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  1. Perhaps if she had early on in her career, like around In This Skin era, she would have made a great show. She could have really done something big but having it now, where she isn't putting out any new releases, it doesn't quite make sense. And not many would pay tribute to what she truly deserves.
  2. She looks so good as brunette. She should definitely consider it again.
  3. She looks amazing! Glad she is comfortable with sharing a side of her that really has been shy to come about. Good for her.
  4. BIBO was bland imo, lacking some sort of personality. This Heart would have been such a beautiful record and it's unfortunate it didn't see the light of day.
  5. That entire Apple Pie/Apple Tree song thing that everyone was going ham about. It was annoying how long it lasted for.
  6. Can't wait for her to return! I've missed her so much.
  7. Well as she likes to take time in between releases, maybe this should open her eyes a bit more, too. People in the digital age yearn for more content and will seek any sort of way to hear things they haven't before, especially from their favorite artist. Mel loves to be so poignant with her art but then impatience causes this chaos for many fans. The movie alongside the album release is great and all, but by then everything is aged when released. People just want to hear things now. I love her but seriously, she can stop with the movies and get on with the music. Imagine having more released out there instead of unreleased. It would help and she could get that coin she rightly deserves.
  8. May 18, 2021 The songstress took to Instagram stories to share her disbelief over recent leaks. More than 30+ unreleased songs in her discography, including demos, have been distributed online in the last month alone and many more unreleased content has been shared since the beginning of 2021 already. Melanie has given her disapproval, issuing all leakers to stop distributing material and to report or delete any activity involving the leaked material. She claims the behavior of stealing the unused songs is "bully behavior."
  9. I'm disappointed in the album. To me it's watered down when compared to their previous effort, Sanctuary (EP). I love them and have always loved their music, including their unreleased albums which I used to own, but this isn't it for me. :/
  10. DM me if you can. I would love to get my hands on any unreleased content.
  11. Demi: "I wish I could keep my mouth shut because then more people would like me." Next: Miley Cyrus
  12. I love Vlogney so much! She invented such an art. 2005 come through. Also after the mess is over, I wouldn't mind a Britney + Chef series.
  13. But where is INHA? Scammed yet again... Nonetheless, I am liking the grungy/emo sound of this project. Seems promising so far.
  14. Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true. And thank you for making such a good forum. I used to go on a different one and it was beyond terrible so finally joining this one has really been a good move.
  15. I listened to it and it's not so bad but could be at least 1000x better. Also like why did I listen to it? I never listen to Justin and recently I can't help it. Also try listening to Peaches then this EP and it's like a little bit confusing because w**d then Jesus. Okay. Bless.
  16. Sugarfall is the ultimate favorite but I've always loved all of these. Rockstar still is that ***** for me and gives me power when feeling low. And Pull slaps even in it's lewd state. I want Get It to have HQ because I can't understand half of what she sings in it. Bless.
  17. It's good yes, but it's what we all expected already. Sounds like another 'comeback' song she's trying to push.
  18. Exactly. I've heard this song before along with many of the other vault tracks. Makes me wonder if she will have included a new part to the song or even reconstructed it in some way, if she's saying we've never heard it before.
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