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  1. What about that other petition to terminate from Stan what’s-his-name? I thought that was supposed to heard in September. Can’t they just terminate then?
  2. The battery story didn’t go anywhere really so now they’re running with the dogs are not looked after
  3. To me, this is her way of saying we need to keep fighting. Maybe she’s scared because of the latest refusal by the judge so she wants to keep the pressure going. That’s how I interpreted it.
  4. Why is singer in quotes? Communicating outside of what? Ratted her out to whom? this is a vague incomprehensible mess
  5. It sounds like Jamie was telling the truth re Jodi at least in part. Jamie has the final say so he approved - and that much is made clear from what Britney claimed herself but did he go with the plan Jodi prescribed? That’s the question. Was she the one to suggest the facility?
  6. Son of a goat wants to drag this thing out. And that evil wench Jodi. I feel so bad for Britney.
  7. Ha! I was wondering who she looks like myself. I think she has a resemblance to Lynn and she looked more like her when she was younger. The other two are all Jamie.
  8. No he’s been doing it for over a decade - he didn’t think there was anything wrong with stealing from his own daughter and abusing her then and he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it now. This man has no conscience.
  9. She pretty much can’t leave her house without asking for permission? Am I getting that right? How. Is. This. Legal???
  10. I get what you’re asking. It’s probably pretty complicated for her emotionally and mentally to completely disassociate from him like that and not call him the way she’s been calling him all her life. I’m just guessing here.
  11. I think she’s sipping the Lou cool-aid a bit too much. Every other sentence is amen this and pray that.
  12. She took James’s side in this. It’s so crazy how she can witness the abuse and still not side with Britney.
  13. I hope this guy won’t take no for an answer and if Penny denies he goes after all their *****
  14. Tone it down with the dramatics. It was meant in the way: they say she lacks capacity and they are trying to prove it through Instagram. I’m aware of what’s going on… I would look up post history before making sweeping baseless statements, if I were you.
  15. blahbety


    I mean who other than Britney fans would buy her book and they’ve completely turned on her after the testimony/her réponse? It’s not like she’s got any fans of her own… soo
  16. I thought that was obvious but by the replies I got it was not haha. Team con clearly controls Britney’s Instagram.
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