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  1. Why not decorating for Halloween first tho Or she's doing both at the same time?
  2. As far as I can recall she used LV pattern for the car interior and that resulted in a lawsuit so the mv wasnt as big and stuff
  3. Egh I get it. It has a dumb lawsuit for the vid but... like...can someone tell me why would Perfume get blocked anywhere? Its so... the vid is so plain. Maybe Russians hate plain, boring mvs. Idk
  4. Blocking G.More was idiotic. Imagine the views if it wasnt blocked in there. Canada is huge. They are such dumbasses
  5. A list of currently blocked mvs ww is: No 1 Gimme More is blocked in Canada No 2 Slumber Party is blocked in United Arab Emirates & Saudi Arabia No 3 Perfume is blocked in Russia No 4 Overprotected is blocked in Germany No 5 Do Somethin' blocked in: Canada Dominican Republic United Kingdom Ireland Israel Serbia Someone pls explain me no 1 to 4
  6. Imagine the hunger games but in korea and 100x less kids friendly main character is everything opposite of Katniss male dumb lazy gambler loser with no partner main plot - poor people fighting for lives - rich people are watching it -the winner gets a reward -the main character wants to return to end the games (same as in the hunger games) so basically like korean version with more gory, and more violent hunger games.
  7. I'm not googling that. How the **** was squid chill for you?? Its disgusting.
  8. i cant keep up with the changing prounces so I'll stick with Poot Lovato Also, Billie. She wont last. Bookmark me. Olivia maybe. BTS keeps cockblocking her lol Shawn Mendes and his cinderella girl friend.
  9. So I've binged watched all 9 episodes and I regret doing it. I finished it last night at 2am. The traumatizing part was the reality of it. Its too real and that scared the **** out of me. The most ****ed up thing was- harvesting organs from the eliminated and then those lunatics laughing how they r-aped the dead woman and how they took organs from still alive person LIKE WHAT THE **** When they started doing marbles- the whole episode gave me anxiety. But the whole thing seems so real- if you have a well populated country with ****loads of poor people who are gone missing, no one's going to care. It is super possible they are in some ****ed up place, doing ****ed up things to survive and when they die- their organs go bye-bye It just seems to me like a scenario from reality. Epstein's island was somewhat similar to Squid Games- poor children brought to it for the elite. SAME ****! That's what is super ****ed up. We've seen this in reality. I wouldn't be shocked if this kinda ****ed up thing is going on somewhere on the planet and that is ****ed up. I enjoy the cinematography, characters and stuff but I wouldn't NOT let kids watch this. Too violent and gore. And mixing childrens colorful games and things with such ****ed up things seems like a way to desensitize kids to most violent, ****ed up things. I couldn't sleep. Just.... If you want to watch something like this just stick to The Hunger Games. It is violent but def. NOT to this extreme.
  10. Got 2 shots of Pfitzer but since the 2nd dose I've developed a f-ed up side effect. Im on 2 meds for it and waiting for an MRI It's super rare and I've only managed to find 1 person on the internet who has somewhat similar side effect to me, we've met and we go through our therapies ''together'' even tho we live in diff countries My dad got same shots- pfitzer but he is absolutely fine. So genetics is excluded. I'd say- just a ****load of bad luck for me. I'm happy and grateful I took it. Dealing with the side effect is ****ed up but its SUUUUUUUUPER rare. No one can guarantee I wouldnt develop it with any other vaccine tho. Its just a bad luck. I dont even talk about it with anyone cuz I am aware of shizos ****ting on me like- you are chipped, you're dying!! No, I'm not. I just have a super rare side effect and I'm on meds for it. I dont regret the shots at all.
  11. Days when they eat corn are interesting then. Before she flushes, she might look into it and try finding her career
  12. I'd say 100 Zaddy He's cute and smart. I'd **** him (no ****, I'd just **** him)
  13. Even if this puta makes a pop bible of 2021 NO ONE would want to stream it. Would you openly admit to listening to a person who's policing people about aliens pronounce and froyo shops? Nah. This ***** is a simple cycle: releases music--it flops/or does semi good -- she announces a new illness/ drug relapse-- a documentary -- album release-- it flops/does semi good-- new illness/drug relapse--a documentary she is predictable AF
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