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  1. I'm sorry if this has been answered already but there's so many comments - does anyone know where I can watch this in Canada? Or where it might be coming to? Crave has Framing but I can find nothing on Controlling. Thanks!
  2. I believe this theory. I remember the night the POM music video came out there were a few unfinished versions uploaded first. Maybe this is common, I really don't know. But there were versions online that still had green screen in it. I think in some shots her body looked very different (because they definitely changed her body in the final version). I remember watching it with a friend of mine and we both wondered how this ended up on YouTube. But it was gone when we looked the next day once the completed video hit the internet. So clearly there are some people on her team doing things they shouldn't be doing and posting things they shouldn't be posting. But I'm all here for that.
  3. I've actually been following her secret Twitter account for years. Apparently she doesn't accept people anymore but always worth a shot trying. Her team have come out numerous times saying it's an imposter but I highly doubt it. There's a lot of videos and articles showing how the PersianLa27 account will post photos not seen elsewhere but they'll have things in the background from pictures on her official channels like certain shoes or mannequins (from her fashion school days, that she may still be in). The Paper magazine shoot she did a few years back was beautiful. But she had posted about being pregnant and then seems to have lost it and her team came out and said she was never pregnant, which is terrible. But she had uploaded a sonogram and everything. I hope she gets out of it soon. Also all those rumors about Dan Schneider? Vile. These convervatorships are terrible and as are the people who are around children who work in entertainment.
  4. Agreed, Sam should be helping. He's all over IG. He posted a story today showing he got her an iced coffee so they were together when this was posted
  5. I compared this to the last one and it's not EXACTLY the same picture. Different filter and you can see more leg in this one
  6. It's threads like this that make me hopeful Britney reads Exhale. Such beautiful, positive comments. Just what she deserves to see! I agree with what others said, let's keep the conspiracy theories to certain threads. Even if she didn't physically push that post button it's still her in the picture and she looks AMAZING! The face, the body, the FREEDOM! Let's keep it going and hope for more!
  7. Is this all Lance Bass's husband does? His husband isn't in any way relevant so nobody cares. And I specifically remember a while ago (can't remember when) Lance Bass made some statement after talking to Lipless that Britney is 'fine' and there's 'more to the situation than people are aware of' as if the family were doing their best for Britney and acting in her best interests. BS. He's jumping ship now cause of the backlash on his previous stance. Lance B-Lister and his hubby are just seeking attention with these posts.
  8. Is this her? Billy B-lister posted on his page saying Britney doesn't even get her own mail and that CrowdSurf are also the ones running Selena's Instagram and it's them who commented. I know he'll claim he got this info directly from Britney but I feel like he just makes things up for attention as he goes..
  9. Uhhh guys I'm so conflicted. I really WANT it to be Britney posting but it seems too suss. The video is edited EXACTLY like team con would edit the past ones. Do we really think she (A) had the time to make that video after the hearing and (B) even knows how to edit videos like that? No offense to her or her skills/intelligence but she's been without phone/internet access for years. If she hasn't been posting stuff herself would she have been sitting around at home learning how to edit videos for nobody to see? For her to use a company like CrowdSurf is expected. Many, many, many celebs don't physically post on or manage their own page but it's still their content. But I can see them still doing it now to almost 'win' Britney's trust for when she does take it over and they can look good for her. They can say all the other stuff was under Jamie's control and out of their hands. At the end of the day they are a business and they want to do what they can to keep getting paid. The more high profile accounts they manage the more they will attract. However I can't explain Sam commenting. I want to believe he is genuine so I don't want to think he's shady. So maybe it is Britney providing content and CrowdSurf edit and distribute everything. But yeah, an IG live would resolve everything. Let's not forget she has made videos in the past saying it is her controlling her page when we know it is not.
  10. Guys where do you recommend for getting the most up to date info on what's happening? Any particular Twitter account? I'm listening to the live stream which is amazing but I have to go get groceries in a while 😂
  11. She looks great but this is definitely edited. That is body of someone like Haley in Modern Family, not Britney. And besides her body, look at everything in the top right of the photo. The window frame is bent, the candles and that black bag of something are also dragged in and misshapen. Poor attempt to whoever did this. Britney doesn't need any photoshopping.
  12. Sooo.. this may have already been discussed in this thread (but it's a lot of comments to scroll through) but is it confirmed that Jamie Lynn ISN'T on the payroll? It's Jamie, Lynn and Bryan that Britney is paying the bills for? Although this would give her some brownie points for being self sufficient she is still a terrible sister for allowing the conservatorship to go on so long without intervening.. IMO
  13. This Maxi Mua person posted another story 2 hours showing a conversation between him and Sam A. asking permission to talk about Sam in another podcast and Sam responded so they must actually be friends.. but I've never heard of him until today
  14. Agreed. It's how Jamie Lipless Spears knew she needed to make apology vid but her creative choice to add crocodile tears tanked it for her
  15. Daaaamn, 2 minutes after I commented saying the post is very similar to her September post my comment was deleted. They must have people watching those comments 24/7
  16. I don't believe he's in contact with her at all. All he ever says is general and not specific things about Britney. He posted on both JL and LS's birthday's saying it was weird the Britney IG hadn't posted about their birthday's because she 'loves them unconditionally' blah blah, whereas her own words would say the complete opposite. Also he continuously mentioned how Britney was 'doing great' in all posts leading up to the court case and that isn't the case at all. I had heard somewhere he is talking to a Britney impersonator this whole time and I would actually feel bad for him if that was the case. But if he's just making it all up to bring attention to him that's messed up and not helpful for the movement at all. Also he deletes comments and blocks anyone who calls him out.
  17. I know he's been discussed here a few times before but I can't find a specific thread on him, just some mentions in other posts. At first I genuinely believed he was in contact with Britney but as time goes on it makes less and less sense yet he bags interviews and documentaries over it and it just isn't right. Everytime he mentions her (5 posts a day) it's always very generic information - not to mention pretty terrible grammar and too many emojis - but again, never any new or detailed information. He called out the Britney IG on both JL and LS's birthdays for their lack of mention of them saying how Britney loves them unconditionally etc etc. but we know from Britney's own words herself that this isn't the case at all. She literally wants them in jail. And in so many posts he talked about how she's great and doing well yada yada but again, we know that's not the truth now. Apparently he recently did an interview with 60 Minutes Australia or something but that's been removed and cant be found anywhere. I remember someone saying he just talks to an impersonator and that would honestly be sad if he was genuinely being tricked into thinking he's talking to Britney when he isn't. But if he is just making it all up, it's harmful. Every single post on IG has people comment about how good a person he is for giving people the inside scoop about Britney and he eats it up. If he's just making it up he's mentally unstable and he's harming the movement by telling people Britney is great when she most definitely is not. Nothing about her situation is great.
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