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  1. I personally dont like it. Including Billy B and Perez Hilton...like COME ON Include idk brett miller or some music producer that worked with her or idk...any the structure of the docu was ****tier than framing bs framing was better tbh
  2. H3H3 is a huge channel so I am just happy they are covering it = giving Britney situation more attention
  3. mmmm let me think. we are in the middle of never ending pandemic, people are dying and losing jobs... When can you deliver me my 1 mill dollar check?
  4. btw I am the top poster on the thread on ATRL about this and lemme tell u, we all (all of us top posters) got banned for 24-48 hours and we did NOT get wps for the topic itself and comments there, even the memes and gifs but comments we wrote in other topics for such ridiculous reasons and now I just dont wanna go on atrl cuz I know for a fact her team is paying people to mass report us and go after us I had fun dragging scooter and demi tho @Jordan Miller :D
  5. lemme try. lord jesus help me cuz i'm a generation older than boomers regarding these tech things....
  6. the scene where the dancers had no faces and she was rising and then that creepy fake smile
  7. I was freaked out like that when HIAM vid came out and I was already in h.school like wtf...
  8. UPDATE I lost my job. My contract expires at the end of this month and I'll most likely move to a safe house (I called them, I qualify). Why? Because I've been so desperate and depressive and suicidal the thought of going back to him is lurking my mind.... Like, he might help me or something I know that complete bull**** and an invasive thought and if I did that I'd be the biggest idiot ever. So, safe house it is. Just to prevent myself from doing super dumb life choices Our relationship was so wierd- not ***ual but yes there was lots of many types of abuses - asking me to take feet pics, asking me to stalk, asking me money, yelling, blackmailing, not calling the ambulance when I tried to kill myself few times...Yea, lots of bad things and I dont understand why even the thought of texting him or something would come to me I dont wanna be stupid. I'm ashamed of my life with him and **** I've done to please him just to be dumped
  9. Me. I have often nightmares and flashbacks. Sometimes, when I am under super high levels of stress I get suicidal and when I try to sleep I get sleep paralysis. My ex abused me...basically in every way possible just not physically beaten me or killed me. but everything else then when HE left me when he saw me as useless, idk.... it's...I feel like a clown. It lasted for 2.5 yrs and I've done so many humiliating, horrible **** to others because he told me to do it. I hate myself and I cut myself to feel better. I know it's not the solution but in my head I see it as- if I am as ugly as possible NO ONE will ever touch me, talk to me and abuse me. And as I did all these ****ty things to others, I deserve to be all covered in scars and stuff I dont like talking about it because I am scared he is still somehow monitoring my media. I know he is not because I turned my laptop to the police last year but still...I'm scared af all the time. And it drains me.
  10. Lemme start I remember trading posters (usually Bravo and OK (I dont know if they exist anymore btw) of JLO and other singers to get Britney ones. Also I'd take other classmates magazines to cut out britney articles for my memorabilia- basically we would take the nicest, thickest notebook and we would put articles, pics and stickers of our faves in them Idk do kids do that anymore now that they have Ig, Twitter---digital storage basically 2 trading songs- this way I got my hands on Girl In The Mirror, My Only Wish, You Got It All.... those bonuses and exclusives not available to everyone. Keep in mind this was before the internet and you tube 3 hearing her songs in the malls and radios- I havent heard them in so long. The last britney song I heard was in the store and it was S&S 4 being shamed for being a britney stan- us stans were kinda cultish (hidden) because if you stanned britney you were bullied af. But being in a secret, brit stanning group was AMAZING 5 Being hyped up for VMAs every single year!!! No explanations needed 6 Being able to buy her merch EVERYWHERE - t shirts, barbies, lunch bags, bomt and oops school packs, bags, stickers.... 7 Having a small heart attack every single time you saw her on TV performing
  11. Yes you are bb and they took ur best shots too!!! You reviewing the releases. Wont give you timestamps because the whole vid is super good and worth watching from start to end
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