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  1. Then make several generations of yourself and cater to various age groups
  2. I wouldn't want 10 of my versions be associated with one field. I'd force them into highest paying jobs and basically milk them. I could make few of my clones be just LQ hoes but meh- clones age. I couldn't milk them for that long meaning I'd earn more money and way longer by having high earning engineers than a basic ***. And me (the original version) would be the pimp. I'm not giving % to someone to pimp them. I can easily do it on my own.
  3. Btw, this thread turned out to be more interesting than the OP's bul!sh!it. I love me an entertaining trainwreck, lol.
  4. Not if you are doing your own clone (or vice versa) Edit: I wonder is ******* your own clone considered an incest? (Because even though that is your clone, you are related?)
  5. Each would work in a different field so there is no competition. However, I can't say I wouldn't prefer the ones who bring the most $$$. And eventually, I'd get rid off the low paying ones and replace them with new, high paying ones. As said, I'd be my own manager and my own pimp. Basically, I'd be a young non botched version of Kris Jenner.
  6. OP- bRITNey's CLonED 10 replies later -Is it possible to **** your own clone? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ju1p2lg-DZk
  7. That's gay...But this is exhale so...Yes?
  8. I'd clone myself like 10 times and find jobs in math, law, engineering....basically everything and I'd pimp myself and I'd take the money from my clones. Basically, I'd be my own manager and my own pimp.
  9. I hope it is possible to clone a brain because I've lost brain cells reading this s!hit.
  10. I'd buy it if he didn't say she took birth control pills. The whole thing about spiral is- you dont need to take pills and it lasts years.
  11. ''Britney Spears 'lives like an inmate in golden prison' ex-bodyguard claims'' ''Britney Spears’ former bodyguard has given an extraordinary insight into the superstar’s bizarre world under her father’s strict control. Ex-cop Fernando Flores claims the singer is forced to live "like an inmate in a golden prison" with even her phone calls monitored. He claims she was never allowed out on her own, had to ask permission to spend cash and had her cigarette supply rationed because she chain-smokes. Yet Flores, 40, who spent eight months looking after the star, controversially claims Britney is better off under the conservatorship which has been imposed on her for the last 13 years. While #FreeBritney campaigners are backing the singer’s court bid to free herself from dad Jamie’s control, Flores fears she is too vulnerable to look after herself and is open to being exploited. He said: "I feel very protective of Britney because I remember how vulnerable she was when I was looking after her. Her state of mind meant she was always at risk of being taken advantage of, and I fear that’s happening again. "She was a complete mess before the conservatorship was introduced and, for all its faults, it did get her life back under control. I totally get the #FreeBritney movement but what is the alternative, really? If the conservatorship is removed we risk going back to 2008 again. "Britney has grown older and hopefully she has matured, but I don’t believe that she can be left to fend for herself. She still has serious issues that aren’t just going to disappear." ''Britney, now 39, was 26 when power over her personal and financial affairs was handed to her father Jamie after a series of public meltdowns. She famously shaved off her hair in front of paparazzi photographers and attacked one with an umbrella.'' FULL ARTICLE- https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/britney-spears-lives-like-inmate-24712194
  12. Looks like some voodoo **** so...appropriate for team con I guess
  13. maybe to avoid an evil eye? those chicks and into kaballah. well Madonna is. JLo santeria
  14. Imagine they making notes like: User ''YaaasKween'' -plays Blackpink on loop -searches for ''Shawn Mendes gay'' / ''Harry Styles-Shawn fanfic'' / ''Bieber topless'' - icloud: manga, gay, feet - most interactions with: sugardaddies. com Like... makes this x 50 000 and you just summed up all exhalers
  15. So, If YOU, yes, YOU reading this If you think you have no life and you are a loser who's wasting time online on most random bull****, remember there are paid people who waste their adulthoods stalking your randomness. Have a nice day and you're welcome.
  16. Dunno would 1 movie be enough. This Gestapo- like bull**** her team has been doing has enough content for a whole season of Black Mirror
  17. He has a huge fan base so this is great. Soon H3 and other guys will cover it too for sure
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