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  1. some of the **** after the vma he wrote ''kil! yourself'' on the screenshot of the performance so he can f off
  2. Good because we wont. At least I wont forgive him from him ****posting ''ki!l yourself'' on every britney post he made to other disgusting **** Suffer in your nest you evil rat I'M NOT FORGIVING NOT FORGETTING THIS!!!! https://twitter.com/mmmgianni/status/1247536174966566916?s=20
  3. Butthurt much? It's not your engagement or your damn business.
  4. Many argue she is ''least'' streamed artist from late 90s and she gets most numbers from the singles. We should organize streaming parties like in the old days to boost her
  5. I have an idea but it might be too much work. Maybe if you separate each album and post numbers for each song and then update it once a month or something like my yt numbers- separate them by eras or albums. try to reserve first few posts to post the numbers.
  6. Tiktok kids are doing us a favor too. Criminal gets insane numbers considering it was 4th single and was dead for so long and now it gets ****load of views. Kids come from tiktok to watch the vid!
  7. Thanks bb, it's super fun. We used to do this daily back in 2010 and 2011
  8. Unreleased tracks that leaked this year, their eligibility is still pending to whatever the majority decides and how many entries we get. We will limit it to one per artist, to begin with, we'll see how that plays. *cries in Dua unreleased* Now my list is just evermore and blackpink japanese stuff. I'm dead inside
  9. Cancel culture ruined Internet 1.5. Just take yourself back in 2015 and see what you were able to say and go back to the present day- you're not supposed to say 90% of that **** anymore. I can't understand why and how so many people turned into delicate snowflakes that can't take a joke, or a different opinion. ****ed up. So I totally get what she is saying.
  10. yessssssss the golden age of exhell. along with evil rachel, lilith and others I miss them. Especially Flopga.
  11. Go watch some south park and learn sarcasm and try to understand jokes. And don't essay me ever again. Put me on ignore. After all, I am an ignorant so... put me on ignore list hun. And good luck with that essay of yours!
  12. Interesting take. Can you describe what do you mean by that?
  13. Because it is. And as I said, our comments are nothing, tame, compared to comments on other forums. Why are we tame? Because we are older and don't need to act edgy 24/07/365
  14. Get your gen Z wokeness to atrl.net for that and you will see the wildest of the wildest. Here, we are older. Mostly millenials. Compared to posts on atrl, this is tame. here, help yourself https://atrl.net/forums/topic/371453-shawn-to-camila-“it’s-giving…-it’s-giving-“/
  15. I want to believe him he is straight but things like these do NOT work in his favor
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