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  1. Your statement speaks truth. But to the OP, reach out to friends and have them help you find someone. Plus, if you're unsure about dating apps and how it may be perceived, remember you don't have to tell anyone you tried it.
  2. I hope the media doesn't turn on her if she does make a mistake and ask if #FreeBritney is the best option. I could see the gossip rags saying that. Also, public opinion can change fast and any little mistake could have them say she has something wrong with her, she does need the arrangment. They could say this even for the littlest thing. The "she's crazy" belief is still in some people's minds. I hope she shoves it down people's throats that she can live just fine with this freedom she is getting.
  3. I don't think it is totally black. The hallway is dark when she is dancing so the tone is lost. When she runs out of the hallway after the first chorus more light shines on her skirt and you see it is not all black
  4. You want the man responsible for the border crisis and then blocked media from showing it? The same man who was involved with questionable investments with his family from the Ukraine and then the story was buried from media so as not to hurt election votes? The same man that would creepily sniff women's and girl's hair and get all touchy feely with them? If he said something to help the cause then great, but he might just try to use the story as being relateable like the time he played Despacito at a rally and danced veryyy cringeworthy to it. Here's the man in action
  5. I was wondering that. I love she is getting more freedom. I just hope it's not Team Con's intentions to allow her more freedom with the expectation she will mess up in some way. Then they say, look see Britney needs us to look out for her best interests.
  6. With all the court threads on the main page, I read this as Britney Spears' court opening acts. But can't pick any artist or group as the best. I don't remember who opened on my date for the OHT. Saw her in 2018 but wasn't any opening act.
  7. That's so cool! Here in America alot of radio stations took part in a #FreeBritney weekend to show their support after the documentary aired. My station played her between 1-3 times in an hour all weekend. Bopped big time.
  8. This year it appears Brit's streaming has exploded with her being in the spotlight again. I look at BritneyCharts and britneyxspotify on Twitter to see how she does on streams.
  9. I mean they were right. Brit shouldn't drink Diet Coke. It tastes bad and she should've been drinking regular Coke.
  10. Of course Exhalers are the hottest people. Other forums are dripping with jealousy. And in looking for a jealous gif, I came across this. What is this?? So for me, it would be my legs. Soccer helped in that. Another part is my sausage and meatballs. When I made my account, my name was taken so when I was thinking of a number to add, that body part is what I thought of
  11. Sam has been by her side during this crazy situation, when he could've headed for the hills. He was a fan of her growing up and said his favorite song of hers is Stronger. Imagine being a fan of a celebrity and then getting to actually be their bf/gf. His life is complicated right now, too with balancing supporting Brit and working towards the career he wants to achieve on his merits and not as the boyfriend of Britney. We want the judge to believe Britney has the capacity to lead a full life, but some of you are judging her decision skills on having Sam as her bf for all these years.
  12. That takes courage to protest with only a handful of people. I hope it turns into a horde of protestors. We'll see Lou escaping out back on her broom.
  13. Leeches all of them. Heartless people oppurtunistic for easy money. If Britney eventually wins, how does she even get paid back for their corruption?
  14. What is she even saying? She said she's broke, should we send her job applications?
  15. I think it would tremendously help her case if she did an evaluation. It would prove that she is either capable or not to live freely. Now nobody downvote me, but does anyone else think she might not pass? And is she herself thinking she won't pass like the tests she's done before? I'm going to play devil's advocate. I'm wondering with the emotional trauma, not allowed to make decisions and using the thought processes to gather information to make an important sound decision, and being put on different meds over the years might inhibit her from showing she can function without oversight? They keep saying undue influences caused her financial ruin. Well she can get a business manager like every celeb, wealthy person out there.
  16. At first I was thinking you lost it. But then remembered that Team Con have accounts here and they brainwashed you to come to their side.
  17. I never thought about her freedom of speech rights before. I wonder if being under the conservatorship that it's legal they do that. I would imagine she retains that right.
  18. When I read that he yelled "I am Britney Spears!" I pictured it as him yelling out dramatically in the same way as I am She-ra lol
  19. Remember reports that she and her friends went into bathroom stalls at clubs to reportedly do drugs. And that story about how she sniffed coke off a guy's D. I knew a kid whose sister did drugs and he was telling me about it and how she sometimes hung out with Britney at clubs and they did it. We were talking about Britney and he brought that up about co****e and m***.
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