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  1. BOMT- I will be there OOPS- cant make you love me Britney- Lonely ITZ- Breathe on me Bl- hot as ice circus- shattered glass ff- up n down bj- alien glory- change your mind
  2. https://www.zimbio.com/photos/Lou+Taylor/CGB0DANUp-9/THR+Power+Business+Managers+Breakfast lots of pics but idk do they go up to 2008
  3. the **** we have funded for all these yrs and yrs....... the thought of all the concerts, merch, perfumes, all the stuff we've bought funded this money hungry homophobic leech.......
  4. i forgot about this thread. thanks bb
  5. eyy which vid is that gif from?
  6. btw is it just me or he is trying sooooooooo hard to defend JL? Idk... it seems to me.
  7. came in here ready to roast her dumb *** cuz i can totally see her doing it to get some quick cash
  8. That list is giving me anxiety... and her son is like- its not like she's forced being in house or something like that...well according to this list, yes she is. she is being forced to stay in the house and she's basically a slave :( f this
  9. how could you hate glory? you finally got the original cover and the photoshoot. It's stunning. But you also *****ed when blackout came out cuz it was ''tacky'' to you so... your taste is proven questionable
  10. I love Real Stories and True Crime...turning into a grandma
  11. 15$ a month for a platform that was good for years tho. :/
  12. trust me they are. people have been telling me I'm ugly since I've been in kindergarden and it never stopped.
  13. Compared to 10 years ago current you tube: 1 has enormous amount of ads you cant skip 2 trending page is ****ed up 3 you tubers keep getting exposed as scumbags and you cant stop but think- who the f am i watching/supporting. this is disgusting 4 you tubers are scumbags (not all of them but a lot of them) and legit psychos that should be in jail not you tube- examples- creepshow art vs emily artful - how the f creepshow isnt in jail??? 5 ****ty content in general. older videos are the only good ones 6 things you cant relate to- flex culture, new gen z things... nothing to relate to 7 infiltration of tik tok on you tube- I absolutely hate tik tok. I think it's ruining the society and I hate the fact it got its way on you tube You tube was a big part of my teen days and college and it was useful and fun - you could watch useful lectures or listen to music without ads there were funny you tubers- jenna marbles, kingsley... now all you can get is super rich you tubers who flex on everything possible and I hate it. I cant find vids I'd like. I only rewatch old videos. Nowadays, documentaries and just full albums cuz everything else is pure ****. And I feel so old for that app that I completely deleted it from the phone and I watch it only on computer for maybe 30 mins a day. I hate it.
  14. It would be a bummer but I'd understand and respect her. She could retire and from time to time just release surprise albums like taylor nowadays with 0 promo. They'd still sell.
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