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  1. Timing is of course suspicious, but at least we know she's seeing her kids again and getting out of the house. If Preston was also there I would probably say it really is a distraction and a planned photo op.
  2. I'm not sure I understand all of this, but all I know is this is taking so long by the time it's done Britney will be so old she will be retiring anyway This will be her performing with her backup dancers.
  3. For Forbes to put this out there is important, because they are basically hinting at something not adding up and that they think her finances really need to be looked into. I think this is their way of saying Britney is getting shafted, but they can't come out and say it, because they are a financial magazine, not an entertainment magazine.
  4. Awesome job! That looks like that took a crazy amount of time to put together. We should share it online and have people watch it, but also spread the greatness that is Liar.
  5. She was great playing that character. Every time I talk with a HIMYM fan and ask them about these episodes, they say that they were funny and kind of important to the series story line. I only saw the show when Britney was on so I have no idea about the show otherwise.
  6. E-mails are the hot new thing. Don't worry, her message will spread. She worked with Britney for several months on that movie so she is a good source on how Britney is as a person.
  7. Oh it was when he walked into her room? That makes it all different than what I heard/remembered. So many stories come out it is hard to keep track.
  8. I wonder what the unflattering information is. When she wasn't acting herself all those years ago, I wonder if it was inappropriate behavior at someone. I remember reading a story about how one of her bodyguard's was uncomfortable saying she would walk around naked, but kind of scared to say something at first because it could get turned around on him being inappropriate. Also, maybe it is similar to when we heard she left her dog or dogs in their cage too long like she forgot about them. I don't want to think further on these alleged instances, though as none of this have come out with additional sources to my knowledge backing these up.
  9. I would like her deep voice when it calls for it. Her baby voice is a part of the song's catchiness. Uptempo songs sound better with a higher pitch (not all do, but Britney's type uptempo songs). Her BOMT album was the perfect mixing of styles. It is so ingrained in her to sing higher, so she naturally just reverts back to that. She needs vocal lessons badly to have more control and sing natural and not be tight in her jaw and throat.
  10. Brit is the sweetest. Can you imagine her teaching one of those flower arranging classes? Also, when the person said 6 or 7 years ago, my mind automatically was thinking 6 or 7 costume changes.
  11. Who else just wants to give her a hug and say don't feel anxious. I love her referencing primeney years stuff, but what if whoever thinks up these questions also "helps" her remember. She is usually hit or miss with memories as we all are with our own memories of events, but I always second guess these Q and A videos.
  12. I was mad they released an anime video, so after all these years I've never seen the video. They had Brit do HIMYMother but not shoot a video. **Prepares to be dragged.
  13. I really think it was the Make Me video fiasco that stalled any momentum the song had and in turn the album. Britney is a visual artist and the video didn't have that rewatch factor. IMO, the video was such a non-event and ruined an important connection with the song to drive consistent interest in the album campaign. I had watched the video once and was annoyed that is what they went with. After that I just streamed the audio on youtube. I have rewatched it since, but sparingly. The VMA performance was blah for her standards, but promoted the song to a wider audience and it shot back up the itunes charts. That proves there is still an interest in Britney, but nothing came after that to hold the GP's attention. Slumber Party came out too late to have any real impact and she desperately needed an uptempo song to get people into the album, instead of two slow songs back to back which Britney never did before. Also, she did more promo for this album, but her and MTV went so well together in the past, that anytime she did something or released music, she was on MTV all the time. MTV is a shadow of what it was, but she could have partnered with them again for interviews and performances and album related specials. Also, streaming is a big factor in today's market, but not everyone is into streaming and prefer physical albums (which I do, but I still stream), and so she does not get anywhere near the level of streams other artists do. A factor in that is I think the age of Britney fans vary and some more seasoned fans were slow to adapting to streaming. I think over the past few years us fans have gotten more into streaming and I hope the next album gets even better streams to help it on the charts. With all the rambling said, I think it is underrated, too
  14. I like she spoke up. I don't like some things I have read about her or some of her songs, but for her to say something when she didn't have to shows Brit's situation really needs more of the music community's support. They especially know the types of problems all artists run into. Cardi's fan base may not all be checking on Britney's situation, so the more people see this the better. Off to stream Up to give my appreciation.
  15. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tmz.com/2021/03/10/house-judiciary-committee-too-busy-for-britney-spears-conservatorship-hearing/ Just read this on TrashMZ. The hearing might not happen soon.
  16. I still bop to this regularly. Always loved the drums and I guess it is a trumpet sound in the chorus. Hate the radio version cause it makes no sense.
  17. Another stunning look from Brit! Love how radiant she is singing. I would just be smiling and nodding too even though I didn't understand anything that guy said at the end. I'm sure someone probably told her beforehand the basis of what he was going to say.
  18. Good that it is more exposure for Britney and in turn exposure of the movement and Team Con, but after her interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, I feel like this is opportunistic on her part to get views on her channel.
  19. That is so nice of Will to say that. Say what you want about his work on BJ, but as a person he seems genuine in his working with her and his love for music. Britney left an impact on him that he felt the need to speak out in her defense even though he could have kept to himself, since he hasn't worked with her in over 7 years.
  20. It's my country with all of its greatness and its mistakes, so I felt defensive. Every country has its problems and it does matter to have patriotism. Plus you wouldn't want to put down the birthplace of our Queen Britney.
  21. For total sales worldwide, I'm going with 105 million albums and combined with physical and digital single sales I go with 140 million, because that is what Billboard used in the hype video before her 2016 Billboard Music Awards performance. Her U.S. certs need updating to where Britney is easily over 5 million. 10 million copies in U.S. only equal diamond, not worldwide copies, that is up to the specific country's standards for their certifications.
  22. Yea we can ask Jamie to approve it. But we have to get in his good graces for him to agree. Someone write a letter starting with Dear Daddy,
  23. Wait my copy on vhs isn't HD? But this is a great idea! Let's contact HBO Max.
  24. Those are some bold statements. I wonder how much her team paid him for that promo. He says there has never been anyone like her, yet says she will be Britney. Faulty comparison. It is a nice, if not overhyped compliment. Good luck to her. Hope her career doesn't take a stumble. Jk that is really nice of him. I have enjoyed performances I have seen of her. All 2 of them.
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