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  1. @Midnight @Jordan Miller can you feature it again cause as we can see someone is trying to destroy my career here AGAIN :hahaha_tiffany_ny_new_york_ms_miss_cackle_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao: I'd say something but that'd give me weeks of ban AGAIN :hahaha_tiffany_ny_new_york_ms_miss_cackle_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao:



    I'm not mad at her, I'm worried about her. She has all of the reasons to be jealous about me tho. I'm hot, cute, rich, I have a successful career, job, I'm talented, creative, I'm famous, I have a cute loving boyfriend, I'm a s** symbole, guys and girls like me, my bussy is tight, my body is on the same level as Britney in early 2000s, I manifest whatever I want extremely fast :urite_wendy_williams_red_yes_earrings_nod_proud_wow_impressed: and she's too busy trying to destroy me, unsuccessfully :matches: 



  2. 44 minutes ago, ElenaB said:

    taylor and gaga are white women who only care about what gives them money. they use social movements for their own benefit, just like they do with the LGBT rights

    Exactly. Okay, with Gaga ''using'' LGBT to sell merch and make money on it, it's kinda fair as she's bi but for other straight artist selling LGBT merch... I don't know how to feel about it. It's the same thing with useless pride products, they know they can make millions on it. Like our lovely L, she hates f@gs but she sells LGBT merch. F cking disgusting.  

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  3. So I find it extremely weird that ''feminists'' like Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Beyonce literally didn't say a word about their industry friend - Britney that literally doesn't have human rights. There's no ******* way they didn't hear about the #FreeBritney movement, it's literally everywhere. I don't know, maybe they can't speak about this because of people that are linked somehow to Britney's cship or maybe their egos are just too ******* big. Tons of artists pointed Britney as their inspiration (Gaga, Taylor, Ariana) and they choose to be silent. Iggy literally spoke out despite the fact she can get sued. Huge respect for her. 

    Maybe those fake feminists will speak out someday about #FreeBritney but they seem to not give a f ck about a woman, their industry friend that was framed and lost her human rights. THEY LITERALLY OWE HER THEIR ******* CAREERS. LIKE LITERALLY. Britney's huge success in '98 as a pop girl opened doors for them as labels were only looking for pop girls because of Brit's success so because of Brit, current pop girls can be rich, successful and famous now. And they can't even post a stupid Instagram story about her to spread awareness. **** them honestly. I'm losing my respect for them, sorry not sorry. Kim Kardashian, JLo - these women we know are linked to L so not a surprise they are silent but Ariana, Gaga, Taylor, Beyonce, Rihanna etc? Where are you?! 


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  4. 14 hours ago, Rik said:


    and then I forgot my discord password when I got a new phone help


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  5. z27239135IER,Britney-Spears.jpg


    I mean it's something we all know but this thread is like a time capsule for future people that maybe will want to know how this period of time felt for Britney fans :wendy_williams_bop_listen_music:

    So Britney finally spoke out about her conservatorship on June 23rd, 2021 after 13 years. We had an live audio of that court hearing and fans were listening :wendy_williams_bop_listen_music: She basically confirmed everything we assumed and the truth turned out to be even worse, I personally cried during listening to that live :tiffanycries_ny_new_york_miss_tiffany_pollard_crying_tears_sobbing_sad: We had a discussion about that whole event on Exhale Discord and as fans we were shocked :crying1_britney_sobbing_tears_2006_sad: Then the audio leaked extremely fast on Twitter, YouTube etc. People were shocked and news, media went crazy. Tons of celebrities, youtubers, famous people, normal people, powerful people, lawyers, countries etc. showed their support to Britney and it's been weeks since court hearing and Britney is still everywhere :wendy_williams_bop_listen_music: Obvi not only US, the #FreeBritney movement is HUGE like everywhere. Like literally everyday, new info about Britney's cship leaks. People love Britney again and it reminded them she's a HUGE legend bigger than some forgotten Beyonce and she deserves respect :wendy_williams_bop_listen_music: 

    She's on top of the world again, definitely the most talked about artist of current time even without new music since 2016 :wendy_williams_bop_listen_music: 

    If rumors about Netflix documentary are true, the #FreeBritney movement will f cking explode. I honestly can't imagine how it can go any bigger than it is now. 

    If Britney decides to comeback to music, her new songs have a HUGE chance to be hits, be #1 on Hot 100 etc. But we don't care about new music, we only want her to be happy :crying1_britney_sobbing_tears_2006_sad:


    @Midnight @Jordan Miller @OnlyBeyonce feature it :tiffhair_miss_ms_new_york_ny_fix_hair_nodding_listening:

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