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  1. Thanks for this. When you frame it around “capacity” then it’s much clearer!
  2. Hi Britney fans alike have you heard Steve’s interview with Jacqueline and Lisa? If not, please do! Its their most recent episode. He gives great further insights into how the book came to be as well as sharing some opinions on Lynne and Jamie and the cship. for those who did hear it: (spoiler alert) what did you think about the ending when he talked about how, during research for the book, he had a lot of claims about... well... he implied her mental health... and he made it sound so grave and then proceeded to say he doesn’t think she will ever get out of the cship. if you’re uncomfortable speculating or thinking about her health, then I understand. I am too but like Dr Phil people keep letting stuff like this slip! What the hell are they talking about? Why do they bring it up, only to not complete it, just leaving us with a whole bunch of speculation??? i dont know about you but i got that pit feeling in my stomach as he went on, wondering if perhaps the freebritney movement (the ones who want her totally out of the cship) has it all wrong... i mean, yeah, get Jamie out! But she doesn’t seem to be requesting for the cship in itself to end (or am I wrong?). Sam filed that they should enter the next phase whereby the reigns are loosened progressively and perhaps this is laying the groundwork for eventual freedom of the cship but she’s saying she just doesn’t want her dad to be a part of it. So for those of us fans who believe she’s not fit to be in the cship or that the whole framework should end... what if we’re wrong? What if she really needs it? steve said something I hadn’t really considered before: she’s always compared her life/career to a prison. But she’s infact never known freedom (maybe with the exception though of when she went to highschool for a short period before MMC but arguably that’s not adult-freedom, as you’re still under parental supervision). i dont know... i loved the whole interview and I think he and his book are such treasures because it’s the only voice we have of Britney the human being but that last part disturbed me very much... and I just don’t know what to think of it. please share your thoughts and feelings of the interview too. I’m curious as to what others got from it even if it was radically different than my take! and it’s ok to disagree with my take. I’m not meaning to judge any fan at all or the movement. I’m here for all of it. We love her. No questioning that. But I think it’s ok to ask why and question your beliefs, especially when you get a perspective that’s so different to yours. i definitely though want jamie out!! And buh bye lou!! Dont you ever come back no more lol
  3. 1. Does anyone have a link where I can stream the interview? 2. Did any of this really shock anyone? The monarchy is an ancient outdated system and the Queen is an old hag... of course they’re backward thinking! They colonized african and indian countries!!!! Cmon!!! 3. i support H&M leaving if that’s what they want to do or have to do to be safe but I just don’t like Megan. There’s a naivety there that I truly don’t understand. What did she expect? She saw what they did to Diana. She knows what they’ve done to others who chose to marry someone they weren’t permitted to. I mean, that’s not to say it’s ok or right, and it does need to reflect the times, but she’s sort of playing this role of “disruptor” or “game changer” that I don’t buy. I think she loves H, but she is fame thirsty. And as for H? What did he expect too bringing someone in from outside that world? I’m glad he stuck by her and believes her but I do wonder if he had a serious talk with her to be like “the struggle is real. This is not a joke. Do u really wanna do this?” Who knows maybe they did... maybe they thought they could withstand it and change it from within until they tried and realized it’s not simple at all. Racism alone is so deep rooted but the whole monarchy system is too.
  4. I find gym memberships and mental health counselling in Canada to be exorbitant, but necessary costs. I also think things like laundry detergent and other cleaning products to be unreasonable
  5. I do like it but not be a puritan but isnt lolita the character of a story of p*******a??? An older man being obsessed with an underage girl??? Um I get controversy in pop music but how about no songs that Jeffrey epstein would like?? Is that too much to ask? Does she really have nothing else to sing about?? She’s a childstar too... ugh i think the concept is gross but do wish for a latin vibe album next
  6. Can someone tell me why fans think she’s part of the freebritney movement? Has she posted or said something about it? I heard there was some recording she posted on her stories of Lynn and Bryan talking? I genuinely dont know anything about her! I dont get it! Please educate me lol
  7. I didn’t really understand it but I felt kind of relieved knowing it was temporary at first. Then, when it became permanent, I researched it and felt sick to my stomach (and still do). we’ve seen the industry and greedy family members take advantage of mostly child stars. Britney is a child star! We’re witnessing another gross injustice infront of us.
  8. But this is an old video... look at her hair! She cut it recently and it’s SO different than the one she posted with Sam the previous day.
  9. Here it is https://globalnews.ca/news/7653282/saturday-night-live-snl-feb-20/
  10. You know what’s sadder? While the courts see her as incapacitated, she will NEVER have custody of her kids. She can at most negotiate visitation which is what she lost after Jamie abused Sean.... never....
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