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  1. Never thought about it, but yes Madonna jumped on a finished song. I like both versions but what annoys me about the solo is after the breakdown it goes M A G N E T, shouting out the producer.
  2. I hope Brit gets wind of this. She was told about Glory's resurgence and she was happy about it. I hope she gets told about this, too. It will be another way of her seeing we are continuing our support.
  3. Brit could have had a bigger era for Glory if she just put herself out there more. She is a huge star, but at a point in her career that she needs to be more visible to the GP to promote new music. Glory had better chart peaks when released from slighty more promotion than BJ, but then it slid off the charts fast. Excluding lately because of the conservatorship news, the GP doesn't check for her. In the prime years, the whole world knew when she was releasing an album. I have run into people who had no knowledge of Glory at all. If properly promoted I believe Glory would have at least gone Gold fairly quickly. Between the VMAs exposure and discounted itunes, MM went platinum even when streams were sluggish. Her streams are way better this year because of exposure. I hope Britney's self confidence shines through to her music as well and she will put herself out there once again.
  4. I would love for no more collabs. It's time for our girl to shine all on her own again.
  5. I'm tired of the Beyonce shoutouts. That is my right to express it just as it is her right to give those shoutouts.
  6. Max is a genius and deserves to be renowned and remembered in music history. I didn't know he was involved in so many recent songs though. Lots of these new songs I even forgot about, don't even remember how they go, or never heard of (Coldplay, Bts, the Weekend?)
  7. Love to hear Brit finding her inner strength. Enough with the Beyonka mentions though. I have never witnessed a more overrated artist than Beyonce (Taylor comes in second by a hair.) She carries herself as a Queen. It makes her ego look ridiculous. Plus her shoving her kid out there like anyone cares. I swear to God please no future collab!
  8. Is Project Rose the new Famos surprise? I feel like we will never know what this project is or what Project Red is.
  9. I voted put her in jail the Entertainment forum, with her being a D list celebrity.
  10. Back when she was feeling herself and rockin every performance. She was flawless in her execution. I remember this performance.
  11. One day if we see a user named MeatPole'sBrother then we know who it really is
  12. Yea it is def a battery hog on my phone. Site runs slow on my computer. And I'm so sick of the same Citibank ad I get when I log in and click on posts or just any page on the site. Also sick of the annoying pop up videos at the bottom right corner.
  13. Anyone else feel sad that it seems the boys relate more to their dad and seem to have a better connection with him than with Britney? I def get vibes they identify more with Kevin and his lifestyle and prefer to be with him.
  14. Yea I could see him doing it for that reason too. Keep her in popstar shape.
  15. I always thought the no sweets/soda rule was so that she wouldn't be overstimulated and be on a sugar high. Jamie said she is like a racehorse, so the sugar high might cause her to get too active and hard to control, like kids on a sugar high, but with her having that supposed racehorse type personality it is double hard to calm her. Yes I know this sounds ridiculous, but his whole control freak factor is ridiculous.
  16. The B Army would scare off anyone trying to take advantage of her. We would go into attack mode. She snap her fingers and we would be like
  17. It is so satisfying knowing she is nearing her freedom and that she is acknowledging her fans helping spark this change. Also just think of other regular people all of this work fans did will help others in their conservatorships. The Free Act will be in the law books.
  18. I wish Britney can reconnect with friends she was cut off from. Not just celeb friends, but the regular women she befriended like from the meetings she attended.
  19. Haven't watched since Tyra became the host, but I will check out the episode. WB flew up itunes again after Snooki danced to it. Hope her songs get a sales/streams boost.
  20. Mick Jagger looks like he is posing with a mannequin in that last pic with her eyes are closed. In those pics he's def checking her out.
  21. They are basing this off of Sam's post. If I were Britney I would appreciate the fan movement, but also not a big supporter of docs about me. I would want to speak for myself on my terms. I think that is what she may mean but it is hard to tell.
  22. She hated Page 6. They were another tabloid that covered her incessantly with negative stories. https://images.app.goo.gl/K8GAgcuqX9yujYUj8
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