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  1. Jesus how desperate can team con-ship be. Even I could tell this caption is clearly not written by Britney. Being not really a real Britney fan cause I only got invested in this last year when the freebritney movement blew up. I did my research, then came to the conclusion that Britney is in an unjust and fraudulent situation. Her situation deserve the awareness it is getting cause it is clearly an abuse of power and many vulnerable individuals are suffering from this, Britney’s situation is opening peoples eyes to this exploitative legal arrangement that needs real change. All I can say is they are desperate, desperately trying to discredit the awareness these docs are bringing and they are using Britney’s inability to fully control her Instagram, her own brand to their full advantage. Billy B, I don’t understand why this forum seems to not believe in his words. Regardless of whether he is telling the truth or not, he is supporting Britney the person and bringing awareness to her situation. I think regardless of whether you believe in him or not, all he is doing is supporting Britney a little respect would be nice. He’s a well respected MUA in the industry, he’s obviously not doing this for himself. I certainly don’t think he benefits from this, if anything what he’s doing is putting himself in danger to put it lightly. God knows what team con will do next, can’t wait till June 23rd. I’m just worried about the well being of Britney right now, is she really in Hawaii, is there pictures cause team con can really do anything if they don’t want her to speak out. They still have the power to do so, I just hope Britney is safe and is doing well.
  2. I just watched it on BBC iPlayer. For those who can’t watch it at the moment, I’m sure there will be a link when it’s officially broadcast on BBC two on Wednesday. The impact will be bigger cause not everyone goes on BBC iPlayer to watch stuff. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but just know it will continue to help raise awareness which is what Britney needs for her case right now. Nothing that was said was anything new, but for those who are not aware it will definitely help bring awareness to her situation. The presenter, I don’t particularly like how he portrayed the fans. Kinda dismissive when the fans are the reason these documentaries are being made. I get it that he was trying to present both sides of the story, but it could’ve been done in a more sympathetic kinda way like Framing. However, just know the majority of what was said was in Britney’s favour. Also, you get the sense that he was pessimistic about Britney’s situation as he was discovering new information. I don’t blame him, but come on we don’t need that it’s already bad enough...we don’t need someone coming in showing us how it’s near impossible to get her free. Especially when he interviewed the lady that talked about her famous dad being in a conservatorship, it was disheartening hearing her say that she believes they will never let Britney go. Towards the end I just felt sad, its now more than enough clear that this conservatorship was fraudulent and unjust. The amount of exploitation is unreal. The money that all these horrible people continues to make will give them no incentive to end it. However, that does not mean we should give up fighting for what is right. Like Britney once said on the letter she wanted the photographer to read to her fans, just because she doesn’t have the legal rights to stop them exploiting her then and now, it doesn’t mean it is right for them to continue to exploit her. We are fighting for what is right here, we shouldn’t give up just because it seems impossible. We need to continue until Britney regains her rights back so she can stop these f......from continuing their control and abuse. God is with Britney, I just know. She will be free and there’ll be a happily ending.
  3. Makes me so fu..... angry what the entire evil c-ship team is trying to do here. Unbelievably manipulative, they are trying to distract the public by posting this on her IG making people believe it is from her. The media will help with the narrative as nobody other than her fans will see it otherwise. This is their attempt of PR, they are trying to keep this conservatorship going and they will do anything to continue draining her estate. We know she has no control of her life, if she is not even allowed to speak freely then she will not have control of her IG. Britney has been silenced from the very beginning. We cannot let them get away with this, it’s gone too far. It’s beyond disgusting. It’s inhumane. These people need to be held accountable, the legal system is assisting them to continue abusing their power and Britney amongst others are suffering.
  4. I’ve been liking every single comment, this is fu..... sick. No wonder a termination has not been filled. Sam fu..... Ingram will never do it, he’s making a fortune, others are making even more, they will not let her go. If her father were to be removed, she will still be in a conservatorship, she will still be paying millions every year to these evil money hungry ***.... The media’s focus on her fathers role instead of the entire c-ship just confirms what they are trying to do here. Once her father is gone, they will, continue this with no end in sight. Sam Ingram will not fill the petition to end it for her, no way in hell will he do that, not with the amount he’s making and the amount everyone else is making. This entire situation is beyond disgusting and this being so public, nobody that can is doing anything to stop it. We need to be louder, this has to end. She needs her life back for god sake enough is enough.
  5. Sam Ingram is definitely not going to do f... all to freebritney. It is obviously clear, after 13 years of doing nothing to advocate for Britney's civil rights, he will not do it now. I believe Britney knows this, I believe she’s tried in the past but for some reason I think she has given up. We will never know till she speaks freely how she feels. I have a feeling all she wants now is to just live her life normally without all the restrictions. I believe she knows getting out would be near impossible, there’s just too much money involved for those in power to just let her go. She lived through this for 13 years, I’m sure she tried to get out but there comes a point where you just have accept and find a way to better your life. This conservatorship was a set up and it was an organised crime, they used the broken probate court system to take over her entire estate and it will continue to benefit everyone involved but just not her. They silenced her by grossly abusing their power over the years and that is why they will not let her go now. They were all in it for the money at the beginning, but now it seems to me they just want to control her and continue silencing her. Everyone involved is guilty in letting all of this misconduct happen to her, they will not let her be free to talk about it. We need to continue fighting for her and be louder than before, Jodi becoming permanent literally means all this will continue with no end in site. Britney will be under the mercy of complete strangers if her father is removed from the picture. This cannot happen, she needs to get out of this as a matter of urgency now. Ingram and the entire probate court system needs to be held accountable for their gross misconduct. If they have the power over her person and her estate Britney will not stand a chance of getting out ever. We need people of power to reform the probate court and make changes, or Britney and others in this situation will never get out.
  6. I believe him too. It makes sense and it fits in. He may not be a nice person considering all the “alleged” things he supposedly did, but when you think about it who was spreading those rumoured allegations about Lufti ? Who wants us to believe in those allegations? Who was talking in front of cameras and the press that Lufti was dangerous? It was team con and her father. I for one do not believe in anything that comes from those peoples mouths. Also, was there ever any concrete proof that Britney was in danger or unduly influenced by him? I don’t believe there was ever any concrete proof of these allegations, other than what team con consistently argue through court that she needs a c-ship because of so-and-so. The man has a restraining order, and who petitioned through court to have this in place-team con and her father. This in itself is enough for me to believe that Lufti knows a lot...and team con is threatened by him. I choose to believe in him because team con and her father clearly hates him, there must be a reason why. I don’t believe it is because they care for Britney, no way in hell did they ever cared for Britney. The only I can think of is Lufti knows exactly what they are trying to hide, it’s clear what is going on here now IMO.
  7. I mean when you put it like this, it’s very sickening especially it’s been 13 years I can’t even imagine. The public really had no clue and many still don’t fully understand her situation despite the documentary bringing so much awareness. A lot of people who witnessed what was going on had been complicit not just her immediate family. The people who had worked with her, the celebrities that who had interactions with her and her team, everyone was complicit. What Will.I.am said recently really put everything into perspective, her team had been implying to those who she encounters throughout the years that she is not all there creating a narrative to justify what they have been doing to her. Now everything is coming to light I believe many people will start to see what was actually happening. I just hope more of those people would now speak out so the public and the media can continue to shed more light on her situation. She can only win through public scrutiny, the court and all the lawyers involved (both sides) have too much conflicting interest and are guilty for allowing this set up to happen in the first place. She needs a new lawyer that will really advocate for her, I don’t believe ighram ever had her best interest in mind. He was part of the system that allowed this miscarriage of justice to happen.
  8. I’m starting to believe what you’s have been saying about her IG, that they are trying to control the narrative by posting videos that make her look bad. It makes sense now especially when a NY times documentary is about to show and her upcoming court date. It’s pretty evil how these people operate, if they can shamelessly put her under a inhumane situation for 13 years and fully abuse their power over her for this long, what else is stopping them from doing what they are doing now. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this is their game plan cause it’s working, people are using it to convince themselves that she needs help sadly. The blatant attempt to paint her in a bad way to the general public, just shows how desperate they are and how there is clear injustice here because they know there is no justifiable reason for her to be in this cship. They would not need to try this hard, and this tactfully if Britney is that severe mentally disabled that she needs a probate conservatorship. I believe the majority of the GP, the ones that are interested will see this as a sign that something is wrong and will start delving into her situation. I still believe in humanity and the compassion in people. The freebritney movement would not be here today if people did not care. It is because people started to be concerned (I’m talking about non-fans including me btw) and started to see the inconsistencies from what her team puts out there, to what is happening that it is what it is now. At the end of the day, the mere fact that her team is posting old videos of her and old pictures means Britney is well enough to say no to them and refuse to cooperate. This is a sign of a sound enough mind, she is smart and she has a plan which means she knows what she’s doing. I remember listening to a podcast a while ago talking about Britney and it mentioned how shes been working since she was a child, the moment she was not working she became difficult emotionally cause she doesn’t know what to do with her time and medication helps to relieve the stress. I believe this is what is happening here maybe, because bare in mind this is the longest she has not worked and with lockdown everywhere in the world she can’t even go out to anywhere. This will definitely affect people’s emotional/mental well being and it’s happening to many people now, especially people who have been like her -highly functioning, productive and has been working since she can remember. Her videos and why she continues to make them is to help her with stress. I firmly believe she is someone that needs to be physically active in order to be emotionally and mentally well.
  9. Your points I do understand, but the matter of fact is Britney was only 26 when she was put under this form of conservatorship. This is unusual to me and so wrong cause I’m a nurse, I work often with people who can’t make decisions for themselves anymore and Britney is definitely not in that category. Regardless of her health problems back then, this is absolutely wrong and dreadful that it was allowed to happen. Legally speaking the type of conservatorship she is under, is a conservatorship of her person and her estate- many probate lawyers/ legal experts who have already spoken and have highlighted the unusualness of her situation. I live in the UK and as a nurse we call it guardianship or Power of attorney (POA), where a person is legally given the right to control another person physically/financially and make decisions on behalf of that persons life. The guardian or conservator or POA is given the full power to act for that person, making decisions for them without even needing to consult with them. These decisions are made without that persons acknowledgment as they should not have the capacity to understand what it is happening as they would be mentally incapacitated. The fact that Britney has the mental capacity, but is deemed incapacitated by law to make decisions for herself, is extremely cruel and unbelievably unjust. The unusualness of her situation should be enough to raise the alarm for the GP to start meaningful debates and conversations about whether on not she deserves justice. Her abusive conservatorship situation does not need to be proven as abusive through court docs or through any reputable news outlets, because there is no justifiable reason for her to be under this restricted level of control regardless of her physical or mental health. She does not qualify to be under this level of control as she has the mental capacity to make her own decisions. Her mental capacity does not need to be proven cause she is no way lacking of it, whether you are a medical professional or not it is clear and it is wrong. The media’s continued focus talking about her mental health is in my opinion, unintentionally influencing and preventing the GP from delving into her situation. Reputable media’s yes is not obligated to report any ideas as facts, I’m not expecting them to point it out as a fact. However, they should be obligated to point out the unusualness of her situation to the GP, especially when someone like Britney is being controlled both physically and financially which is what a conservatorship is, this is not an idea or conspiracy, it is what this is. They should be having conversations about this rather than her mental health, which is from my understanding also not proven that she has any mental health issues btw.
  10. Hi, I have to agree and most of you’s have mentioned it before. I’ve been following this since last year, cause I find her situation unbelievable and unjust. I don’t think the GP and the media is focusing on talking about the real issue here. The real issue that should be the main talking point out of everything else, is the actual conservatorship itself. It was wrong on so many levels from the beginning, she should never have been put under a probate conservatorship and then deemed incapacitated- this itself is completely unacceptable and to allow that to happen, she was stripped away from all her rights as a human being. This should be the main focus of conservations the interested public and the media should be talking about. Why keep mentioning and keep focusing on her breakdown, that is over a decade ago. Her mental health and how she was treated disgustingly back then, shouldn’t be the main concern here now. What’s done is done. She does not need to be given a second chance, she didn’t do anything wrong here. What was wrong was how they treated her and how people invaded her privacy. She should be asked if she would give a second chance to all those people not the other way round. The bottom line is she should be given the privacy to deal with her own mental and physical well being privately, like everyone else should have this right regardless of their celebrity. Stop the emphasis on her mental health, and start focusing on the real issue which is the violation of her civil rights. This women was silenced and still is, she contested but did not stand a chance against a inhumane and unjust legal system. She had to accept what was being done to her, even though it was clearly wrong and I believe she knows exactly what was going on at the time. She just was unable to fight back as clearly everyone involved had their own agendas and was after her estate-including her family, which is so sad to be honest. I don’t see how she can get justice or freedom until they start bringing up the real issue, in court, through the media and GP start talking about what is clearly so wrong here.
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