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  1. Is Daddy Spears Gordon Ramsey 2.0? Why do all these women praise his cooking? He doesn't seem charming, polite, well mannered. He's not cute, hot or handsome so (stolen) money aside, what's so attractive about him? Please explain to me. Because I'd rather be ****ed by a Gollum than this ugly looking Ork.
  2. E? Maybe you saw Festive? Which color was the bottle?
  3. What the ****, they are deleting the reviews. Can we get help from other bases for this?
  4. And sneaking through a severely unstable person (aka Jamie) was not so hard. Manipulating him was easy. She pulled some strings, cached Britney and the rest was just manipulation tactics to enslave Britney on every single level. Conservatorship in the judge system but weird *** cult in real life.
  5. 1 Targeting the victim(s) ''Once a target has been identified, cult members deploy a variety of tactics to establish power over the individual. These mental manipulation tactics include techniques like love-bombing, inciting paranoia about the outside world, and public humiliation. While anyone could fall victim to this, young adults and women are most vulnerable. '' LT detected Britney and decided to leech into her life. Saw it's easiest to sneak in through Jamie. Sending her a hat and bull****ting about Jesus could be seen as a lame *** try to love bomb her, inducing paranoia- well if you all monitored 24/7 you'll most likely be paranoid. Public humiliation- with the secret recordings and other things they were able to blackmail of releasing those. 2 Using Tactings ''There's a lot of psych tactics that are used to recruit, super negative ones," Fontanesi said. "Paranoia, manipulation, deception, all that stuff goes on a lot. '' Paranoia- they tried to do this via convincing B David cheated and Fe doesn't like her. If you convince your victim people closest do not like them, they will get paranoid and depressed. Also, trapping someone in a small room can induce it too (her testimony). Sending hoard of paparazzi makes you paranoid too. ''A lot of cult leaders like David Berg and David Koresh preached to their followers as a "prophet" or someone sent by God himself in order to make what they had to say convincing. '' Telling Jamie to wait and pray, presenting herself as a savior able to do an exorcism and ****, letting Britney read only christian books, using her money to fund some bs church, doing an exorcism on her... checks. ''They started controlling how he dressed, what food he ate, when he ate, what he was drinking, how much of it," They literally did all of this. "They started abusing her and having her do things she didn't want to do," Checks too 3 Keeping the victim obedient ''Some of the cult members were sentenced to life for their participation in the physical violence and assault that was fairly routine in the organization. Beating up the children and the women, and if they wouldn't do the correct things they would assault them," Swartz said.'' Umm there was an incident with Jamie and B's son so yea, he's violent. '' He (victim) was just very untrusting of everyone, no matter who you were, family or not. ... He also had a lot of depression for allowing those things to happen to his family." Checks in with the testimony. All of it. "They weren't allowed to send letters out to non-direct family members," Swartz said. "They weren't allowed to dress a certain way. If they were allowed to go out, but they weren't allowed to go shopping, it was only groceries. And then if there was a member that needed medicine, they were allowed to go pick it up." Checks too. https://statenews.com/article/2020/10/a-look-behind-the-curtain-of-cult-psychology?ct=content_open&cv=cbox_latest
  6. Try leaving reviews like - unprofessional, had a horrible experience myself with it, lost money on it, do not recomment Don't mention FreeBritney
  7. umm tiktok maybe? I dont have the app myself. I saw the posted videos few months ago. They were posted somewhere here
  8. 21 posts on a 11 year old account and most of them are like- oh she looked drugged, she aged badly, sam this-sam that Interesting isnt it?
  9. Most of the reading turned true- especially today- people from her inner circles did come out and spilled tea. A tactic against Sam to shift the focus is currently happening He warned the fans about being watched Everything else happened too Can someone tweet him or send him a message on twitch? We need an update!
  10. You'd be surprised how many people are NOT being anonymous. As mentioned- mods on other sites being doxxed (and the moderator who got doxxed was blackmailed by his *****)
  11. And that's exactly why being anon. is important. Ask any older millennial why does it matter if you get doxxed and you'll get a weird look with ''WTF'' afterwards.
  12. That's the same as sticking your D in a hole and you don't have a ***** on.
  13. Nope. She was always in--ne. She posted an audio of her ''stalker'' she posted years ago. She also has a history of stalking and harassing people so what people read was her victims story about her not her story about the stalker. She's basically like... a pop Creepshow art's lost twin sister.
  14. New generations don't know they should stay anonymous on the internet and not to share their personal info. At all costs. Anywhere. I've seen too many doxxes - peoples personal accs get doxxed because they (because they are young and dumb) use same mail (with usually their real names and surnames) and put their real name and surname on all the social media. Atrl specifically has an issue with it. Even moderators are getting doxxed because stupidity- not being anonymous on the internet (properly). Even if you are an average Joe (like most of us are), just stay anon for your own safety. Just in case. Make up a dumb fake mail and use a dumb fake name and do NOT share ur personal info. And u're good.
  15. That one was scary af because the real person behind it is some chick who has a LONG history of fishing, cyberbullying and ****- basically if you **** with her, even court cant help you... There are articles about her and her history of bullying. That one was scarry AF
  16. If you are reading this Team con, So.. *claps hands together* can you finally **** off? - everyone, everywhere
  17. Then if **** hits the fan make registrations harder- only by an invite through mods or admins
  18. Im going to sell all my post blackout stuff- cds, perfumes etc I dont need that **** made in ******* misery I hope Britney as a brand fully falls apart so team con can go **** themselves a 1000 times
  19. Luckily I didnt refresh the page! I CAPTURED IT Deleted url https://twitter.com/jeremycowart/status/1441616477308678145?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1441616477308678145|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fatrl.net%2Findex.php%3Fapp%3Dcoremodule%3Dsystemcontroller%3Dembedurl%3Dhttps%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fjeremycowart%2Fstatus%2F1441616477308678145%3Fs%3D19
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