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  1. Those series are so damn good and detailed I want them to be on Netflix!
  2. same. like- the **** would i get dressed if I dont have to go anywhere. I stay in pajamas and I even forget I have hair until it bothers me
  3. Gen Z (as they call themselves) made it difficult for us older - they want so bad to be different from us it's impossible to feel normal around them anymore. First I felt ****ty I'm a 90s kid yet I feel like I'm Queen Elizabeths age around new generations. Then I was like **** it. Let me go along with it...and now I just watch tv, go online just from time to time, listen to vinyls and physical CDs... people call me ''old'', ''a cat in humans body''', ''grandma'', ''nun'' and tbh- idgaf I love listening to 90s/early 00s music and I like old things... basically I took that pile of **** people made me bad about and used it to feel better. They have no clue how good it feels just to have 2 forum accs, gmail and viber. that's it. nothing else. you come online only when you want to and you dont depend on it and you dont have to worry about your phone battery because you play physical cds and vinyls (and by buying them you're also supporting the artists). No digital bull****. I think I kinda know why new generations feel ''trapped'' by the apps and they hate them yet come back to them again and again. dopamine kick. Those apps are made with the help of psychologists to make them as addictive as physically possible. It's impossible just to watch 1 video...You're stuck there for hours. But add all these hours of your life- those multibillionare platforms are stealing years and years of lives. You spend all that time trapped in a virtual world you dont even like. **** all that. All these tik tok stars will never like it. It's virtual. When britney released her things she had to go out- in the malls, arenas, stadiums to promote. She traveled the world and visited ****loads of countries. She made memories. And this Rae chick? Lost years of her life by living a fictional life while getting 0 life experience and memories. Her own fault and not comparable by Britney at all.
  4. You're aware of it so you're in a better position. I know being home all the time is super hard but it's not impossible to be stuck on tik tok. Put down the phone, turn on the TV and watch MTV- now that's how we 90s kids were discovering music. I still do it, esp now during the lockdown. I put on MTV and from time to time I heard a good song I havent heard before. Tbh, I expected tik tok to go down the vine road- to die really fast like vine and I still hope it does. It's worse and more toxic than vine. And the tik tok celebs are ****** annoying. I just cant...This makes me wanna write the whole essay how much I hate tik tok
  5. Not just that.Kids these days are glued to their phones and apps. They dont talk to each other, they dont go outside (well not now cuz of rona but even prior to the pandemic) and they are being forced fed by this bull****. I cant imagine myself being idk 7-8 yrs old and looking up to these tik tok people and e girls like belle delphine, that cash me outside girl etc just...I'd go nuts. It seems like a nightmare to be a kid in 2021. But I guess they're ''ok'' because they don't know the difference and the conditions we grew up in and how different it was and better. It doesnt bother them because they don't know about it
  6. Ironic how u have a k pop avi and yet they are known to be super ****ed up saesangs have you ever heard of fans sending britney letters written in period blood? no have you ever heard of fans booking the same plane as britney? no have you ever heard of fans trying to take brineys piss on a plane? no Unlike thousands of saesangs being jail free and ****ing around their faves so, take a seat chile and stfu
  7. thank god i'm a 90s kid. Imagine growing up with this clowns being stars. No, just no
  8. nah just use you tube to mp3 converter - paste the link of the yt vid and convert it into an mp3 ur welcome luv
  9. I wish I havent read it. Kinda killed my hopes. :( I'll stick to Antfrodites readings. He did say Britney will have a setback so...lets see about that
  10. I agree to some point but more people came out with the issues of minimalism
  11. No, I dont like Marie Kondo. She's preaching about minimalism and **** yet earns millions from it- if you are a minimalist, why do you need millions? to...buy something maybe? lol I didn't throw literally ALL my stuff but 90% of it, for example- I had over 20 pairs of jeans and now I only have 2. I had lots of overworn clothes so I couldnt donate them- they were too damaged and old. And while I was in college I used to buy alot of cheap second hand clothes so I felt horrible about donating basically 3rd hand clothes so I threw them away... CDs and memorabillia- sold them Books- sold them Make up and hygiene stuff- threw away everything that expired or I dont use at all. I dont think used make up products are good to donate. I did use them so...I dont think it would be hygienic and safe if I gave my mascara to someone (for example). It all went to trash I had ****loads of vogue magazines (Italian, UK and US)- I gave them away to girls I know love fashion. As I was getting rid of things they are super old and useless I got to a point I had a decent amount of stuff and then I got rid of the things I knew I dont use and wont use (make up products). Though, that's the point I ****ed everything up. I shouldve stopped there. The point was perfect- I got rid of broken, useless **** and stuff I dont use. There was no need of going further- memorabilias and books But then the super extreme phase came. I felt like **** for having things I use so I just left 2-3 of each (3 black shirts, 2 hoodies, 2 jumpers, 2 pairs of socks, 2 bras, 7 pairs of underwear, 2 pajamas, 1 jacket, 1 bag... I feel like I live in a damn museum how empty it feels. I'd be fine with like 5 pairs of ****s and more clothes but I felt like if I get rid off literally EVERYTHING I'd be free, happy, all that happy nonsense Nope, as miserable as before. Minimalism is fake af and its esthetics is giving me severe anxiety. You end up living in a empty super sterile museum
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