan of that era by a little bit? We'll never know but I do wonder. Only Britney's star power at the time could have conceivably done so.
  4. Give her a break, she's just seeing internet memes from mid-late 2000s for the first time and enjoying it. Girl kinda had a lot going on in the intervening years.
  5. Thats the first thought I had too. Not just having to use tabloid origin pics but also tagging them with the credit when posting some family photos. For better or worse that's Britney's life story.
  6. I know that 90s/00s Britney loved NYC and spent time there, but I can't see it at all now. It's the opposite of what she has shown to recently desire - relaxation, space, mild weather, peace and quiet. Atlantic coast Florida is the answer. But it ain't gonna happen - she'll sadly be in California forever imo.
  7. Is this video the closest thing we have to an HD concert recording of the BOMT tour? Remains a mystery to me how not a single professional recording exists of that tour (supporting the worldwide #1 song / #1 album). That black audio belt is such a clear giveaway that it's 1999 Britney ... I love it!
  8. Nice. That blue hoodie from Torn somehow stayed consistently cool for the last 25 years
  9. I would LOVE for present-day Britney to watch clips such as this. What would she think??? Any ideas?
  10. Irrelevant post on page 7 of this thread - but anyway 1. I do think she'll be back posting on IG very soon 2. Cannot imagine what an interview with her now would be like
  11. <---- straight 34 yr old dude Huge Britney fan. Huge iron mike fan. Yes we do exist. This thread is the intersection of all that I love in this world - thanks OP!
  12. Try Again specifcally I remember very fondly from my formative years. I woulda guessed it was a 1998 song but looking it up now it was actually from 2000 - so had to directly compete with peak BOMT/oops....
  13. 0% chance it'll happen I know but honestly why can't the "tell all" be with Fe, hosted by Netflix/whatever. If we want actual truth there's no better formula
  14. Kind of interesting innit that the SATC run from 1998-2004 overlapped almost exactly with Britney's early years of peak cultural popularity. Don't think she was ever referenced on the show but it wouldn't have been surprising, and imagine how she would have flipped.
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