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  1. Congrats to them both! If only we had Rosengart years earlier to put pressure on Team Con, this proposal could have been sooner.
  2. Her situatuon has brought about the discussion of conservatorship abuse. The Spears Act is still on the table. She deserves the top spot. I can think of other people who deserve to be on the list. The B Army! So many of us have ignited the spark which forced the world to take a look and learn what has been happening. We should continue to be proud of our fan base, especially those at the front of the #FreeBritney campaign.
  3. Yes the readers poll. The article states at the bottom that the editors ultimately select the honorees of the most influential people.
  4. Still a bit annoyed she lost a ton of views when youtube migrated to using vevo for artists. It affected other singers/bands, too, but her numbers would be even more impressive for someone who started years before youtube.
  5. It can't be another rerelease with totally new songs, because that wouldn't even be Glory. If they add on 12 songs to the original tracklist would that be considered a double album?
  6. She looks beautiful. Other than that it is on par with the live show. Choreo is still very basic and her execution of it lacks conviction. It's not a bad performance, it's just sort of there. I enjoy it for what it is, not what I hoped it would be.
  7. I'm in the group of those who say it does not fit the album. I used to skip it cause it just never jived with me. Plus I'd feel kind of weird if people heard me listening to a song called Brave New Girl.
  8. Yes, I understand, but it boggles my mind her big comeback era resulted in the song peaking outside of the top 10 and not even gold within a short time frame for a big artist of Britney's caliber.
  9. I don't know much about her life nowadays, but her name is still a joke and holds no real weight. It's nice she has said something, but I can just hear people, who are not a fan of Britney, making a snarky comment about her supporting Brit.
  10. Criminal literally is the definition of a sleeper hit. Not a well-known song to the public, but just enough interest to keep it chugging along. I wonder how her numbers will be for the next album.
  11. The quote I'm thinking of is from later than 2008. I can't remember what interview. I do remember the quotes you're saying.
  12. Anyone else remember an interview, maybe a radio interview, and they asked her about singing and she said when she sings, it may not sound good, but she tries. She sounded a bit embarassed like she lacks confidence and is aware others critique her singing. I say higher pitched singing (not as high as they make her sing, or pitch up), sounds better for fast songs, but mid tempo and ballads should be in her normal range. Everyone knows her signature sound, but has heard her deeper voice on songs like Perfume and FTBOMBH, so it wouldn't really be out of left field for people to hear her like that.
  13. I feel like this video is different in that it doesn't come off as spastic to me, but actual dancing with fire. She was feeling it for real and it showed.
  14. This Kiss. She sounds like she recorded some parts sitting at the bottom of a pool.
  15. I remember reading that now that you said it. It's something to have seen her smiling and laughing back then, but now know she had troubles. Her public persona of young, carefree, girl next door caused alot of pressure.
  16. I always look at my phone before bed but turn on the eye comfort shield that blocks the light that keeps your brain awake and put the setting until the screen gets dimmer or different color tint that's not bright. I like my room cooler to help me sleep and I keep a fan on too for background noise. I watch relaxing videos. Nothing that makes me laugh cause that doesn't help you sleep. Sometimes I post here at night and that makes me tired reading threads and responding. No shade but honestly this thread made me tired I think cause of everyone talking about sleeping
  17. I read the title and thought Britney posted another painting of hers. I love how artistic Brit is even just sharing paintings that speak to her.
  18. That's so sad if things were bad even back then. Does anybody else feel that the years, 98, 99, 00 were the innocent and exciting years where everything was good for Britney and that she genuinely was having fun experiencing everything for the first time? I always believed this and would hate to have that wind up not being as true as I had hoped and believed.
  19. I legit laughed out loud at that. Since BJ has some songs with religious undertones, my mom thinks it was nice Britney making songs that were like a prayer to God. Now of course I hit that skip button fast for TTB, when she's in the car But my mom and sister both liked WYN from Glory and think Brit should make songs with a different style like that. I like that song too minus the chipmunk vocals on the chorus.
  20. Of course it is part of her discog. I am a BJ fan. I like most of the songs on it. Only ones I don't like are CWY and NTIFY, cause it repeats the first verse. That really bugs me. My faves on it are WB, Perfume, and Brightest Morning Star. My mom likes BMS and so when I've played it in the car she has asked to hear that. Actually when I played Glory in the car for the first time, my mom and sister both said they liked her last album better.
  21. I don't understand these leaked papers. I don't know who is talking in those docs or who is asking questions, but hope things work out for her.
  22. Brit can be a calming therapist. Looking at the simplest of things and has us talking about doors.
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