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  1. It really is the equivalent of us going out thinking we look good but then see pictures after and it's like we should've never been let out of the house. Like you look good in the mirror at home and then it's like what happened?
  2. Can you imagine Gaga looking at this picture later and thinking, "Who the f--- was I standing next to?"
  3. Ok so if she is really that incapacitated, everything from Circus and onward should not have happened. If she's so mentally fragile with addiction issues then why expose her to the world putting out music and travelling doing tour after tour. If she can't be trusted not to speak coherently or act normal in the presence of others, then don't put her out there and have people sign NDA's so they can't tell others Britney is not mentally right. Do I believe Britney has/had serious mental health issues? Yes. That doesn't mean she can't learn to live independently, but with strong guidance (not control) from a trusted person. I think a lot of issues she may have regarding making sound decisions needs to come from life experience. She can't grow up if they treat her as a child that can't be left alone. Millions of people with mental health issues learn to live their life as a person aware of their issues and take part in their own care plan. But money talks though right
  4. Please spam her instagram asking what is with all these fantasy fragrances so she has to pick it as a question to answer. I'd die if she actually answered saying "Yea Idk"
  5. Never noticed this before. I also haven't heard Most Girls since the song was out. But yea it sounds similar, but not the same.
  6. Welcome! I visited this site for years before I joined last year. But still new compared to other members. Nice you introduced yourself. I felt the same about possibly having a flop thread, so I said I was new at the bottom of my first post
  7. You hate FF? It's going to get p o o p e d on today. Circus. Big comeback. Exciting time in her career and fans. Gave us iconicness of Womanizer, Circus, IUSA, horse pron
  8. Like FF, but ITZ takes the crown. FF is going to get creamed.
  9. Looks great! Good luck with your page!
  10. I dont like what JL has posted and her shadyness, but I can understand people who do follow her cause they like her or they follow her cause they like her, but also not agree with how she has been towards Britney. It's not an all or nothing scenario. I think the situation isn't as black and white as some may say.
  11. Nothing from Britney Jean? I like WSIBS. Brit does urban/RnB tones well. IWBT was not something I'd have thought of, but I like that song. I would have added Gasoline. I just always liked that song.
  12. I am from Philadelphia
  13. I agree I think the costume colors match blonde hair. I wonder what her motivation is to feel it's a black wig kind of day. She looks good in black hair going for that deep, mysterious, or exotic vibe.
  14. Loved this. She looked so fresh and comfortable during the performance.
  15. Yep a way more comprehensive summary of her achievements.
  16. Some good points made, with other glaring omissions. No mention of Toxic, Gimme More, her 2008-2012 hit after hit eras.
  17. I felt uncomfortable watching that interview and you could tell she was at a loss for words on trying to answer. He also was phrasing it in a way that had an agenda and him re-asking it was just bad interviewing.
  18. So cool! They have done this before and I love they are showing support again.
  19. October 1998. Heard BOMT on the radio, thinking it was Rockell at first, and I thought it was catchy. Then the DJ said Britney Spears and I never had heard of her.
  20. So nice of Drew to speak out. She is known to be a nice celebrity and I definitely don't think she was using Britney to plug her show/career. Drew has had a lot of problems and family issues and has come out of that to a great place. And no Drew Barrywho comments needed. She has had a successful career. She also comes from a consistent line of actors since the 1800s, Lionel, Ethel, John, etc.
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