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  1. Thanks for the link! Good collection of old stuff there mixed in with new. How I wish it was like back then in the young and carefree days without the drama she's experiencing now.
  2. She does look beautiful in this! I know we just had "new" professional photos released from the Glory reissue, but I miss seeing her doing regular photo shoots like back in the day. The later eras had photos recycled to death for different projects and promotions. I forget who said the other day on here, that they missed seeing her doing her runway instagrams. With those she was dressed up and mostly looking more put together than some of the current instagrams that unfortunately spread to other media because of her disheveled look. She is so pretty, you would think every photographer would love to take shots of her, because they would be so easy and not need touching up.
  3. That's awesome! To get a copy from him is so thoughtful and super cool. I don't have a record player so I haven't bought any of the vinyls, but if they re-released Glory on cd, I'd get one.
  4. Those are the numbers I've seen too except Circus is 4 or 5 million I think. It's hard finding real numbers on her album sales with BJ and Glory. It's a crime Glory is her lowest selling.
  5. They definitely could be successful if they work at it and stay on the right path. It's Preston that Britney says is a good DJ right? Plus those videos of Jayden playing the piano were great.
  6. To think the label had the monstrous hit with Toxic, but they were thinking it just wouldn't work. My radio station played both Outrageous and the I Got That Boom Boom radio remix as the second singles until Toxic was released. The DJ actually said the label wasn't sure what song they wanted.
  7. King Kahn stepping up for Brit again! Now...I hope this doesn't get messier where Brian responds to Joseph and says well when did Britney share these ideas cause I told her before she shared them with you.
  8. I love I Run Away. It's criminal that it wasn't included officially. The lyrics, the way she sings them, and the production really would have made the album more transitional. Imo the track needs mainstream exposure.
  9. Whooosh right over my head with you guys also pointing out the elephant was Circus promo possibly. Am I in flop fan territory lol?
  10. It really is a transitional album but yea mostly is teen pop. The narrative was pushed that she's growing up and wanted a bit of a different sound, but when I listened to it, it basically was the same teen pop sound. Obviously Slave and Boys are the exception cause they were trying to go for a more grown up Britney. But kind of funny the parents buying their kids this album and then hearing their kids sing along to Boys. The lyrics def more grown up lol
  11. I really love SITS. I still listen to it daily multiple times. Britney does these type of vibe songs soo good. The instrumental is beautiful and I really like the lyrics. I wish it was on a physical re-release of Glory so I could buy it. I'd have placed it on the list at number 1 though tied with Mood Ring.
  12. Wow I never even thought about why there was an elephant in the promo commercials, but now it does make sense. I know the elephant in the room phrase but never even put it together between the two. I didn't even realize it was the same couch either.
  13. Great video! I doubt Britney will officially retire. I think she always leave the door open to put music out there. Do people think that maybe after her work obligations are up and she is done with RCA, will she maybe go the indie route one day and just do music she wants to and also not have the obligation to promote as much as a major label expects. She has said that when she first started she wanted to do Sheryl Crow type music. Her name alone creates attention to where I feel there will always been an interest in new music she puts out. I read an article in the past that referred to her as part-time popstar, which really she kind of is. She does not engage like she used to during album campaigns of the primeney years. I also hope she does not do the whole Farewell type tour thing Cher did that wound up not being her grand farewell, because she still worked afterwards putting out albums and performing. Whatever she decides is okay by me. She has an immense body of work that leaves a great legacy in the annals of pop music.
  14. I'm addicted to hearing this. I love the song and this is really a beautiful production. I'm trying to see how to make it into my ringtone.
  15. I wasnt crazy about her doing Vegas at first but there is no denying her improvement in overall dancing (minus the fixing her hair tics and awful wigs). It gave us the iconic "Isnt this theater beautiful?". Also, the incredible shrinking rug at the meet and greets. I saw her in Atlantic City in July 2018 and I enjoyed every minute of the show because I hadnt seen her since the OHT in 2004.
  16. Yes! Soon as I saw the new pics I thought the exact same thing.
  17. How have they not run out of names for Fantasy?! Next will be Fantasy: It was all just a fantasy. Or they will start blending old and new scents like Curious Fantasy.
  18. Tbh I never cared for the baggy jeans she was wearing in the choreo scenes. Didnt suit her I think. I was never into Outrageous being a single anyway. My favorite part of the song is the bridge.
  19. Best - BOMT era. After all this time BOMT is still ace. Plus, I love Crazy . Worst - I like Glory, but come on you have Mood Ring and leave it off the album? That should have been a single.
  20. I wish Britney would just release a few solo singles first before collabing again. We had Pretty Girls, Make Me, and Slumber Party. I realize collabs are meant to get more publicity and bring 2 fandoms together to support the song. They prob pick younger artists to try to market Britney to the latest generation of music fans but success with solo singles represents Britney getting a hit all on her own.
  21. The ultimate armography. Great video. Cool that he spent time on making that.
  22. Sorry this is happening to you! Lou is still the loser in this because this Courtney Love story is out there and been talked about. Thats what people will remember. If people hear shes suing over the story, they will only think the story was true and shes hiding something.
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