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  1. I used to carry a good tune when younger, but singing in the style of Britney for the past 23 years, since I listen to her everyday, has definitely made my singing voice different and I've tried the past couple of years to focus on singing more natural, but her style still creeps out. Even when singing along to other artists, I've had her style creep on out, too. I can't replicate her since I'm a guy, but just her style of head singing and croaky. Hearing Brit surprise sing STTA live at Vegas, she sounded like 1998ney, but still the baby voice came out at parts and it's a bad habit hard to break.
  2. For the love of humanity, no. Tired of her collabs and definitely not with him. He is the most annoying person to come along in the music scene in awhile. I hated Old Town Road and heard small portions of whatever else I happened to hear on the radio by him and I thought it was just bad. I can't comment on his videos as I don't seek him out, but he seems to want to court controversy to further his career and it does not come off as authentic. Please God no.
  3. Age gaps are a problem when people start wanting different things because they have entered a new phase in life. Sam wants kids, but Britney is at the geriatric pregnancy age. She may have a kid who is healthy, but after that there are many more risks and I hate this is an issue if only she could have had babies when she wanted to with Sam. Also, I don't think it's going away anytime soon people's opinion of older women and younger men. It's always been seen as a desparate attempt by women to retain their youth. That they are cradle robbers who have no business trying to lure younger men and lead them around.
  4. I never thought it was all that to begin with. Brit had a good part in the song, but to me it was still Will's song even though Brit was the one who really sold it. Without her I don't think it would have been as big as a hit or at least not as in the public consciousness at the time if it was with someone else. Now I still don't understand how it still streams well. Most of the streams are given to him as lead, even though it blew up more because of Brit.
  5. Idk what he's been up to so don't know his latest work, but I'd be down for her working with past directors who can capture her as an adult. I'd really be down for her directing herself again, too.
  6. Thanks for sharing! Such sweet comments and a belief she will find her destiny. Next album title could be Destiny.
  7. Omg it's the guy from that bad date she went on! The one she said looked like a lizard.
  8. That is so awkward. Would have been funny if his phone started ringing as he's pretending to be calling Britney.
  9. All these years later they realized it just didn't work.
  10. To be fair and I know I might get heat saying this, but you may not get along with a family member you're close with and have a bad relationship, but there can be still small moments that are lighthearted and you get along. Not perfectly, but just in the moment. We don't know when her and Bryan soured. I feel he changed as he grew up and had problems in his life.
  11. I think Octavia put her messsge out there out of concerned caution. She didn't say congrats in her message, but I didn't get ill vibes from it. JL is just worried about the possible future gravy train running out.
  12. Cyndi is so talented and for her to say that is amazing. Cyndi should be thought of more when talking about great artists from the 80s. Going off to stream All Through the Night a few times.
  13. Congrats to them both! If only we had Rosengart years earlier to put pressure on Team Con, this proposal could have been sooner.
  14. Her situatuon has brought about the discussion of conservatorship abuse. The Spears Act is still on the table. She deserves the top spot. I can think of other people who deserve to be on the list. The B Army! So many of us have ignited the spark which forced the world to take a look and learn what has been happening. We should continue to be proud of our fan base, especially those at the front of the #FreeBritney campaign.
  15. Yes the readers poll. The article states at the bottom that the editors ultimately select the honorees of the most influential people.
  16. Still a bit annoyed she lost a ton of views when youtube migrated to using vevo for artists. It affected other singers/bands, too, but her numbers would be even more impressive for someone who started years before youtube.
  17. It can't be another rerelease with totally new songs, because that wouldn't even be Glory. If they add on 12 songs to the original tracklist would that be considered a double album?
  18. She looks beautiful. Other than that it is on par with the live show. Choreo is still very basic and her execution of it lacks conviction. It's not a bad performance, it's just sort of there. I enjoy it for what it is, not what I hoped it would be.
  19. I'm in the group of those who say it does not fit the album. I used to skip it cause it just never jived with me. Plus I'd feel kind of weird if people heard me listening to a song called Brave New Girl.
  20. Yes, I understand, but it boggles my mind her big comeback era resulted in the song peaking outside of the top 10 and not even gold within a short time frame for a big artist of Britney's caliber.
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