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  1. omg this Simon shade! I never really watched X-Factor... did they have any exchanges? I might need to watch. the idea that living in London would be terrible because she might run into Simon had me rolling laughing
  2. I don't necessarily have an opinion either way except if it was normal for celebrities to filter what they posted through a manager for EVERY post, we wouldn't have seen Cardi's nip or Chris Evans' peener. I don't know who is right, but obviously a lot of celebrities are free to post whatever they want on Snap/Insta. I can't decide what to believe, but I just say it all seems very weird that her photos aren't more polished IF someone is paid to create a "brand" for her Instagram. If it's just goofy Britney, why even pay someone...?
  3. I wanted to do this but comments are limited
  4. If you follow the stock market or finances at all this is even crazier. It says most of her assets aren’t in cash which means the investments should be making money. We have been in a “bull market” where investments have been doing well. The fact that she’s losing money while the market has been doing this well and she’s still getting royalties etc. is concerning.
  5. I don’t think I’ve seen a cattier thread in a long time on any website. Is it always like this here?
  6. Paris and Britney were my faves as a teenager. I’m 31 and that has hardly changed. I’m so proud that she turned her terrible experience into a way to help children not face the same abuse.
  7. I hope she’s free soon. This is all so crazy. When is the court date again?
  8. this is all so wild. why would her parents make that up then? I just get sucked further and further down the rabbit hole with this. Lutfi is still a bad dude though right? I saw he wrote some Free Britney stuff. it's all very confusing.
  9. Is the whole grinding up pills and putting it in her food thing true? Some of the stuff I read today when going down a google rabbit hole paints him as this controlling psychopath who literally made it his mission to use her for every cent he could extract from her. I can't believe as a nation people were laughing at this poor woman's behavior when she was being abused in every way possible it seems.
  10. I hope this happens. A childhood dream of mine to see her perform live someday. But her mental health is far more important.
  11. I think it's very possible that she was both into Domination as a concept but not into being the cash cow for Jamie anymore. She very well may have sacrificed something she wanted to put her foot down. That being said, I'm sad that we may never see Britney perform again. If that's what she wants then I respect it, but she's one of the greatest entertainers of our time. To think she may really be done with it forever is just sad.
  12. As someone who has had a mental breakdown, I can't imagine in being in the public eye. I think of moving states away to escape things I did during my breakdown. Cringey things I said or ways I behaved. Britney doesn't have this choice. The entire world watched it. I am very sure she doesn't enjoy people rehashing it or speculating about it. She has probably grown to accept it but if I had to watch an hour where a good portion was watching the best and most successful parts of my life and then the subsequent catastrophes and the worst parts.... it's literally the worst of both worlds. Being reminded of what you no longer have (in her case freedom) while simultaneously watching the hardest parts of your life that you possibly regret or shame yourself for. Just my take as someone with mental illness. My heart goes out for her, truly. She has it easier in once sense that she can afford mental healthcare... and yet harder in every other sense. And does she even get to choose her providers or have any say in her medication? We may never know.
  13. Sadly I think it's mostly the last sentence. Abusers use their knowledge to control. I think it's less that he didn't know that she and Felicia were close (she's Lynne's friend and was there from the beginning), and the more I think about it I realize that she wasn't hired because they were close and has likely been intentionally isolated. And it's incredibly sad. You can tell by the look in Felicia's eyes just how much she loves Britney when she talks about her. You don't get many friends or even family members in your life like that, famous or not.
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