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  1. She does look great in a short dress. She has great legs and she isn’t very tall, so a long dress would probably shorten her a bit.
  2. I also keep having this vision of her headlining the Super Bowl, maybe next year, as her comeback performance. I really hope she does, everyone would go absolutely wild for it. If she wants to retire then obviously I support what she wants to do but it would be amazing to see one last performance…. But I don’t think she’ll disappear forever tbh. I think she loves doing this and eventually will want to do it as a free woman.
  3. A few weeks ago I dreamt that I met Sam in a movie theatre. He was very nice and I gave him 1000 messages to tell Britney about how much we love her, we think Rosengart is the real deal and she should tell him every little thing so he can investigate it, etc. lmao
  4. Yeah that doesn’t make sense to me. My first thought was maybe she’s trying to pretend that in those badly facetuned pics from her vacation (with the curvy tub), she was actually trying to make herself look bigger, not smaller…. Idk lol. It makes me sad that she’s hung up her body though I can completely understand why.
  5. She sounds so cute and relaxed here! Honestly thank goodness for Sam’s IG where we see a much more candid Britney!
  6. This breaks my heart. I hope they can have a reconciliation after this, IF Britney wants to and if Lynne does meaningful work to show she can be trusted. I obviously haven’t been in a situation anywhere near Britney’s, but I do know that often if there’s one unkind or abusive parent, the child will put the other parent on a pedestal basically just for not being the other parent. Kids see things in a very black and white way, so it’s easy to create the roles of “good parent” and “bad parent” in their heads. I wonder if some of this happened in Britney’s family.
  7. Tbh yes - I credit her completely with helping me realize I wasn’t a straight girl, when I was like 11 in 2000-2001. I can even think of specific performances and photoshoots that did it lol
  8. Brave New Rosengart Me Against the Rosengart (Thoreen remix)
  9. I’ve been wondering about this a little bit lately. You can tell even from the really early videos of Britney performing BOMT at shopping malls that she had star quality, but there are also a lot of talented performers who just fizzle out at that level. What do you think was the smartest thing Britney and/or her team did to push her into the next level of stardom? Was it the iconic Oops video, or was it even earlier when she rejected the “power rangers” BOMT video in favour of the schoolgirl outfit? What do you all think?
  10. Am I reading into the “Fee Fee” or is it implying Fe is going to be working with her again?
  11. I’m glad to see you’re all as lost about Chair Girl as I am
  12. Wow, she truly does. Both beautiful. A lot of people here have said how she doesn't look like her dad or her siblings; looks like now we know why, the grandmother's genes skipped Jamie and went to Britney.
  13. I was thinking the same thing about the CMAR response. It was made a pretty big deal at the time that the song was Britney’s apology. But I don’t think anyone would’ve really batted an eye if there was a co-writer; people would’ve assumed she helped with arrangement or something…. But yeah I could see this pressure coming from her team who was probably so invested in making Brit look “good” after the Justin drama. The marketing machine at work and this girl found herself in the way of it. I think Britney did write at least some of the music for the song though… I remember this video where Brit is playing part of an original song for an interviewer on the piano and stylistically it sounds a lot like the piano in Everytime. Different notes but similar with minor chords and arpeggios etc. Someone might remember this better. But I’m not sure when the video is from; it’s pre-ITZ but maybe Everytime was already written at the time.
  14. Oh he SLAYED slayed. Omg. He’s even got her head / neck movements down. This choreo always looked so fun to do, do you think there’s still time for me to learn it as a 32 year old non-dancer
  15. It’s the background sound that kills me… it sounds like one of those awkward edits people make where there’s no music and all you can hear is the person’s shoes tapping the floor etc. (I hope that makes sense idk how else to describe it lol I hope people know what I’m talking about) She looks great but I wish she would turn the sound off tbh, I think it would feel less awkward
  16. Did the people who saved them post them anywhere? I want to see these posts with the apparently same named dog. Even if this is old, I don’t really see a nefarious reason behind it… like if he wanted to look like a nice guy by giving her a dog, he could’ve posted that a year ago when he originally gave it to her. It would be odd to pretend it’s current if that’s what he’s doing, but I’ve convinced myself both of their IGs exist in a separate timeline than ours bc it’s the only way I won’t go crazy from the inconsistencies
  17. I love this almost everything to do with Rosengart makes me emotional I swear lol. Just the fact that she finally has someone on her side publicly fighting for and with her.
  18. I hope it’s JL because the thought of another Jamie / Jaime is just too much to bear
  19. From what you all say he’s shared different versions of this story before, so idk if this one is totally accurate, but I would lose my **** if I was denied food like that, especially before working. Idk if Britney is like this too but if my blood sugar gets low or I get really hungry between meals I turn into a monster. I absolutely cannot imagine if there was food right there and time to eat it but someone is telling me I couldn’t. I would be livid. Whether this story is true or not we know her team has denied her food and that in itself would drive me absolutely crazy.
  20. Lmaoo the sound I made when I saw it was Feb 15 and very much not today lol. As much as we try I think Xtina is the only explanation Also this would be one hell of a happy birthday post for a former percussionist / acquaintance… basically saying I want to **** you lol. Sam better keep an eye out for Fausto
  21. Omg I swear. The days when I have to work in the office and not be on my phone all day. I saw the post earlier and was like “who tf is Fausto? Must be some celeb I don’t know” and then looked FOOLISH AS HELL JUST GOING ABOUT MY DAY NOT KNOWING THIS WAS UNFOLDING If I had to guess I would say yes, it’s quite clearly a response to the Christina thing lol BUT probably meant more as a joke than actual shade? Like maybe she found the tweets about the Jamie thing funny and decided to do her own version. I hope that’s it anyway.
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